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axe-fx iii

  1. Mark Pritchard

    Friedman HBE (Back To The Future theme cover)

    Hi all, Here is a preset i made using the Friedman HBE V2 amp, its inspired by @Mark Day. Im using it here playing my own version of the Back To The Future theme tune.
  2. Mark Pritchard

    RATT - Lay It Down Preset

    Hi all, i recieved my Axe-Fx III today so just getting used to it coming from the AX8. Here is a preset i made for RATT - Lay It Down which i've converted to the Axe-Fx III. Enjoy.
  3. FSM

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AXE-FX III | Comparison

    New FM3 Video for you guys ;) Hope you like it! Enjoy and stay healthy! Frank 🤘
  4. Moke

    Vendor Moke's Custom Presets - Axe-Fx III to FM3 conversion issues

    Just a heads up. Although it is technically possible to convert Axe-Fx III preset into FM3 presets using the editor.... Most of my Axe-Fx III preset versions make use of parallel signal paths in one form or another, including dual amps, cabs, special routings to accomplish various goals...
  5. kbrown455

    Axe-Fx III & Logic Pro X & YouTube Audio on a Mac

    I have been incredibly successful in failing to accomplish recording backtracks from YouTube into Logic Pro X on a Mac through Axe-Fx III. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks!
  6. C

    Axe-Fx III Cubase setup help

    Hello, I just got my Axe-FX III and it is working totally fine and i can edit the presets with Axe-Edit III without problems. Now i try to connect it to my DAW (Cubase 10), but i don't get any input on the meters and no sound comes from the DAW. Just for testing, i activated and added all...
  7. Stefan Kozlowski

    FS SOLD Axe-Fx III, $1500, We Split Shipping Costs, Continental US Only, PayPal (or cash) Only [SOLD]

    Folks, I’m parting with my Axe-FX III. It’s been racked in a bag in my home studio and has never left my house, since the day it arrived. I’m the original owner and the unit orks perfectly but honestly, it’s just overkill for my needs. I’ve sold various pieces of FAS gear here before and user...
  8. Burgs

    The sense of loss is crushing. Axe-Fx III down for a few days.

    Haha. Dramatic, eh? It's true, though. Everyday I sit in my little room surrounded by great guitars, amps, pedals and cool stuff. In reality, however, and with all due respect to the makers of said cool stuff, the centre of my creativity and work is my Axe-FX III. After cooking dinner for the...
  9. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Assign external pedals

    Hello guys! In this ninth episode, I’ll show you how to assign and setup an external pedal in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like...
  10. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a Channel

    Hello guys! In this eighth episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific channel of a single effect block in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I...
  11. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Engage and Bypass Effect

    Hello guys! In this seventh episode, I’ll show you how to engage and bypass a single effect block in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to...
  12. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Scroll through scenes

    Hello guys! In this sixth episode, I’ll show you how to scroll through the scenes of a preset in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to...
  13. Burgs

    Burg's Marshalls V6 - Free preset and demo vid

    Following on from my previous @austinbuddy -based Carol-Ann preset, this version substitutes the CA's for mighty Marshall models. The Scene allocation is very similar and you should note that I voiced it all with the Ernie Ball Cutlass used in the video, so humbucker users will probably want to...
  14. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset

    Guthrie Govan has been my favorite guitar player for over a decade since I first heard him back in the mid 2000's. I used to buy the DVD's of his shows at Tone Merchants and then everything he ever recorded for what is now Jam Track Central, in hopes of someday being able to play any of his...
  15. B

    Latency Using Virtual Capo

    Title pretty much describes the issue here. I noticed when using the pitch block and virtual capo option there is a very noticeable bit of latency. This is even after simplifying my signal chain. It is usable but a bit annoying.
  16. GotMetalBoy

    Axe-Fx III sighting in new Periphery Blood Eagle Guitar Playthrough

    Axe-Fx III sighting in new Periphery Blood Eagle Guitar Playthrough!!!! Now I'm just forewarning you all, if you don't know what Blood Eagle is and go search YouTube or the web for the Periphery song, you will find a gruesome surprise and then may actually find the song you were looking for :D


    First it's the Axe-Fx III and second is my real Mark V. (the ground noise should give it away) Not 100% sure if you know me but a quick recap is that I love real amps, I love the Axe-Fx, I even like a couple of other modelers. The amp that I believe most modelers struggle with is Mesa Boogie...
  18. G

    Boss FS setup for Axe-Fx III

    Hello, I recently bought my Axe-Fx III, and so far it has been a dream come true. However, I cannot figure out how to get a simple footswitch (Boss FS-5U) to switch scenes. In fact, I cannot get the footswitch to do anything at all. I read through the manual and have searched extensively...

    Does the Axe-Fx III djent?

    I believe it does: I recorded this song two days after getting the Axe-Fx III with THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD which you'll find for free in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-best-ir-in-the-world-free.137347/ Good buddy Misha sent me "GetGood Drums Modern & Massive" to try...
  20. Burgs

    HIPOWER Jumped, Fuzzes, Univibe, space.... Preset and Vid

    Based on the last two Marshall-based fuzz-fun videos and presets, I present to you some DR103 lurve. Thank you to Cliff for the unbelievably beautiful model (and machine) and Yek for his Univibe settings. Rock on. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6435
  21. Burgs

    Classic Marshall, old-school fuzz. Demo video and a couple of presets.

    In an effort to make everyone who doesn't own one jealous, lustful, amazed, or all three with the Axe-FX III, I've attempted a take on the old Marshall/fuzz box combos. It's not easy because of the impedance thing but I ran the input at 90k (thank you AustinBuddy!) and had a LOT of fun and, I...
  22. austinbuddy

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    It's HERE! You can now purchase the 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack for your Axe-Fx III! This product is a new design that takes great advantage of the Axe-Fx III's firmware, new Amp and Block channels, and new Cab block. All tones are updated to the latest PUBLIC (not beta) firmware 12.x as of Feb...
  23. Burgs

    Deluxe Tweed, 4 x OD's, EBMM Albert Lee - video

    As the title suggests. Slightly tweaked factory preset from 1.09. Old bloke churning out some blues over a minor key backing track with an Albert Lee (amazing guitars).
  24. Moke

    [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III - Updated to 4.03! New 'Triple-Gain' Versions

    Well I finally started adding some Axe-Fx III versions of my presets. Update... As of August 1st, 2018, 82 out of 83 of my existing presets ported over to the Axe-Fx III. The only one left is Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. That one uses a Scene Controller to automatically start the Looper...
  25. ccroyalsenders

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v2.0 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

    THE COMPLETE AXE-FX III MASTER CLASS WITH COOPER CARTER https://classes.coopercarter.com/axe-fx-iii-master-class-with-cooper-carter In twelve hours of studio instruction, we go deep into the mind of the machine, recreating classic sounds, sculpting new tones, building presets, and learning how...

    Axe-Fx III Tutorial - Mixing IR's within the unit

    So I got a request from @bvaughn0402 that I explain how you can mix IR's within the unit with the Axe-Fx III. As you may have guessed already by looking at the IR options "it almost seems like I knew that there would be 4 IR slots in the Cab Block" and that's correct. You will find samples from...

    Axe-Fx III + GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: 1h Song Challenge (Preset)

    It's been too long since I've written a song and it sadly shows. Anyways this was a write-as-you-record type of session and this is what came out. The preset on the Axe-Fx III was super simple. I mixed in two of the stock IR's unsurprisingly shot by myself: Factory 2 - 1005: 4x12 USA Bulb 57 B1...

    Video - Went geek deep into comparing the Axe-Fx III vs Axe-Fx II

    So I wanted to play through the Axe-Fx III and the Axe-Fx II with quick switching to really compare the playability and feel side by side and came up with this preset that allows me to do so. Here's a video of me comparing some amps and different settings. The end result was that "maybe" the...

    VIDEO: Axe-Fx III vs Axe-Fx II - Comparing the amp block

    Day two with the Axe-Fx III. The first requests were all about creating a fair comparison between the III and the II. I didn't really expect there to be any difference at this point because there hasn't been many advances in the firmware yet but here's a video that's fair. FAIR = same IR, same...

    Axe-Fx III Unboxing Video: Lesson 1 - READ THE MANUAL!

    How stupid was I to think that I'll shoot an unboxing video of the Axe-Fx III even though it's the most complex and versatile piece of audio gear ever created. I mean I've been using an Axe-Fx since the Standard days and have used the II every day for many years so this should be easy right? Boy...
  31. dbarrow

    RJM Mastermind GT/22 Compatibility?

    I have an RJM Mastermind GT 22 that I use with my Axe-FX II XL+. Will it be compatible with the new Axe-FX III?
  32. Mark Day

    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    Please forgive the flubs, I just learned it among other issues lol. I find this chorus so intoxicating. Thanks Cliff!!!! You killed it on this.
  33. D

    Axe-Fx III controllers/modifiers capacity

    Hey all, Can anybody tell me, will Axe-Fx III users be able to run any more per preset than the 2x LFOs, 2x ADSRS, 1x Envelope and 1x Sequencer that we're limited to on the Axe-Fx II at present? And on the subject of controllers and modifiers: will it be possible to utilise a modifier for a...
  34. Guitarboy

    Third bar on “Axe-FX III” blue light logo dimmer?

    Hi, just took a look at instagram pics by Misha Mansoor, and some youtube videos from Marc Day, and noticed that on every pics the logo shows a thirds bar with dimmer blue light. Is that just a camera effect or is it something that was on the prototypes and plan to fix for production units? Thanks.
  35. davidspry

    Australia/NZ wait list

    The Axe-FX III wait list for Australia and New Zealand is now open. The link to it's on Independent Music's Facebook page:
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