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Heavy Rythm Tones with Quantum 1.02

Hey guys,

In this thread I want to give you an overview on my approach on heavy guitar and bass rythm tones.
Let's start with the guitar (input gate set to your liking!):
  • First off, I started with a compressor (studio comp) to compress the incoming signal from the guitar. As a rule of thumb: high ratio, hard knee, fast attack, fast release and threshhold should not be too low (with my Schecter KM7 it´s about -10 to -15 dB).
  • then, there comes a drive pedal (FAS Boost) to give the tone more character but no extra drive! So I set the drive to 0, tone to about 8-10, low cut 300 Hz, high cut 1500 Hz, reducing a bit of bass and boosting the treble slightly
  • Producing already some noise, 3rdly a gate comes in. I don't think there is much to say about it. Just set the threshold to your liking. Ratio should be something between 2-3, fast attack and fast release.
  • After the gate I split the signal to two amps. The first amp I used is the Fryette D60M. Input drive at 5, a bit of overdrive (ca. 6) slightly reduced bass, mid, treble and presence boosted to about 7 to 8. Bright switch is on. At the speaker menue I set the Low res freq to about 100 Hz, Q ca. 2.2 and low resonance to 6.7, the hi freq at about 1,2kHz, slope to 3,7 and hi resonance to about 6.7. This feature will enhance your tone alot! I wont talk about the other features since you have to tweak a bit your self :p
  • After the 1st amp, there comes the cab. I used the 4x12 Cali (my favourite cab!) and didn't really tweak anything drastic, 'cause it's already pretty nice. Maybe try to set the high cut at about 10kHz and the low cut at ca. 80 Hz to reduce some noise floor.
  • The second amp is the Das Metall. I slightly reduced the input drive, bass and mid, boosted the bright and presence just a touch. Also reduced the depth a bit. Bright switch is on. The speaker menue is exactly the same as on amp 1.
  • Then the signal of amp 2 goes to the cab.
  • Behind the cab, there is a post EQ. Boost around 1,3kHz and reduce the highs with a low pass and reduce especially the area about 3kHz. This will give your tone extra clarity.
  • At the end there comes a gate.
That's it! Further tweaking and compressing is then done in the DAW, since this is much easier and precise.
Now to the bass (input gate set to your liking!):
  • Compressor: high ratio (about 6 to 7), soft knee, middle attack, fast release
  • Split the signal to two filters: Filter one filters the highs to about 1,3 kHz, filter 2 filters the lows to about 1,3kHz. I sent the signal from filter 1 first of to a drive pedal (Full OD) and set the drive to about 6, tone to 10. The signal from filter 2 is also sent to a drive pedal (FAS Boost) drive about 5, tone 10. Low cut and high cut to your liking and bass pickups!
  • Both signals go through a gate, to reduce drive noise and from there to amp 1 (Citrus Bass 200). Bass, treble, bright and depth is boosted moderately, mid is slightly reduced. Fat switch on. Speaker menue like in the guitar part, but the low frequency is now about 70 Hz and the high ca. 8 kHz.
  • Behind the amp comes a Cab (4x10 Bassguy Mix) with slightly reduced speaker size to give the tone more character, else no further tweaking.
  • Then the signal from filter 1 (before the drive) goes to an amp (Fryette D60 M) to give the tone some drive :) The overdrive is about 3, bass trble and depth is boosted, mid slightly reduced, fat and bright switch on. Speaker menue as mentioned above. The signal goes from there to the same cab.
  • Afterwards a gate, again, to reduce noise.
As mentioned above, further tweaking is done in the DAW. I'll maybe do a thread on this one as well (as a comment on this thread )

So here's an example of my tones. I used a Schecter KM7 and Warwick Rock Bass (5 string) as well as my best buddy Superior Drummer for that.Tuning is drop Eb :D.
This track is mixed but not mastered!
Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If I've done something completely wrong, or you have any questions, please feel free to comment :)
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