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Das Metall + (2x12 Santiago EJ1250 and 4x12 Fractal GB M160)

Hey guys,

I haven't been active in this forum for a long time, but I recently tweaked a nice kinda modern metal / djent tone I wanted to share with you :)

The signal chain is nothing special: Gate -> Comp -> Drive -> Gate -> Amp -> Cab -> Filter -> EQ -> Gate
But the thing is (I know this can be achieved with CabLab too) using the 2x12 Santiago EJ1250 and 4x12 Fractal GB M160 in combination, which awesomely work together with the Das Metall (at least for me :p)
I use the Schecter MK7 with SD Nazgul and Sentient pickups.

So here is some tracking:
1st: mono, no EQ, 2nd: L+R, no EQ, 3rd: L+R, EQ for the mix, 4th: in the mix

And the full song mastered:

Thanks for the kind words!
Just out of interest, do you usually use the standard cabs or the ones from certain cab packs, or custom made IRs? ^^
I've been thinking about getting the Zilla cab pack once it's released but couldn't really tell (from what I've heard) if they would increase my tone that much. Also for an european guy it's hard to buy them.. without credit card ^^


In all honesty it's whatever suits the song and your guitar. but with that said I personally use the ML cab packs most of the time because they have great mid-range response, and the Zilla is no exception.
Cabs do have a huge impact on the way your tone sits in a mix without a doubt. Your mix sounds great though so it depends what you're after.


Geez this sounds sick. Really impressive.
Never ceases to amaze me how different presets sound in a mix from how they sound alone.

How do you guys go about selecting the cab? The last ownhammer pack I purchased had me going through a ton of cabs. So much so, that my ears fatigued super quick.

Ive been reluctant to ordering cab packs because of that.
Hey man,thanks!

I don't actually know, it's not that wether I like the feeling of the cab, or I don't. Sometimes the amp just doesen't correstponds well with it. So I keep on trying and testing how it sits in mixes and how articulation for different playingstyles works.
Tonewise I go for a sort of aggressive highs and almost synthetic Sound.
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