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  1. Sorenspete

    Switching from powered monitors to power amp + 4x12

    Just so I can gather as much info as I can, treat me like an alien who doesn't know anything about this: I will be going from my guitar into the Axe-FX III Mk II, then into a Fryette 2/90/2, and then into a MESA / Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12 speaker cabinet. Is there a preferred cable route...
  2. stef borremans

    Power amp & cabs suggestions

    Hi all I've been using my Axe-FX III for over a year now. Have been listening to it through rather cheap Behringer FRFR speakers and very good headphones. I want to upgrade my speaker setup and am doubting what way to go. I've spent a lot of money on getting the best in modelling so money is...
  3. supersonic182

    Guitar speakers vs F12-X200?

    I tried an X200 and liked it, but I had it in a 1x12 cab. I’m totally addicted to 4x12’s I think… I’m considering loading mine with X200’s.. I’ve had quite the journey buying and selling gear before I stumbled onto Fractal and was fully converted. Do you guys prefer the X200 over your...
  4. Pat Reilly

    Output 1 for FOH Output 2 for CAB signal?

    Hey guys, so I see the default preset in the AXE FX III has output 1 setup to go FOH and output 2 setup to go to the power amp and then cab. Anyone know if there is any benefit to using output 2 as opposed to output 3 or 4 to send your signal to the guitar cab? I am just trying to avoid buying...
  5. rascarvalho

    Using Cab Block and Real Guitar Cab + tube power amp at the same time

    Hey dudes, I´d like to hear you how do you deal with this situation: I use AFX as my principal gear but I use a tube power amp (mesa 20/20) and a real 2x12 cab loaded with celestion V30. Sometimes I'm not able to take my cab with me, so I just take my AFX and use the amp that I find on the...
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