1. Sorenspete

    Switching from powered monitors to power amp + 4x12

    Just so I can gather as much info as I can, treat me like an alien who doesn't know anything about this: I will be going from my guitar into the Axe-FX III Mk II, then into a Fryette 2/90/2, and then into a MESA / Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12 speaker cabinet. Is there a preferred cable route...
  2. Belensky

    Diezel Herbert vs Diezel VH4 shootout

    There are couple videos on youtube comparing these two amps, I didn't like the way they sounded so I decided to record my own. Both amps recorded exactly the same way, with volume that I would typically use when playing with band.
  3. Thomas Obester

    Volume issues - Friedman asm-12 can´t keep with JCM800KK (Kt88) w/4x12

    Hi guys, I am thinking about buying a second Friedman ASM-12 or maybe ASC-12 to stack the one on another (Is it possible I´ll get an unwanted feedback between monitors this way) ? The reason for buying a second monitor is that I do not want to push single monitor that much, it is now cranked...
  4. I

    FX Loop block changes my tone! Help!

    i use my axe fx II with guitar cabs when I play live. I haven’t had and issue until recently, but I’ve notice that when I add the fix loop block to my chain, in order to send the signal to my cabs on stage, my tone goin to foh changes. It gets fuzzy and thin. I can’t figure out what’s going on...
  5. grantcooper2

    FS Mills Acoustics Afterburner 412b 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    DESCRIPTION: Mills Acoustics Afterburner 412b 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet - STRAIGHT in all black - with Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65 (x2) and Veteran 30 (x2) in X-pattern wired up with a single MONO jack - 8ohm. The back jack plate does allow you space to re-wire for stereo and add an...

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Okay guys here's the comparison as promised. I might do a video explaining this a bit more but this should pretty much cover it. On paper, yes these are both the Mesa 4x12 cabinet. Yes they both have the original and best V30 speakers that were made for Mesa and are 70W. That's where the...

    Need your opinion! Comparing three different 4x12 cabs.

    Hey girls and boys! I'm trying out quite a variety of cabs right now for upcoming Cab Packs and all of these three cabinets sound really good in my opinion. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys and maybe you can point me to the right direction on which one you'd like to see next. This is...

    Chasing the Robben Ford Dumble + G12-65 sound! (Preset included)

    EDIT: This is a new revision of the preset. Now we have both a clean and lead sound as SCENE 1 and SCENE 2 in the new presets as well. Sidenote: I used a Stratocaster with the tone knobs around 7/10 to get closer to the Robben Ford sound for this clip: When I got the vintage Marshall JCM800...
  9. X-Mann

    IR question about 4x12's......vs 1x12's

    Ok, I'm NOT a very smart Mann & have what I think is a pretty dumb question.....but here goes. How is a 4x12 IR clip made or created? What makes it different then a 1x12 IR? Is the 4x12 IR made with 4-Mics with one on each speaker? What about a 2x12? Or is it just 1-mic & it just picks-up...

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    CLICK HERE TO GET THIS CAB PACK EDIT: To summarize it's the part II for Cab Pack 20 which you may be familiar with. It's all about Marshall in here. :) These are all vintage cabs/speakers: -Creambacks -Blackbacks -Greenbacks -G10L-35 Speakers (4x10) -G12-65 Speakers The main constructive...
  11. speedmetalpsycho

    would this sound odd?

    I've got a Matrix power amp and 2 Marshall 1960B cabs on order and had a question. I'm going to run my Axe-FX II in stereo with this rig, left to one 4x12, right to the other 4x12. However, I'm planning on stacking the cabs instead of going side-by-side (I like the look of a full-stack, what...

    ML Tutorial: How to mix IR's with Cab-Lab 3

    @brokenvail asked me for a tutorial with tips and tricks in this thread on how to mix IR's and I thought it was a great idea. Sure it's also one of those topics that has taken me years to perfect to where it is now. This is just a quick way everyone can have some fun experimenting with IR...

    Free John Petrucci Presets for Axe-Fx II and AX8

    Hey girls and dudes! I got some feedback that the Preset-Cab Bundles I created for the UltraRes 2.0 version of Cab Pack 7 didn't load on the AX8 so I decided I'd share all those presets for free. Obviously you need the pack for the IR's but other than that you should be good to go with these...

    My first blast beats: Mesa IIC+ Gothic Chaos (Cab Pack 7)

    Although it's not the Cab Pack that gets used much these days I always love going back to the pack that started it all for me Cab Pack 7: CK's USA Traditional 4x12 UltraRes. I used the CK CHAOTIC ARRANGEMENTS IR for this song and of course Cab Pack 11 for bass as I always do. :) For those who...

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    All Cab Packs in the Fractal Audio Systems Cab Pack Store have now been converted to UltraRes 2. As some of you may remember Cab Pack 7 is based on the Mesa™ 4x12 Recto® Traditional Straight Cab which is used by many people including John Petrucci. Back when that Cab Pack came out there were no...
  16. shaunb

    ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy 4x12 V30 + Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Here's a quick test of Cab Pack 24 ML Dizzy 4x12 for some aggro rock tones. IR: ML Dizzy V30 SM57-R121 02 Amps: Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Mesa 4x12 vs Mesa 2x12!!

    The first part of this clip is an old 4x12 Mesa Oversize cab (the one Cab Pack 13 is based on) and the second part of this clip is a semi-old 2x12 Mesa Rectifier cab (the one that'll be in the next Cab Pack with an Orange 2x12). Both cabinets have the same old "better" 70w real English...
  18. Georgy

    Who reckons their s.state power amp gives the same 'punch' as..

    Let me rephrase the question.. Who believes a solid state power amp (be it a Matrix or Behringer etc) can produce the same punch/air movement/'feel' etc etc, as their valve power amp/valve head through the same cab?? We're not talking FRFR here guys, we're talking non-FRFR. Curious to know...

    ML Dizzy Test 1

    Today was my first day with the "Dizzy" cab and it's definitely something unique and different. The MD421 felt like an SM57 and the SM57 felt like an MD421. A whole different world and I love it. :) It's definitely not "just another 4x12 ML cab". It's very unique and both vintage and modern...

    ML Dizzy: The fattest and meanest Cab Pack yet

    A new video demonstrating the complete pack: EDIT EDIT EDIT: Here's a video of me demonstrating the Ace IR's of this upcoming Cab Pack. Enjoy! EDIT EDIT: Here's the first official clip for ML Dizzy: EDIT: Finally I had a chance to start my early stage tests with the "Dizzy" cab...
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