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  1. M

    FM3 to replace my pedalboard (bass)

    Hello everyone, I've been looking at Fractal Audio for a while to replace my pedalboard, which sounds great but is heavy and not always flexible. I have two questions, and your feedback will help me see things more clearly: - My current pedalboard includes: Whammy > Cry Baby Bass > Boss...
  2. Herr Mosa

    FM3 @Bass

    Hi there I‘m new to the Fractal World and therefore here 😉 I'm a bass player and I'm getting my FM3 on Monday. So I'm off to this forum, however. You don't read too many posts about the specialties with bass here. That's why I'm interested if the bass players avoid the FM3 or are all...
  3. A


    Hello Fractals Im looking for a decent hard rock / metal IR compatible with the ULTRA. Its seems they are not so easy to find. I ideally want to use the OwnHammer AMPG Bass IR's but the install is optimised for AxeFxII onwards.. Does anyone have any experience with this getting this to work or...
  4. M

    What do you guys recommend for live audio for bass?

    Hey all, I just put together a board with my fm3 and the Darkglass ADAM pedal. I’m looking for something (preferably FRFR) for live shows that can support really aggressive sounding tones and drive for bass. I tried a single Headrush 1x12 and while it’s good to dial in a tone quietly, playing...
  5. J

    AustinBuddy Bass Tone Pack on Firmware 6

    Hi Folks, Has anybody tried this tone pack with firmware 6? I rely a lot on these presets for bass but I also play guitar and am interested in the new features, especially the "thump" tweak that is getting a rave reception. @austinbuddy plans to update the packs for v6 in next year, but I'm...
  6. M

    Axe FX, I, II, or FM3 for stereo hybrid bass rig?

    Hey all, I’m looking to build a somewhat over-complicated hybrid stereo bass rig & I am not the most familiar with high end digital modelers. I am looking for the unit that can cover all of the following: 1. Can run two parallel signal chains (I’d want to run a clean and distorted signal) 2...
  7. X

    Recreating Darkglass X Ultra

    Hey guys, I wanted to kinda "recreate" the effect of the "Darkglass X Ultra" - Pedal. The purpose of this pedal is the "split" of the bass sound. All the low end is left "clean" and all the high frequencies are distorted. So I came across with this idea: So I split my Bass Signal with...
  8. X

    Preset for Nolly's 2013 Bass Sound?

    Hey guys! I just bought an used AXE FX Ultra and I wanted to build a tone like Nolly. I own a Dingwall NG-2 Bass and I "basically" know how to make a metal tone. But I am not that much into this whole system like Nolly or someone else. I wanted to ask if someone has a preset that I can use as...
  9. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Jam (Guitar and Bass presets included)

    Using Stereo amps 5153 blue and AC20. Just using the guitar to get clean and dirty tones. Guitar has Brandonwound 59's that are unpotted. Guitar is MIJ Stat wired vol,vol,tone. Bass tones are the SVT amp model. Preset downloads in YT video description.
  10. S

    Fm3/Fm9 bass output questions

    Hi everyone just had some questions about a setup I’m trying to put together. Working out if I need an FM9 or can get away with the FM3. For a prog/heavy bass & drums project I’m looking for 3 signals for the bass. One clean to go into a bass amp, and 2 for multiple amp signals. I have a 2...
  11. eduardosimoesneto

    Presets for bass.

    Just bought a bass and need some good presets for recording it. Wich ones you recommend? Thanks in advance,
  12. M

    Axe FX Live Bass Rig Concerns

    I know I'm gonna get roasted quickly for not finding the thread that may contain the info I'm looking for but here goes: I'm looking to make the switch to Axe FX. Specifically the III. The only real reason I'm hesitant is because I absolutely do not want to go to a "clean stage" type of live...
  13. Conley Shepherd

    Bass and guitar on the axe for band set?

    My bass player and I are looking into using the Axe for live sets. I have 4 main patches I use with the bass patch the same in each preset. On occasion, I change presets which gets a cut in the bass audio and my guitar. I time my changes so that my sound does not get altered. The bass does not...
  14. S

    Axe-Fx III for Bass - Synth Block

    New to the forum! Hope some bass players could give me some advice. I am looking into the Axe-FX III to use solely for bass. I would like to be able to achieve more synth based sounds, comparable to Chris Wolstenholme's (Muse) bass effects on tracks like Hysteria or like the band Battle Tapes...
  15. D20

    FS Dingwall NG2 Bass

    Basically mint condition. I’m sure I’ll regret this...actually I know I will. This is an absolutely killer bass! Comes with the Dingwall brand gig bag. Ducati white is the color. 4 string model. This bass is pretty much brand new. Sorry for the iphone pics. I'll take better pictures today...
  16. W

    Wish Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

    I've noticed a few other wishes to add more bass models to the Axe Fx repertoire. I know we already have the Darkglass B7K, but for another flavor the Tech 21 SansAmp is a staple bass pedal. I most use my Axe for guitar but do also use it for bass and bass recording. It would be great to be able...
  17. austinbuddy

    AFIII Presets MASTER THREAD -- AustinBuddy's 200+ Bass TonePack for AX3, FM9, FM3, AX8, and Axe-Fx II

    The 200+ Bass TonePack for the AX8 running firmware 10.01 is now complete and ready! You get over 300+ bass sounds, spanning two bank sets. It covers sounds made for P-basses, J-basses, Rickenbackers, Gibsons, Hofners etc. It covers sounds for both fingers and using a pick. It also covers...
  18. L

    Re-amping Midi Bass Tracks W/ Axe Fx 3 Question

    Forgive me if there is already a forum somewhere that will answer my question, but I couldn't seem to find one. So I'm looking into purchasing a midi Bass DI plugin, and after reading through the my Fx 3's manual, I couldn't figure out if there was a way to take the midi track and Re-amp it...
  19. Devan

    Moontower - Rerun

    Hey guys! Hope all is well with y’all. Been using the Axe FX III extensively in the studio for processing guitars, bass, and synths, and wanted to share “Rerun,” which we used the Axe all over (Hofner bass in the verse, Fender Mustang & Godin Session in the choruses, DSI Prophet ‘08 in the...
  20. Whynot Jansveld

    Shimmer Pad [Video]

    Hey guys, I’ve had this shimmer pad in my main preset for a while now, and while I use it on bass, it works great on guitar or any other instrument as well. I designed it not so much as a reverb type effect but more as a ghostly atmospheric pad that kind of hovers in the background, reacting to...
  21. Whynot Jansveld

    Using the AX8 on bass - Video

    Hey everybody, I've been using my AX8 on bass for years now when I'm on the road (currently alternating between Butch Walker, Natasha Bedingfield and Richard Marx), and have gotten a few requests to do a video about it, so that's what I did. I walk through my most basic preset (attached below)...
  22. Morbid

    FRFR specifically for Bass

    Hello fellow fractal enthusiasts. I'm trying to help a Bass Player friend of mine make the move to the digital world, and as does tend to happen, we've gotten on the topic of finances regarding total cost. I'm now trying to help him find an FRFR cab that is suitable specifically for bass...

    Funky Bass Party ;-)

    Funky ! 😉🎶
  24. Marciel Marcasso

    "Red Barchetta" - Rush - Guitar and Bass with Axe-Fx III

    I tried to do my best with guitar sound of "Red Barchetta" of Rush.. I saw some tips here in the forum that helped me a lot. but when I finished, I was very curious to know what the Bass sound would look like in the AXE III. I confess that I'm not a good bass player. but I tried hard.. And yes...

    Ampg Bass Cab Pack | Impulse Responses based on an Ampeg™ 4x10 bass cabinet

    We're running an intro sale at: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ "Ampg Bass Cab Pack" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on an Ampeg™ SVT-410HE 4x10 bass cabinet. In addition to the usual ML Sound Lab mics: Shure™ SM57, SM58, SM7B, Royer™ R121, Sennheiser™ e906, MD421, Beyerdynamic™ M160...
  26. Marciel Marcasso

    Two Guitars and one bass at the same time in AXEIII

    hi I tried to make a simple example using the AXEIII with three instruments at the same time. I used a factory preset from solo Synth ( 246 funky synth) and added ampeg svt for the bass guitar and the Bandmaster for rhythm guitar. All instruments with yours inputs and outputs. Some reverb...
  27. Kelleys Heroes

    Cab for doubling on guitar/bass gigs

    One of my main reasons to choose the Axe-FX III is to have a consolidated rig for gigs where I switch between bass and guitar. Does anyone have experience with an FRFR speakers that would cover both bass and guitar sufficiently? Not thunderous bass, but sufficient stage volume to keep up with a...
  28. A

    Bass Synth Help Needed

    Hi, I am trying to get some vintage bass synth sounds - and well, it's not going well. I am playing an electric violin with octave strings which are an octave lower than normal violin strings. So an A 440 Hz is actually 220 Hz..............the instrument with these strings is something that...
  29. I

    Carvin R1000 noob

    Hello! Our band is new to having halfstacks! Last year we got a Carvin R1000 for our bass rig paired with an Ampeg 4x10. After 5 months which included a tour and several shows, two speakers ripped. I think there was too much power for the speakers to handle. I do know know much about speakers...
  30. S

    Bass Preset - 5 unique scenes, sound sample included

    Bass - The Final Frontier... Scene 1: Modern bass sound with tons of presence and mids. Add the drive (Darkglass type) for a great grindy push. Scene 2: Lush analog chorus, with a retro flair. Scene 3: Extreme fuzziness here, squashed and destroyed. Scene 4: Organ emulation with diffused...
  31. Volvagia

    Need help getting a good bass tone

    I need help getting a good bass tone for modern metal like periphery. Can anyone suggest some good presets, IRs, settings to help me out? Much appreciated :)
  32. A

    Wish Ampeg B15 Bass Amp

    Requesting more bass amps seems to be a common theme here. Let's prioritize. I think the Ampeg B15 is ripe for being the next bass amp added to the Axe Fx III. 1. It is arguably the most sought after bass tone (The A-Designs REDDI, Broughton P15, Ampeg Portaflex, and more are all just copies...
  33. 2112

    Bass Tones - Presets, Tone Matches & Video

    I was super excited to get my band's bass player to spend some time on the III, both to dial in some tones for recording and to set up a dual guitar/bass patch that we can move towards using live. His usual bass rig is pretty simple; a Sansamp Bass Driver running into whatever backline amp is...
  34. B

    Axe-Fx III for Bass: First Impressions and Review

    I've posted a video review with my thoughts on this hardware from the perspective of a bass player. You can find it here: I give my thoughts on the overall platform, its use as an audio interface, and discuss the various bass amps and cabinets that ship with the unit. Overall, I'm pleased...
  35. J00McG00


    Hey all, back at it again with some more modern metal music! In terms of production, this song is similar to the last song except for a couple of things: This one has EQ and Compression on most of the tracks (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vox, etc.) I've slowly learned how to apply this to make a mix a...
  36. austinbuddy

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Ax8 - what do you want to see?

    Hey amigos: Putting together a 1000+ Naked Amps Tonepack for Axe III. Like to expand some bass preset/rig options included in it. If enough interest is shown and information given and enough variety of bass tones comes out of this thread, maybe will do a Bass Player TonePack for Axe8, Axe-Fx...
  37. austinbuddy

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Axe-Fx III - what do you want to see?

    Hey amigos: Putting together a 1000+ Naked Amps Tonepack for Axe III. Like to expand some bass preset/rig options included in it. If enough interest is shown and information given and enough variety of bass tones comes out of this thread, maybe will do a Bass Player TonePack for Axe8, Axe-Fx...
  38. LucasLeCompte

    How does the Axe Fx III Handle Bass?

    Pretty well actually! Im using the 65 bassman amp and the darkglass 7k for the drive. I also used the Dr Bonkers bass cab IR. I tried to go for a balanced tone with a little bit of grit in it to cut through the mix.
  39. Moshermax9

    Bass Tone

    So I just started playing bass for a new band and im trying to get a nice deep bass tone similar in the vein of trapped under ice. Any suggestions??
  40. Thedude621

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated!

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated! My Fractal Breathren, please bestow upon me your presets. Everything is welcome high gain, bluesy, cool cleans, crazy sinth stuff, bass presets, etc... Thank you!
  41. DTS

    AX8: Darkglass B7K test

    Preset http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5981 Felt like tweaking some bass tones today and felt like sharing them as well! :) Hope you guys like!
  42. Ba55Man1ac

    Wish Pitch tracking below bass G

    This is the only thing stopping me from getting serious about using the AX8 live with bass. It tracks a G1 on the E string nicely but warbles on F# & below. 'Twould be nice if it went down to B0 (or A0 for those drop tuners). Then I could cop the guitar-doubling-bass sound. Mucho gracias!
  43. P

    Jaco-style Fretless Bass preset?

    Long, long-shot question here. Has anyone heard– or even heard OF– a remotely useable Fretless Bass patch, triggered by guitar? Obviously, it would need to involve a decent octave-down transposition, a "slow" envelope to soften the attack, and possibly a bit of modulation to suggest the LH...
  44. M

    Versatility of FRFR Cabs for keys/bass/drum machine amplification

    I'm pretty much set on putting down for a Mission Engineering Gemini 2, but I wanted to hear this community's experience and opinions on using these types of speakers beyond guitar use. I run a software rig out of Ableton where I primarily play guitar but also play some keys/synths/organs and...
  45. Amparkmusic

    Synth Bass preset a la Bruno Mars 24k Magic

    Hey all. Been messing around with some bass tones to prepare for a big pop show production coming up in January. I've really been trying to nail down a nice synth bass sound along the spectrum of Bruno Mars' 24k magic. Anyone have any suggestions for how to set up the synth? Amp/cab...
  46. J

    Down tuned bass djent

    Currently tuned to F# with bass. Could someone help with good presets for down tunings and for more djenty style sound that doesn't require dual amp that ax8 doesn't support. Tried the nolly smacky bass but doesn't quite work without dual amp.
  47. W

    Bass Tones dissapearing in a live mix

    Hello everyone, recently I picked up an Axefx 2xl+ and a matrix gt1600fx poweramp. Ive been playing around with it for a few weeks now and im not really getting where i want to be, so i figured id ask you guys for help. Im using the axe for bass through an ampeg 810 cab, but i just cant seem to...
  48. B

    How do you go about getting a Bass Tone?

    Haven't dialed in a bass tone in my axe since I'm much more a guitar player. But still I'd like to plug in my bass and get a nice tone for recording my rock/metal songs (both pick and fingers). Any tips on how to get started? Amp? Cab? Drive? Multi band? What do you personally use? Cheers!
  49. S

    Wish Super Bass versions of Marshall amps

    After reading some discussion about using tweaked guitar amp models with bass, I dug into the subject of Marshall amps a bit, and realised that the Super Bass versions of some of the amps already modelled by Fractal only have a few components which differ from each other. It would be awesome if...
  50. R

    where did dr. bonkers go?

    Hey folks, Usually use the AxeFX for guitar, but now am playing bass too. I seem to remember some cab packs that were bassist oriented - I think they were called Dr. Bonkers. Any idea where these went? Any suggestions other than the one ML pack? Thanks, Rik
  51. SeeD

    Line6 Helix Tone Match Bass Preset+IR Combo

    Hi all At the start of the summer,i borowed my friends Line6 Helix.. and the reason,was i would make tone matches of all the Bass-amps and make IR copys of all the Bass-cab IR files So the reason i give you this Bass TM + IR file preset,is to share the goodness. In the preset i have a...
  52. egyptisgod

    5153 Metalcore Bass Preset

    I made this insane metalcore bass preset. You should put cabinet block next to amp block. This preset originally used "ML Zilla Misha V30 Tight. Please give it try. Thank you.
  53. D

    Did I make a huge Mistake??

    Hello there. I will be receiving a FX8 (1) and need some serious Les Claypool Octave/Fuzz/Auto Way and possible synth goodness. Upon further reading this seems almost impossible?? Is there a way to get these super wet sounds?? Can't post URL's yet so..... Something like Final Voyage of...
  54. Milco

    Thump of Doom

    Hey guys, here's a tough thumping riff I made for my E.P. Split coil really helps with the Fryette D60 as well as some multiband compression! Let me know what you think! How have you made a similar tone?
  55. Milco

    Axe FX or Die!

    Hey guys, just finished writing and recording my EP. I made this video to show case all the great tones you can make with the Axe FX ll. Let me know what you think!
  56. brianv4

    Bass Guitar>AxeFx>FRFR

    I have some gigs coming up where I'll be playing bass guitar. I plan on using my AxeFx into an FRFR plus a line to FOH. For my guitar rig I use a CLR, wondering what you bass players are using.
  57. Milco

    Milco - 8 string Slap/Pop

    Hey guys, made this tone using the Solo 100 Amp and the enhance block really helped a lot. Sometimes I feel the enhance block can be too dramatic, but it worked for this thumping riff. Do you have any tips for this tone? Let me know what you think!
  58. Milco

    Fryette D60 Spanky Tone

    Hey guys, took me a while to dial in this tone, but I tried making a spanky tone that worked on my extended range guitars. Let me know what you think! Maybe recommend some other amps good for these situations?
  59. ProgressiveRocco

    My new BASS PATCH (factory cabs) - RHCP Otherside

    just testing my new bass patch, pretty straightforward but sounds great in the mix imo! try it out \m/
  60. M

    sub harmonic or octave drop

    I am using my FX8 for bass and I'm trying to find a patch to give me a sub harmonic sound or drop my B or E string 1 octave. Does anyone know if there's a patch for that or how to accomplish it?
  61. antcarrier

    New Jazz/Classical/Prog Tune

    Hello, I have just finished recording a song of mine. Of course, guitar and bass are all axe fx 2, each with far field IRs I made. I hope you enjoy! :)
  62. SlugAlex

    Bass tone match, what am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, I would love some help with this problem I've been having. I have tone matched a bunch of guitar tones and they usually turn out great, but for some reason I have never successfully tone matched a bass. It never sounds like the recording. I have multitracks that I use to tone match. Is...
  63. Alberto Menezes

    Octavarium (instrumental section) - Dream Theater full Two-Man cover

    Hey guys!! Check out my Dream Theater cover. I used an Axe FX II for the bass and some of the guitars, let me know what you think of the tones!

    ML USA Bass Cab Pack Preset-Cab Bundles in the mix!

    I'm doing some beta tests for the upcoming ML USA Bass Cab Pack and I thought I'd share. I'm using "Punchy" for the verses. "Growl" for the riffs. "Distortion" on the choruses. :) How does it sound to you guys? Are we ready to launch? :)

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    The pack was just released! Click here to find out more. I'm officially announcing this pack now after just submitting a hopefully final version to official FAS beta. Expect to hear more clip soon. Meanwhile I apologize since this is my first week slappin da bass mon. My good friend @shaunb...
  66. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Tone Tips

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  67. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Guitar Tips!

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  68. Guitarjon

    Bass guitar tone preset tutorial video!

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a video about creating good pop/rock/metal bass guitar tones with your Axe FX and OH bass IR's. I hope you find this video useful! If you have any questions you can ask them. My replies may be a bit slower than usual because I'm currently on a holiday in the south of...
  69. Julien Meirone

    Bass Metal Cover with Darkglass TM

    Hi guys, this week i have mixed the bass cover of a friend using my new TM of the B7K, let me know if you enjoyed this ;). Cheers
  70. bluesk165

    About drive block EQ

    I know this is stupid question but I hope to know it. Drive block has many virtual knob but I use them even don't know detail what is what. Tone : ? Hz control Bass : ? Hz control Treble : ? Hz control Low Cut : Cut below setting Hz? High Cut : Cut over setting Hz? Thanks


    I got me a new bass and had to record a new clip. There's a lot of "coming soon" being used on this song but more on that later. I noticed that all my favorite bass sounds from Foo Fighters to Green Day to even Blink 182 where the bass is loud in the mix and still not overbearing are a Fender...
  72. Emanuel


    Hey guys, hope all is well I'm struggling to get a chunky Bass tone. Like a Sansamp/Duff McKagan style tone. Duff uses GK amps which aren't modelled I don't think and I just don't know how to get the SVT sim sounding good. Also tried the Citrus. I'm using an Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Anyone have...
  73. Julien Meirone

    Born of Osiris - Bass Cover Q 2.02

    Here a bass cover of a friend that i have reamped, mixed and mastered. The Q2.02 is insane and now the axe fx II is awesome even for bass players :).
  74. emilotep

    Any way to flip the phase inside the Axe?

    Hi, So I set up a bass patch the other day with 2 rows (like you do), one panned hard Left (speaker balance) for growly middy stuff with SeeD's carvin Bass IR, and one panned hard right for Bassy subby stuff with a subkick IR. I proceeded to lay down some nasty grooves on my bass into Logic Pro...
  75. J

    My favorite bass sound of 2015 - How do I achieve it? Help!

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum but I just really have to see what you guys have to say about a bass tone I really want to achieve. I am clueless when it come's to bass - I'm a guitar player (daah :)) - but recently picked up a bass to enhance my home recordings a little bit. The bass sound I...
  76. Adam Charron

    Front Instrument Input clipping with Bass guitar.

    So I've been loving my Axe for guitars, but I tried to record some DI's for bass recently and I'm running into a clipping issue on the front input. Even with the level at 0, it still is distorting. This is only an issue with the bass btw, but I have noticed I need to have the input set to 5 - 15...
  77. Per Boysen

    AxeFxII for both funky telecaster and bassline

    The Tele has Joe Barden's Danny Gatton vintage pickups and a baritone neck, that makes it sound a little bigger, and the bass was done by tapping on a Chapaman Stick Guitar (goes down to low the G). Both through the AxeFxII and recorded by USB audio into Logic.
  78. Patzag

    Stanley Clarke Fans - Any interesting bass presets?

    I'm going to be doing some bass work on some Stanley tunes. Anyone have some bass presets that are worthy of this bass legend?
  79. Crapshoes

    Bass tone for modern aggressive music

    So, as the primary songwriter for my band, I've realized lately that my lack of appreciation for a good bass tone has left our music lacking in the low frequency department. We've never had a bass player, so in the studio I always end up recording the bass parts. As a band, we're trying to...
  80. JapsidoOdlde

    Heavy Rythm Tones with Quantum 1.02

    Hey guys, In this thread I want to give you an overview on my approach on heavy guitar and bass rythm tones. Let's start with the guitar (input gate set to your liking!): First off, I started with a compressor (studio comp) to compress the incoming signal from the guitar. As a rule of thumb...
  81. elbartoPL

    Yesternight - Who You Are (music video) - all guitars 100% Axe Fx II !:)

    Hi! Just wanted to share with you my band's (Yesternight) debut music video/single. All guitars are 100% AXE FX II!:) Hope you'll gonna like it!:)
  82. D

    New Nolly bass patch idea?

    As I am getting familiar with new tones and ideas with the Axe Fx 2, I noticed on Nolly's FB that he posted up a picture of a patch he was working on for his bass tones. I am quite a fan of what he is doing with his bass sounds.Typically, I have seen that the tone tends to have 2 signals: 1...
  83. D

    Wish Global Filter

    It would be great to set a global filter so bass players could HPF the entire out (pre) and out (post) signals. As it stands, the global graphic eq can remove some of the problem frequencies (I'm assuming it's a shelving filter at 30hz), but it'd be much more useful to have a full 4th/8th order...
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