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ML Dizzy Test 1


Cab Pack Wizard

Today was my first day with the "Dizzy" cab and it's definitely something unique and different. The MD421 felt like an SM57 and the SM57 felt like an MD421. A whole different world and I love it. :) It's definitely not "just another 4x12 ML cab". It's very unique and both vintage and modern simultaneously which is what I think "Dizzy" stands for. :) I tried to play a metal riff and some vintage licks with the same exact patch to show how nicely it translates to completely different genres.

Do you like it? For more info follow this thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ml-dizzy-the-fattest-and-meanest-cab-pack-yet.111222/ and you can also affect how the pack comes out. I'll keep everyone posted on how the shoot is going etc. :)
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