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May 23, 2019 at 11:52 AM
Jun 9, 2009
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Perth, Western Australia

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Fractal Fanatic, from Perth, Western Australia

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Viewing thread Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!, May 23, 2019 at 11:52 AM
    1. stdio
    2. Hoosierdaddy
      Greetings ,,,I was watching your video on "should I get aAxe FX III '
      and I was wandering if you could share the Preset you used ,for 2 guitars and a Bass ??
      I really like the preset you was using on the bass also.
      I appreciate all of the time you take in sharing yourr talent and expertise on the Forum.
    3. Remlinger

      Been following you on YouTube now for a while. Nice videos and narratives. Can you make a video on the new Stereoizer effects?

      I believe there would be a good amount of interest from the community in doing so.


    4. Tompino
      Hey there you amazing sound maker! :-) Please IF you got the time do some Bogner Ecstasy presets för AX-8 close to Lukather's sound nowadays.
    5. Eido
      Hey Leon you are a great man for all the help you give us and your video's are very helpful to me.. I just pick up the AXE FX 3 you where the main reason I purchased it :) I want to ask you could you please help me with a Vocodr Patch for the AXE FX 3 I am struggling with that and there's no patch available that I can Find :) love Ragdoll if you could here is mine on Spotify "Mental Tronde de Jambe"
    6. Adam Yurman
      Adam Yurman
      Hello Leon, I loved your video about setting up parallel effects on the Ax8. Thank you. I went to your Axexchange settings page 2112 but I could not find the setting using "Deon Be" as the search criteria. I didn't see any links in the video. Might need glasses :) Im new to AxExchange. Would you please advise how to search for that setting on your page? Thanks in advance. Adam
    7. ertan
      Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the Marshall 4x12 Mix IR, that you posted before. I just played with it and it is amazing! Great dirties with 5153, great (almost) cleans with the Chieftain! Big body, but no mud. Bright, but not searing!
      1. 2112
        That's awesome to hear! I use that IR all the time so it's nice to know it translates well to other setups.
        Nov 21, 2018
        Veloso1978 likes this.
    8. iaresee
      I left a comment about delay ratios on your AX8 PCM70 video. You can use tempo values so you can scale the delay with the preset tempo if you like. That video is fantastic. Thanks for putting it together.
    9. Razor
      I appreciate all the useful information and videos you share on the FAS forum and youtube! Thanks
      1. 2112 likes this.
    10. spx90
      I like to see your sharing
      you are a great man/musician !
      1. eduardosimoesneto and 2112 like this.
      2. 2112
        I'm happy that you enjoy the content :)
        Jul 2, 2017
    11. androtaz
      I've just discovered your youtube channel. Your playing and presets are top notch!!
      I've downloaded your presets and they sound killer. Do you use your presets also for recording?
      1. 2112
        The album was recorded with a few amps (Mesa Dual Rec, Soldano HR50, Splawn, Marshall) and I've used the AX8 to try and recreate those tones for playing live.
        Feb 19, 2017
    12. levipeto
      Hey man, the song in your Signature is awesome!!
      1. DanielB and 2112 like this.
      2. 2112
        Thankyou, the rest of the album is up on Spotify/Youtube/iTunes if you want to hear more :)
        Feb 18, 2017
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    Home Page:
    Perth, Western Australia
    Guitarist for Ragdoll
    Youtube gear reviews and demos


    Leon Todd FAS Gear - Axe-Fx III // AX8 // X-Load // Cab-Lab
    Music: Ragdoll | Youtube: Leon Todd | FAS Tutorials
    I proudly use and abuse: Fractal Audio | Deviser | Anarchy Audio