Switching from powered monitors to power amp + 4x12


Just so I can gather as much info as I can, treat me like an alien who doesn't know anything about this:

I will be going from my guitar into the Axe-FX III Mk II, then into a Fryette 2/90/2, and then into a MESA / Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12 speaker cabinet. Is there a preferred cable route for this setup? And most importantly, do you guys have some rules of thumb or tips for setting the speaker impedance curve in the amp block? I know Leon Todd has a cool video about setting the resonance frequency and he uses a 4x12 (only difference is I think he's slaving the power amp of a head as opposed to using a dedicated power amp), so I will hit that one up at some stage.

What are things that I could potentially do wrong here? I had a bad experience with MESA's mini rectifier cab (it sounded thin and had zero balls) which could have come down to user error, so I want to avoid that this time.
Use the diagram in the manual on p. 26.
Be prepared to use an EQ block with that Fryette.
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