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Periphery - Zero tone test

Hey guys :)

So... I recently bought a new guitar, the Jackson MM HT7 (as the fanboy I am :p) and of course I wanted to test a Periphery song with it! I have to say, the BKP Juggernaughts are very nice pickups, I played Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient before (they are great as well) but the mid profile is not that good and they are a bit fizzy.
For this kinda sound I didn't do anything terribly different than normal. For the Guitar Preset the signal chain is the following:
Gate -> Comp. -> Dist. Pedal -> Gate -> Amp -> Cab -> Gate
For the amp I used the Friedman HBE V1, slightly boosted mids, treble and presence and thats it. The bright switch is deactivated btw, cause I didn't like the fizz it was adding.
The Bass Preset is a bit more complicated but I can post a screenshot if you want me to.
For the drums I used the Superior Drummer progressive foundry, which sounds so darn good! :)
Hope you enjoy!
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Sounds great man! Care to share the preset? I have a bass preset you may find useful, as well!
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