1. Sorenspete

    Switching from powered monitors to power amp + 4x12

    Just so I can gather as much info as I can, treat me like an alien who doesn't know anything about this: I will be going from my guitar into the Axe-FX III Mk II, then into a Fryette 2/90/2, and then into a MESA / Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12 speaker cabinet. Is there a preferred cable route...
  2. GuitarAng3l

    Dialing in USA Rythm 1 (USA Clean)

    Everyone is raving about the USA Clean but I can't get it to sound right. Any tips? What are your settings? do you use the output eq?
  3. Will Chen

    FM3 I released my first album, all guitars FM3.

    The process has been an ass kicking self study in obsession and learning to let go even if everything isn't perfect. Overall, pretty proud of the result. The EP is called Round Trip Ticket and it's on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, pretty much everywhere you can stream. The feeling of putting...
  4. axes

    AFIII Axe-Fx III JP-2C vs real JP-2C

    1: 2: They are: EBMM Majesty into real Boogie JP-2C through Suhr RL going into Audient iD44 MKII and DAW (ML Mikko2 + delay). EBMM Majesty into Axe-Fx III, DI recorded via SPDIF then reamped via SPDIF and recorded via XLR into Audient iD44 MKII and DAW (ML Mikko2 + delay). But which is...
  5. F

    Fractal AX8 into Mesa Mark V 25 using a JHS Little Black Box

    Hello guys, I still have my AX8 (Amazing Unit) and I’m waiting for the FM9 on the waitlist (that wait has been quiet long) While I wait I’d like to use my AX8 into a Mesa Mark V 25 head, the purpose is to use the AX8 (Effects section only: drives, modulation, filters, delays, etc no Amp and Cab...
  6. Paulo Heineken

    My first Composition - Fractal FXII - Rectfier + Mark IV

    hello, how are you? This is my first composition I did last year and I posted it on youtube. All bass and guitar tones were used Fractal.
  7. Megahertzz

    Metallica cover band extravaganza (my live Metallica preset)

    I have stripped down and removed all modifiers and global blocks from my "Militia Mk.IIC++" preset, since the last version was too CPU demanding. I have put all amps/cabs in one block instead of separating distorted and clean amps in two blocks, and removed the pitch blocks...
  8. V

    Where did we get to on fixing the "chugg" on Mark series models?

    Hi all, I have been away from the forum from ages and wondered if anyone could bring me up to speed on where we got to with getting the trademark mesa 'chugg' sound when palm muted heavy rhythms? Mikko from @ML SOUND LAB describes it best here...
  9. B

    FSOT Mesa Mark IV head w/ custom headshell

    The amp itself looks brand new. Back in January, I had a custom head shell made for the amp, with black tolex and a red and black grill cloth. So visually, it looks almost brand new. The footswitch is included as well. I am willing to sell the amp for $1150 + shipping, or I am willing to trade...
  10. Rob Suelfllohn

    Brown Sugar- using Mesa Boogie in Fractal for dirty Stones tone

    Mesa Boogie (USA lead channel) for a little more dirty Stones tone.

    ML Amp Pack - Mega Rectified based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier

    EDIT: New clip by Zach Munowitz: Extremely happy to announce our latest and greatest Amp Pack - Mega Rectified Here's the official release information and please ask me any questions you may have. :) I'll be posting more information and sound clips in this thread so be sure to...
  12. Vecordia

    Question about the Mark series graphic EQ modeling

    Does anyone know if the sliders from the 5 control graphic eq of the Mesa Mark model (CII+ and CII++) have an identical range as in the real amp. In other words, for example, I put a slider on the Axe fx model at , say, +10 or -10, does that same slider on the real amp at max or min position...
  13. N

    Rewiring a Mono/Stereo Mesa 2x12

    I have a Mesa 2x12 horizontal rectifier cab (2FB) which I bought used several years ago. It has a non-standard wiring setup which is custom from the factory based on the jack plate: The previous owner swapped the original 4 ohm speakers for 8 ohm versions—hence the sticker indicating 16...
  14. Cooper Carter

    AFIII Every Mesa/Boogie Amp Type Demo

    Here's a different famous riff on every Mesa/Boogie amp type currently in the unit! As in the original video, these presets are from @austinbuddy's 1000+ Naked Amps Pack.

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV - FREE AXE-FX III PRESET

    The Mesa Mark IV has a special meaning to me. It's the amp I had been playing for years when I finally traded it for a Standard Axe-Fx so many years back. I can be honest to myself now and admit that as long as I can get a convincing Mark IV sound out of any modeler, the amp modeling has to be...
  16. AndrewKirkland

    Mesa Studio Preamp

    Picked up one of these recently. Recording outs sound excellent straight into my interface, main outs into my xl+ sound even better. Very cool units. Nice tonal variety with the axe FX.
  17. AndrewKirkland

    Tube Preamplifier suggestions

    I have an axe fx 2 xl plus that I love for recording. However I'd like to buy a tube preamplifier for direct recording potentially with IRs. The preamp will be going into a mackie 8 bus for eq or my metric halo. I should mention I like a really bright sparkly clean sound with my gretsch and am...
  18. eduardosimoesneto

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    I love my AX8. But the Mesa Boogie and Diezel presets that came with it are not my favorites for heavy metal. Where can I find some good metal presets? If they are free even better...
  19. DTS

    DTS Recto Patch

    Sounds like this Double Tracked Single tracked with enhance block Download here I've been playing with 5150 sims lately and now moved to rock with some Recto sounds. So this preset came together after some noodling and tweaking...

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Okay guys here's the comparison as promised. I might do a video explaining this a bit more but this should pretty much cover it. On paper, yes these are both the Mesa 4x12 cabinet. Yes they both have the original and best V30 speakers that were made for Mesa and are 70W. That's where the...
  21. syxx

    NAD: Mesa Triple Rectifier Multi-Watt

    For teh brootalz I haven't done any of these yet but i'm really happy with this amp. Ultimately its going in 4CM with my AX8 as soon as I get a amp gizmo. For now, i'm just running a Tubescreamer Mini up front and enjoying the grind. Amp is ton more versatile than I expected. I was...
  22. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle

    Hey everyone, Among many new libraries, I would foremost like to announce the release of the OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle! Based on the hardware in the image above, the Core Tone Bundle brings all the primary sounds and configurations that have electrified electric guitar over the years and...
  23. Keg8605

    1u Tube Power Amps

    I enjoy my Fryette Power Station but still want a 1u tube power amp. Having a hard time justifying the price of the LXII or Syn 50-50, neither of which is available yet anyways. Found these other options. Unfortunately nothing gives much hope of reliability. Kind of rolling the dice...
  24. 2112

    FAS Recto 1 vs The Real Thing

    Two sets of clips designed to demonstrate the accuracy of the FAS models. I set all the controls the same and only adjusted the power supply sag on the model to try match the tube rectifier setting on the real amp. Everything was run through a Marshall 1960B close mic'd with a Shure SM57. The...
  25. Guitarjon

    Melodic, edge of break-up cleans, SM box, OH 212 3QTR and strings!

    Hey guys, It's time for something mellow, melodic and with a little emotion. I wrote and recorded this song a little while ago when I was trying out some new OwnHammer IR's from the new California Duo pack. The 212 3QTR cab is quite a special little gem that shouldn't be overlooked. For this...
  26. dtpancio

    Petrucci V30 Mix-like IRs

    I tried many Mesa cab IRs, from the stock library, the free ones from ML, some stuff from Ownhammer, etc. but no one match Petrucci's tone like the Petrucci V30 Mix. Can you tell me what's the closest UltraRes IR (or a combination of two) to the Petrucci V30 Mix? Thanks in advance.
  27. Guitarjon

    Rockin' the Q6 wah and Recto's (New OH California Duo TRAD)

    Hi guys, Haven't had a lot of time to hang around here lately but I'm happy to be back! I'm really impressed with the new Q6 Recto amps. I've always loved them but now Cliff has reached a new level of awesomeness! I'm also really diggin' the new wah's. Yeah, I'm a Hammett fan and not ashamed to...
  28. JeremyRhoades

    Progressive Instrumental - Mesa/Friedman/FAS Crunch/Synth

    All Axe FX II, including synth and bass! SD2 for drums. Guitar amps used: Rhythm - Recto 1 Orange Modern/Friedman HBE Leads - FAS Crunch Cleans - Shiver Clean/USA Clean.

    ML USA Bass is out now! Check these sound samples.

    Here's the announcement from Facebook with information on what's included: Here's a softer song in which ML USA Bass glues everything together with close to zero post processing: But to really hear the character of the IR's it's good to hear them with some dirt on them: The pack comes with...
  30. J

    Power amp challenges

    Hi everyone, I have an axeFx 2 with a mesa 2:50 power amp running into a Orange ppc412 cabinet. At low volumes, I get the best sound I could ever hope for but as soon as I turn it up in band setting the sound seems too smooth and doesn't have enough bite / cut. I also find that it sounds...

    Top 10 ML Sound Lab IR's!!

    Going through some of my favorite IR's. I highly recommend you check these out as I think they represent some of the greatest IR's out there. :) That Citrus 4x12 IR is a must have! A special thank you to @Pwrmac7600 for the idea on sharing my top IR list. I've mentioned it a few times but...

    ML USA Bass Cab Pack Preset-Cab Bundles in the mix!

    I'm doing some beta tests for the upcoming ML USA Bass Cab Pack and I thought I'd share. I'm using "Punchy" for the verses. "Growl" for the riffs. "Distortion" on the choruses. :) How does it sound to you guys? Are we ready to launch? :)
  33. Jotun666

    Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth (full band cover)

    Hi, folks! Some old school thrash metal from Megadeth incoming! I had two feature musicians here: Yeyo Fernandez at lead guitar and 66Samus at drums. I did the rest myself, including mixing, editing (audio and video) and mastering. I used a Dual Rectifier sim for guitars (rythm and lead). I...
  34. LucasLeCompte

    I did a cover of Metallica's new song "HardWired!"

    I actually DIDNT use the metallica amp for my patch either! I used my trusty Mark IV patch for the entire thing with ML sound lab's cab pack 13 SM57-421 ace alloy IR. It is good to have metallica thrashing again!

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    The pack was just released! Click here to find out more. I'm officially announcing this pack now after just submitting a hopefully final version to official FAS beta. Expect to hear more clip soon. Meanwhile I apologize since this is my first week slappin da bass mon. My good friend @shaunb...
  36. DTS

    roVes EP: Alternative rock with nice female vox :)

    This is my bands first EP. It includes four songs. I had a great time making this EP. The songs, recording, mixing and mastering are made by me. This was my first real recording project, so there was ALOT to do and learn. In the end i'm very happy how the EP is sounding now. Hope you guys like...
  37. S

    New original song by Afrim Kosovrasti

    here's my latest work. All guitars done on Axe Fx of course. 2 minute guitar solo anyone? All original music. I kinda dedicated this one to Dave Gilmour. Enjoy! Used a new recording technique on the solo and i think it came out really cool!
  38. S

    The Unforgiven tonematch

    Hello my Fractal Friends! After about a month playing with new so called "Metallica amp" i decided to make another tone match preset. My first attempt was to tonematch Struggle Within tone cause i really like guitar on that track but since there is only few isolated guitar tracks from Black...

    2016 Cab Pack Comparison!!

    I finished shooting a 5 episode long Cab Pack comparison this week including all my released Cab Packs to date. I know there are many options out there right now and choosing which one to get can be a lot of work. Therefore I thought I'd create this Cab Pack comparison for you guys. I'm a Mesa...
  40. Kjaris

    Kartakou TS Overdrive into USA IIC ++

    I had the pleasure to demo a really cool Guitar pedal from Kartakou Amplification called the warmer overdrive. Here's the song I wrote for the demo with a cool solo in the middle. First time I've used an external drive pedal with my AxeFX II I used the new IIC++ model and am quite happy with the...

    Clark Kent Job - Strangers (Music Video) and FREE IR's!

    This is actually a song from my bands EP from last year. This was the song that we changed the tuning for to make it a bit meaner sounding and we matched the Axe-Fx to sound just like the real Mark IV and Traditional Mesa 4x12 cabinet we used for the rest of the EP. The IR's used here can be...

    Free John Petrucci Presets for Axe-Fx II and AX8

    Hey girls and dudes! I got some feedback that the Preset-Cab Bundles I created for the UltraRes 2.0 version of Cab Pack 7 didn't load on the AX8 so I decided I'd share all those presets for free. Obviously you need the pack for the IR's but other than that you should be good to go with these...

    My first blast beats: Mesa IIC+ Gothic Chaos (Cab Pack 7)

    Although it's not the Cab Pack that gets used much these days I always love going back to the pack that started it all for me Cab Pack 7: CK's USA Traditional 4x12 UltraRes. I used the CK CHAOTIC ARRANGEMENTS IR for this song and of course Cab Pack 11 for bass as I always do. :) For those who...
  44. ownhammer

    OH 412 MES-OS and FAS Q3 HBE

    Mr. York busting out some chugs, among other riffery, for your listening pleasure. Q3 HBE amp model, new OwnHammer 412 MES-OS IR's. Enjoy! :)

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    All Cab Packs in the Fractal Audio Systems Cab Pack Store have now been converted to UltraRes 2. As some of you may remember Cab Pack 7 is based on the Mesa™ 4x12 Recto® Traditional Straight Cab which is used by many people including John Petrucci. Back when that Cab Pack came out there were no...

    Cab Pack 23 Djents: "Vigorous Riffs"

    I just got my first 8-string guitar and it's a Jackson with Juggernauts on it. Holy crap that's a lot of strings! :D I have to say that the pickups are both clear and dark at the same time which is rarely the case. They're kind of balanced no matter where you play on the neck. I love the feel of...

    The legendary "Misha Mix 08"

    I'm not sure if the hype has caught up everyone so here's a short summary. This already legendary "djentiest IR on the planet" called "Misha Mix 08" was created by Misha Mansoor for Cab Pack 13: USA Bulb 4x12. That's the IR you'll f.ex. hear on the Haunted Shore's Viscera EP: If you went to...

    2x12 kills a 4x12?

    After releasing Cab Pack 23: USA Citrus 2x12 I've had a few people ask me "what's the difference between the 2x12 versions of the USA and Citrus" and unsurprisingly it's a bit hard to describe by words. I thought I'd show it to you guys as there's no consistancy here at all. To me the USA 2x12...
  49. S

    Tone Matching problem

    Hello my fractal audio fellas! I have had this problem a while now, or i don't really know is it a problem or just nature of tone matching. But whenever i am trying to tone match, let's just say Metallica's Orion guitar track for example, i can get pretty close result but i certainly hear that...

    What is the best IR for you?

    We talk so much about IR's and different speakers but sound is sometimes a bit too hard to explain by words. So this time let's look at some SM57 graphs of some of the best representations of different speakers I've had the pleasure of miking up. :)` The classic Chinese V30: I call this the...

    ML USA 2x12 and Citrus 2x12 Samples

    It's coming out "soon" for real guys. :) I just finished fixing the last tweaks to some Preset-Cab Bundles that will be included in the pack to get everyone started and while at it I recorded some clips using these presets. The "based on Mesa 2x12": Very modern. Crushing. Slight smiley face...

    Mesa 4x12 vs Mesa 2x12!!

    The first part of this clip is an old 4x12 Mesa Oversize cab (the one Cab Pack 13 is based on) and the second part of this clip is a semi-old 2x12 Mesa Rectifier cab (the one that'll be in the next Cab Pack with an Orange 2x12). Both cabinets have the same old "better" 70w real English...

    Bring on the sludge! (ML USA Citrus 2x12 Cab Pack)

    If you haven't heard yet this will be one of the next Cab Packs released by FAS. Read more here! It's based on two of the most popular modern 2x12 guitar cabinets: Mesa Rectifier 2x12 which you can hear on the left hand side of the mix with a Mark IV as the amp sim and an Orange PPC212 2x12...
  54. brianv4

    JP IIC+

    I'm not a metal artist so I wasn't interested at first but this demo is giving me GAS for a tube amp again. Very versatile great tone all around.
  55. ownhammer

    OwnHammer JYC - Mean to Clean - FAS Quantum Amps

    Here's a fresh clip from the OH crew for the Justin York Collection - "Mean to Clean". Using the MES 412 cab from that library for all guitar tones on display, mean and clean alike. All guitar and bass using FAS Quantum amps and OwnHammer IR's. Enjoy! :)

    New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!

    Read about it in here: So apparently it's all about IIC+ sounds. IIC+ clean and two IIC+ lead channels with their own GEQs.
  57. C

    IR Loading Question- I'm Puzzled!

    I am playing through an identical IR mix I made through two different loading platforms and it's yielding different results. Can anyone, perhaps Cliff or Kevin, shine some light on this situation for me? I have the Ownhammer Justin York pack and made a 212 mix. I am using the same .wavs to work...
  58. Guitarjon

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Woohoooo the new forum is up! I missed you guys :) Since the forum went down Ownhammer has released some great new IR's! This time Kevin has FINALLY released IR's of the famous Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cab! Not only is this probably the best IR pack I ever tried but it also features 2...
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