1. Sorenspete

    Switching from powered monitors to power amp + 4x12

    Just so I can gather as much info as I can, treat me like an alien who doesn't know anything about this: I will be going from my guitar into the Axe-FX III Mk II, then into a Fryette 2/90/2, and then into a MESA / Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12 speaker cabinet. Is there a preferred cable route...

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV - FREE AXE-FX III PRESET

    The Mesa Mark IV has a special meaning to me. It's the amp I had been playing for years when I finally traded it for a Standard Axe-Fx so many years back. I can be honest to myself now and admit that as long as I can get a convincing Mark IV sound out of any modeler, the amp modeling has to be...
  3. dtpancio

    Dream Theater - Our New World Intro

    Everything started from this thread. I ended up using both IRs, the Petrucci V30 Mix and the other I think is from OH, not ML, double tracking the guitars and panning them stereo. Drum and bass are midi. Not perfect but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.

    ML USA Bass Cab Pack Preset-Cab Bundles in the mix!

    I'm doing some beta tests for the upcoming ML USA Bass Cab Pack and I thought I'd share. I'm using "Punchy" for the verses. "Growl" for the riffs. "Distortion" on the choruses. :) How does it sound to you guys? Are we ready to launch? :)
  5. brianv4

    JP IIC+

    I'm not a metal artist so I wasn't interested at first but this demo is giving me GAS for a tube amp again. Very versatile great tone all around.
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