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  1. Kent

    Eventide H90, FRACTAL WHERE ARE YOU???

    Dumb post of the month award. 100%. How on earth does one come to the point of thinking and communicating like this?
  2. Kent

    Avatar 2 was amazing! no spoilers

    Bad script and most of the acting. Silly storylines, waste of time with the lengthy nonsense about the kids. Lovely to look at.
  3. Kent

    With studio monitors, Neural DSP and Fractal modelers will sound the same?

    What that dude asserted has no basis in fact and is just made up nonsense.
  4. Kent

    CURE for Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

    Set musical goals. If you are focused upon musical output (release something every week or within a narrowly defined set of parameters: AXE-FX and one Drum Machine, etc.) Much of your gear lust goes away if you focus upon output. More gear actually just gets in the way. You'll have neither time...
  5. Kent

    Headphones question

    Flat response can't be done in terms of getting 'flat' headphones. There is simply no way due to physics. Find some 'good' ones that aren't overly boosted or cut anywhere and then learn how they sound and translate to other systems. That's what all of the professionals do.
  6. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    Thanks, Norm!
  7. Kent

    Drobo bankruptcy

    Oh, no. They seemed to be such a big player back in the day. I wonder if it all went to shit with the buyout/sale. Were they saddled with the debt of their own buyout, as per the USA norm? Did this wreck the company? No idea. I’ve got three of their devices in near constant use. They’ve been...
  8. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    Say what you want about deaf people
  9. Kent

    Is recording music in parts cheating?

    How you makes it is how ya makes it. Anything goes!
  10. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    A storm rolled through Colorado, picking up shipments of eggs and flour, and it now battering the Midwest!
  11. Kent

    Dad Jokes

    I took my 8-year-old daughter to the office on 'Take Your Kid To Work Day' But when we walked in the office she started to cry. As concerned staff gathered round I asked her what was wrong and she said: "Daddy where are all the clowns you said you worked with?"
  12. Kent

    RIP Meat Loaf

    His name was Robert Paulson. Bonus BS: Jim Steinman once threw a heavy & glass ashtray at my head. It exploded on the wall to my right. Real nice guy...
  13. Kent

    Dad Jokes

  14. Kent

    A short review and a concern

    "Mischpult" is German for "Mixing Console"... mehr oder weniger.
  15. Kent

    Fractal discount in EU?

    LOL. No.
  16. Kent

    New UA Pedals

    The Fractal/Kemper/Line6 crowd are definitely not the intended market for these. These are for the more Luddite amongst our guitar brethren.
  17. Kent

    Line 6 PowerCab 112

    First thought: is each PC+ setup exactly identically?
  18. Kent

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    Well, let's see. Gibson is a new company now.
  19. Kent

    Will the AKM fire in Japan affect availability of the AxeFXIII?

    Well, Cirrus will now experience greater demand, thus...
  20. Kent

    Souping Up My Tele Squier (reprise)

    Does this soup come with any sides or croutons? It sure must be delicious given the hype. It is always telling when new people come onto a forum with their bright idea, thinking that they are smarter than everyone else, and try to solicit users. Be gone, Soup Nazi. The should be in the "For...
  21. Kent

    Souping Up My SSS Stratocaster For More Tonal Options

    Does this soup come with any sides or croutons? It sure must be delicious given the hype. It is always telling when new people come onto a forum with their bright idea, thinking that they are smarter than everyone else, and try to solicit users. Be gone, Soup Nazi.
  22. Kent

    Fas Modern is Da Bomb!

    Yup. It's my favorite of that genre.
  23. Kent

    Axe-Fx III - worth the upgrade?

    Telling us how so would be informative. Where was the value found and what additional things did you get out of it? To the OP: tell us what you feel you are missing and what your goals are.
  24. Kent

    Extend range of headroom meter above 0dB?

    Axe metering doesn't have anything to do with your power amp
  25. Kent

    My New Guitar, Warmoth build.

  26. Kent

    Jim the Pigeon

    Does he resemble this pigeon?
  27. Kent

    Looking for USB powered soundcard recommendations for my Axe-Fx 2?

    Get a Mackie Big Knob or other monitor controller.
  28. Kent

    Looking for USB powered soundcard recommendations for my Axe-Fx 2?

    Is there a reason you aren't using the Axe as a sound card?
  29. Kent

    Can I use my Guitar and a dynamic Microphone together w/USB connection???

    It isn't a question of phantom power at all. A microphone needs to be feed into an appropriate impedance and A LOT of gain. A microphone pre-amp is REQUIRED and is not part of the design specification of the Axe-FX units.
  30. Kent

    Amps you have owned and loved, but don't expect to be ever modeled

    Yeah, agreed. These are great. Mine is a ‘64 with 7868 power tubes and other oddities.
  31. Kent

    American '60s strat + axe 3

    Wow! Nice work, my good man!
  32. Kent

    Amps you have owned and loved, but don't expect to be ever modeled

    It is, quite literally, two AC15 type amps in a box. They share the same power supply and some other bits that tie it together. Aspen Pittman wrote a bit about these. If you have you have access to his book, you can dive in a bit more.
  33. Kent

    Look what RAM mounts can do

  34. Kent

    Look what RAM mounts can do

    What's a RAM Mount? What are they normally used for? Nice OP-1!
  35. Kent

    Are guitars with faulty truss rod not salvageable?

    Based upon the details provided: “No”
  36. Kent

    Who understands what's going on here & wants to build this (for pay)? LED Rotary Rings

    I’m going to order to one of these in the near future. I also use a lot of synths, so this really fits my needs. I’ve got the RAC-12 for FX-XL duties already.
  37. Kent


    By “LEGO”, Cliff means ‘an upturned IC of some sort’. Fractal Building Blocks.
  38. Kent

    What hypothetical/non-existent FAS product would you actually buy?

    I went with the hexaphonic option. I’d be interested in a stereo unit like a PowerCab. Class D (or later) amps, lightweight, power amp and/or cab modeling.
  39. Kent


    Yes, but better headphones would make things more enjoyable. I like professional open-backed headphones for long periods of rocking out.
  40. Kent

    New BOSS SY-1000. The Hex-pickup is not dead. Long live the 13-pin plug!

    Oh, boy! Still loving my VG-99 and use it primarily for quick tuning changes and experiments and then into the AXE-FX. Will investigate this for sure, but think that I'll probably be fine with the VG-99. As to whether it can replace the VG-99, we'll have to see where the sacrifices have been...
  41. Kent

    John Petrucci Playing the Allman Brothers

    Yeeearrghh... the timing was making me bananas. Had to stop
  42. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    At best, you are disingenuous. Also, I don’t argue with cartoon characters on the Internet. If you used your real name, and stopped hiding behind (or inappropriately leveraging) FAS’s name to needle me, I might engage you. Your attitude makes for a lousy interlocutor. I owe you precisely...
  43. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    I don’t see how you can hold that interpretation, or dare I return “agenda” to you? Sadly, many of you guys are more interested in dog-piling and ‘owning the outlier’ than conducting anything resembling honest discourse. Not my loss, honestly. Enjoy your run from cognitive dissonance...
  44. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    Ill-informed ad hominem gets you nowhere but does reveal how you reckon with the world. Incidentally, you embarrass yourself. The answer to the 2nd question is “Yes”.
  45. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    Ah! That great Fractal Forum Member réputation of the dishonest and disingenuous name-calling interlocutors floats to the surface of the pond again! No thanks, angry erectors of strawmen. Your game will not be taken up. I’ve near 30 years in this industry. I’ve negotiated countless...
  46. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    This doesn't seem exception in any way except for the communication on a Sunday. Thomann and many other resellers would provide everything you listed except for, perhaps, the lucky one-off Sunday communication. Fractal could have coordinated pricing wherein discounts and events would be...
  47. Kent

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    As a guy that has worked in the audio manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years and has held executive positions at some of the largest, most well-known and respected audio companies in the world ( I guarantee that 80% of the people on this forum own something to which I'm connected) it is...
  48. Kent

    Would a nearby lightning strike possibly fry my Axe-Fx 3’s USB socket?

    Lost a JMP-1 in exactly the same manner around 25 years ago.
  49. Kent

    Hmmmm, bias point...

    The current across your heart is what will kill you. Higher voltage isn’t the primary concern Back when I used to do such things, I always biased with a scope and would dial in a bit of crossover distortion as I favored the sound. Cliff, at around what % does the notch start appearing on...
  50. Kent

    AES and Line 6 Powercab Plus

    Please read my post just above. It works fine with the Fractal XL model.
  51. Kent

    AES and Line 6 Powercab Plus

    Okay: Same PAIR of AES cables and same PAIR of PowerCab+ units work with the Helix, right? Can you get EITHER PC+ to work with the AES output of the FXIII? It looks to me that there is something goofy in how the assignment is done in the output of the AXE. I do wish that I had a 3 in order to...
  52. Kent

    AES and Line 6 Powercab Plus

    That is not how clock works. The PowerCab can’t send clock up-stream. I don’t know the Axe3 at all. If you only have the Axe3 and the two PowerCabs, the Axe3 should be the clock MASTER. On my XL, I’ve got Word Clock set to “Auto” and SPDIF/AES Select set to AES. I’m using only one PowerCab +...
  53. Kent

    AES and Line 6 Powercab Plus

    Are you using proper AES cable? How long is the run? I’m wondering if you’ve got something conflicting in your clock setup. What is the clock master in your setup? I used PowerCab Plus with an XL via AES without issue.
  54. Kent

    AX8 Microphonic?

    Well, if you jack the gain up, of course it'll ring. I don't see the mystery here.
  55. Kent

    Legacy Presets MASTER THREAD - AustinBuddy DREAMRIGS 1000+TonePack for AX8 and Axe-FX Mark II/XL/XL+

    No rush! Just keep to your usual high standard of execution.
  56. Kent

    Legacy Presets MASTER THREAD - AustinBuddy DREAMRIGS 1000+TonePack for AX8 and Axe-FX Mark II/XL/XL+

    Great news. The AustinBuddy packs are central to my work flow. Thus, I only update the Fractal to be in sync with the preset packs. I’ve held off on Ares thus far in anticipation of the AB updates.
  57. Kent

    How to keep guitar from sliding?

    A layer of neoprene between you and the guitar. Or rubber cement... try that!
  58. Kent

    R.I.P Niki Lauda F1 legend

    Yup, I've lived here for a few years now. Honestly, not much mention of it at all within the workplace (as there are other interesting political things afoot right now and they are sucking out most of the oxygen). I do fly to London on Lauda Air tomorrow morning though.
  59. Kent

    R.I.P Niki Lauda F1 legend

    Wow, damn. An interesting and rare fella, to be sure.
  60. Kent

    I believe we've found Buddy Holly's missing '54 Stratocaster.

    Misuse of the word “prototype”, as is common in our industry. They are simply “early builds” (likely) or “pilot builds” (a stretch) at most. Nobody builds 200 true prototypes of guitars. It is simply a rare early build.
  61. Kent

    Axefxlll on eBay for $$$

    Many of these JP ‘sellers’ don’thave The item at all. If someone wins the item that they are selling, the auctioneer will then buy the item and resell it as a huge markup.
  62. Kent

    I use studio monitors all the time

    True. Good point. Just ignore me then.
  63. Kent

    I use studio monitors all the time

    That's cool. I've only worked for audio manufacturers, in that industry, for more than 25 years.
  64. Kent

    DAW For Beginner

    Tracktion. Hands down the easiest to understand and has 99% of the feature you need. You can ignore most of those features and just get down to recording. It rocks.
  65. Kent

    Ken Andrews / Greg Edwards / Failure

    Following this fo’ sho’.
  66. Kent

    I use studio monitors all the time

    This is a myth. I can't think of a single large-scale manufacturer of loudspeakers that designs, calibrates, and specifies their speakers after a burn-in period. There are no given specifications given for "Pre-burn in" and "Post-burn in". There is minimal change. We get used to it and call...
  67. Kent

    Thread Derailment Championship

    That Romeo Rose asshat
  68. Kent

    Neumann NDH 20 headphones

    I work for a headphone developer and used to work for one of the most notable ones in the world. Take that for what it is. I tried the new Neumanns at NAMM. I found them to be uncomfortable and very much unusable if wearing MY glasses on MY head. They were a bit too "brute force" with the...
  69. Kent

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??
  70. Kent

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    There should be absolutely no problem.
  71. Kent

    Sovtek Big Muff settings, anyone?

    Yes. Prescription Electronics Experience pedal Vintage IC Op-Amp Big Muff (the Corgan type) Vintage Ram's Head Big Muff Pi First generation Little Big Muff Pi with the blue font...
  72. Kent

    Sovtek Big Muff settings, anyone?

    The point being that, even when a real fuzz or Muff is influenced by the same buffer, the real pedal will not be able to recreated by the AX. It is also probable that the real deal will sound superior and appear to be less of a static snapshot than the models presented. A/B your best effort with...
  73. Kent

    Sovtek Big Muff settings, anyone?

    The fuzzes in the AFXIII are simply not of the caliber of the amp modeling. Cliff has also publicly stated that he isn’t really a fuzz/drive/OF guy. I think it shows. Attributing any disappointment or lack of performance to the buffer is grasping at straws. I don’t believe that the same care...
  74. Kent

    Wow - Trix ....

    I clicked ‘play’ and kept scrolling. I couldn’t see them but immediately thought “These guys sound Japanese.” Lo and behold. I used to manage a division at Yamaha. I’ve heard 85 million bands like this. Technically precise but feels as if it is a computer generated ideal of a fusion-lite...
  75. Kent

    Line6 Powercab 112

    I don't think that you've mounted an effective case for your point at all. Sifting through multiple threads in the pursuit of knowledge is far more time consuming than searching within a single thread. The age of original post is hardly relevant nor a detriment to information retrieval.
  76. Kent

    RESOLVED Axe-Fx III SPDIF output is really quiet into Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 (and DAWs)

    It seems as if you are taking the direct and dry input right from the guitar before it gets sent to the amps and other level boosters. Is that the case and why?
  77. Kent

    Line6 Powercab 112

    Why create a new thread and cause forum clutter?
  78. Kent

    New Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

    I played a couple of them at the show. They are actually pretty cool and I'm highly tempted to pick up the Sonic Grey one. I really liked that dark brown one (2nd from the right) as seen in this photo: I wish that they were offering these on the open market. The American flag one looked...
  79. Kent

    NAMM 2019

    I’ll slow dance with the lot of ya!
  80. Kent

    NAMM 2019

    Arrived last night and had a super-productive day after getting rear-ended by a texting millennial on my way to the hotel after stopping by my friend's studio. We should meet somewhere, guys.
  81. Kent

    Do you like to crap on other's classifieds?

    Commenting upon the words and thinking of another is not "crapping upon". Often, it is also helping in getting the damn thing sold.
  82. Kent

    Saints got robbed

    Hmmm... sportsball... ‍♂️
  83. Kent

    Guitar History Article...interesting!

    All my gigs sound like that.
  84. Kent

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    Get a driver from CENtrance and you can use the AXE's USB and your PreSonus at the same time. My caveat being that I haven't checked into this for quite some time. Do a little investigating.
  85. Kent

    Closed Axe-Fx IV wireless IEM transmitter

    The primary concerns are parts obsolescence and, to a much greater degree: reduction of available frequencies due to regulation.
  86. Kent

    Large-but-Precise Question re: FC-12 vs. RJM MMGT

    I use an MMGT16 with an XL and a Roland VG-99. It’s not exactly the same but definitely works.
  87. Kent

    Question(s) about the forum

    You did. It is simply a bad idea that wasn’t fully formed when offered. It is okay and beneficial to put bad ideas into the public sphere. Nothing embarrassing about that.
  88. Kent

    Question(s) about the forum

    Terrible. Why should we appoint dictators and censors to control whatever every contributor has donated their thoughts and time in order to create and sustain? What a waste and loss.
  89. Kent

    NAMM 2019... anyone will be there?

    I'll be there. I'll try to swing by the gig and/or the various booths. Lots to see this year.
  90. Kent

    Closed Axe-Fx IV wireless IEM transmitter

    I used to work for one the world's premier wireless systems developers. Unless you are hoping for 'license-free' (2.4 or 5GHz systems), which come with a host of challenges, the development of a bespoke professional system is a 2 million USD prospect. Dealing with licensing and certification for...
  91. Kent

    Large-but-Precise Question re: FC-12 vs. RJM MMGT

    The RJM’s ‘on/off’ colors are decided by the user.
  92. Kent

    Presets MASTER THREAD - AustinBuddy's 1400+ NAKED AMPS TonePack for firmware Cygnus X2

    Chiming in: I own the 700 Naked Amplifryers and the 10Billion Live Rig of Dreams Pack. They are both super useful and a wise investment in getting to the meat of what is on offer in the Fractalverse. I've installed the 10k pack and have set up my RJM Mastermind 16 to step through the banks...
  93. Kent

    Line 6 PowerCab 112

    Ah, yeah, I see the confusion. If you go from the AXE to the Powercab, you can add an additional Powercab (for stereo) by just going from the AES out of one cab to the other. It has intelligent channel management and will send the Left signal to the first cab and the Right signal to the...
  94. Kent

    Pink Floyd tone like seagulls on the song Echoes

    Yes! Look for it in It is there. You will need a foot (or other) controller for it.
  95. Kent

    Why is Ares darker sounding than Q10.01?

    Don't know why you'd lump him in there then.
  96. Kent

    Line 6 PowerCab 112

    I'm using the 'Plus' for some Radiohead, Nels Cline, MBV & '90s rock stuff, and it seems to do the job well. I use it in Flat mode thus far and haven't messed with the rest as of yet as I'm building all new presets around the new system. I went with the Powercab as it is readily available, can...
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