1. P

    Question about synth, scene changes

    I have made a patch that has the synth in the FM9 playing the keyboard chords for the chorus of Fly Like an Eagle. Basically the Fremen drones patch, just modified. What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to get more chord options. I have a similar patch for Another Brick in the...
  2. Shenks

    Wish Synth Modifier Capability

    After seeing the wish list item for modifiers in the CAB block it got me thinking... how wacky and flexible would it be if the modifiers also received an update in this area? For example, you apply a modifier to Frequency parameter of the Synth block (e.g. Sawtooth or some other LFO), and then...
  3. D

    Wish Synth Pitch Only follower

    As far as I’m aware we can only get the synth to follow pitch when it’s also following the envelope. I think it’d be great to have a Pitch Only follower setting so that the volume could be controlled only by LFO and ADSR, whilst still getting the pitch tracking.
  4. P

    Wish Ringmodulator more waveforms

    It would be nice if the carrier of the Ringmodulator gets more waveforms to choose: Beside the existing sinewave: square, sawtooth, triangle. … why not just for fun: random wave, white and pink noise. If only one waveform is possible I would prefer the square. Another possibility would be that...
  5. npx

    Wish Synth Block: Option for old behaviour of Shift parameter when tied to modifier

    I’m trying to recreate some personal live presets from my Axe-Fx II in my Axe-Fx III, and when I connect the Shift parameter in the Synth block to an LFO it behaves very differently between the two units. On the II, the LFO creates a smooth pitch glide, whereas on the III, the pitch change is...
  6. fannar182

    Kate Bush - Running up that hill - Synth lead on guitar?

    Hi Fractal forum. How would you go about creating that lead synth stab sound in “Running up that hill” in Axe FX-III? Any ideas?
  7. Mark Pritchard

    Europe - The Final Countdown (Synth Preset)

    Hi all, I thought I'd try and recreate the synth sound on guitar for the intro. See what you guys think. Thanks
  8. Iridium

    Chocobo Synth

  9. siin82

    Synth Help

    Nine months ago, I sold over 20 effects, two amp heads and some other stuff and bought the Axe Fx III. The sounds I get now are just as good if not better than what I had before. However, there is one sound that I cannot seem to get with my Axe Fx - the Mothership II synth pedal from Pigtronix...
  10. K

    "Ab-Synth" Preset - Spacey/Weird/Textures/Droney (6 Scenes w/audio demo)

    Hey Guys, I started out making this patch wanting to do something weird and different, so I decided not to use an amp at all. Most of the tones have a lot of reverb and delay making them more useful for effect/background type stuff in a recording. I can imagine some of these tones following a...
  11. Sauro_on_guitar

    "Ambient" and "Synth" tones...

    Isn't it cool?
  12. S

    Axe-Fx III for Bass - Synth Block

    New to the forum! Hope some bass players could give me some advice. I am looking into the Axe-FX III to use solely for bass. I would like to be able to achieve more synth based sounds, comparable to Chris Wolstenholme's (Muse) bass effects on tracks like Hysteria or like the band Battle Tapes...
  13. CodePoet

    "Rio" by Duran Duran video

    Here's a video of "Rio" by Duran Duran that my 80's tribute band put together this summer. Audio here is recorded live from the video session. Axe-Fx III is handling the guitar and synth tones and I also used it to add a little re-amp to the bass as well.
  14. Entasis

    Synth block and sequencer helper

    Note Hz Comment E1 41.203 Low E string of bass F1 43.654 F#1 46.249 G1 48.999 G#1 51.913 A1 55.000 A#1 58.270 B1 61.735 C2 65.406 C#2 69.296 D2 73.416 D#2 77.782 E2 82.407 Low E string of guitar F2 87.307 F#2 92.499 G2 97.999 G#2 103.826 A2...
  15. Entasis

    Test your hearing with...

    ... the synth block! The frequency of Voice 1 and 2 of the synth block ranges from 40 to 4,000 Hz whereas the frequency of Voice 3 ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz! I can't hear the sine past 13.5 kHz. @FractalAudio, should Voice 3 also be in the 40 to 4,000 Hz range? Also, the sawtooth and square...
  16. Entasis

    THX Deep Note

    No guitar on this one, just your foot on your FC1 Pedal 1. Wiggle your foot around in the first 1/2 of the throw for about 10 seconds and then carry through the rest of the throw for the climax. Assign another pedal to the mixer or output block to fade in and out for an actual performance of the...
  17. Entasis

    Microtonal guitar

    This is more of a proof of concept rather than the ultimate synth sound, but you can, using the pitch follower, turn a "12 fret" guitar into a "24 fret" guitar. Scene 1 is the 24 equal division of octave (EDO). Scene 2 is a regularly tuned synth, but with a bit of portamento Scene 3 guitar and...
  18. CodePoet

    Van Halen "1984" Synth Sweep?

    Do any synth-master gurus know if it'd be possible to approximate the sweeping bass sounds of "1984" by VH with the Axe-Fx synth block and some FX? (not as interested in the right-hand synth sounds at the moment). Thanks for any help! @simeon @Admin M@
  19. CodePoet

    Synth Workout - "The One Thing" by INXS - tracked, triggered, and sequenced

    Greetings 80s fans! Here's a video that goes through an overview of a preset of "The One Thing" by INXS that I put together showing off three flavors of the Axe-Fx III synth block. One scene uses the pitch follower to implement a split guitar/synth setup (guitar tone for the low notes, synth...
  20. Surjikal

    Mixing / Effects Chain Template for Synths

    Synths sound great through the AxeFX. I created a patch to route them, do effects, sidechain compression, etc. Here's the patch: Here's what it looks like: Definitely open to suggestions if you have a better workflow. Input 1 Boog...
  21. P

    Wish Synth block: Replace the Hz by the matching notes (A1, A#1, B1..., A2, A#2, B2..., An, A#n, ...) + MIDI notes

    Hi, a) For me, as a musician, i use notes. I never use Hz. Today, i always need a table to convert Notes to Hz to have a specific note with the Synth. There could be a toggle button to choose between the two modes, but finally, is there a musician that is happier with Hz ? b) To go a bit...
  22. Whynot Jansveld

    Shimmer Pad [Video]

    Hey guys, I’ve had this shimmer pad in my main preset for a while now, and while I use it on bass, it works great on guitar or any other instrument as well. I designed it not so much as a reverb type effect but more as a ghostly atmospheric pad that kind of hovers in the background, reacting to...
  23. cellopet

    Depeche Mode Synth/Moog Lead ( It’s no Good Cover)

    Hi guys, I’m trying to explore the Synth block as I’m trying to emulate some Depeche Mode sound; in particular (with my band without Keyboard player ) we are trying to cover It’s No Good and Home ( 90’s Ultra period). Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks! Marcello
  24. trancegodz

    Wish Four Voice Synth block

    I'd like a four voice synth block so we'd be able to do 4 note chords with one block, (Major and minor sevenths, sevenths, etc.) Im using the synth blocks to create drone chords for each key. I used one synth block's channels A, B, C, D for chords I-IV, and the second synth blocks channels A...
  25. Marciel Marcasso

    "I want to break free" solo - Axe-Fx III with synth and envelope follower

    I tried to get as close as possible to the original solo recording of "I want to break free". I know the original recording is keyboard ( not guitar) , but I confess that using the "synth" + "envelope follow" block was really fun. see what you think .. if anyone want to test .. here the preset...
  26. Marciel Marcasso

    Two Guitars and one bass at the same time in AXEIII

    hi I tried to make a simple example using the AXEIII with three instruments at the same time. I used a factory preset from solo Synth ( 246 funky synth) and added ampeg svt for the bass guitar and the Bandmaster for rhythm guitar. All instruments with yours inputs and outputs. Some reverb...
  27. A

    Bass Synth Help Needed

    Hi, I am trying to get some vintage bass synth sounds - and well, it's not going well. I am playing an electric violin with octave strings which are an octave lower than normal violin strings. So an A 440 Hz is actually 220 Hz..............the instrument with these strings is something that...
  28. M

    is it possible to get this sound with Axe-Fx?

    I've messed around with the synth some but i believe its incapable of doing chords correct? will the axe fx synth ever be able to handle polyphony with a firmware update? how might i replicate this sound without polyphonic capabilities? thanks in advance!
  29. creativespiral

    Fractal SynthFx ?

    Just resurfaced from a deep dive in GearSlutz forums regarding sonic differences between old VCO and modern VCO based synths, and someone brought up Roland's ACB/Aira as potentially being a better contender to mimicking an old synth sound than some modern VCO based hardware that use surface...
  30. F

    Bits from the new Blade Runner soundtrack...

    No really fancy playing or spectacular sounds, but all pretty nice little arrangements of tunes for the guitar. The Mesa melody in particular is something I could never have done without the Axefx, although of course now it's recorded I'm hearing everything that's wrong about the sound...
  31. Baldadi

    In case your keyboard player just passed out...

    Some GR300 sounds, when you need to get than Metheny feel or you feel a sudden need to get that synth lead sound... I find this highly addictive and the Axe III does some amazing tracking!!! PS: forgive my apparent love for the cheap Photo Booth filter in the vid... can't help myself ;-)
  32. badmagick

    Use Synth with Chords?

    Admin M@ posted this preset and I though it was pretty awesome. I’m just a little confused because I thought the synth was only meant for single note playing. Is there some extra trickery going on here? I’ve seen folks use control switches to activate synth notes. Just curious if it’s...
  33. P

    Wish MIDI notes (ex: for the Synth & Vocoder)

    Hi I'd like to use MIDI notes to control the Synth module. These notes would be sent by a DAW to the AxeFx, using the MIDI port. Usage: As a singer (and a guitarist), this would be great to sharply pilot the Synth module (linked to the Vocoder). The idea is to program the note of a robot voice...
  34. Shaw

    Synth through the Axe-Fx III

    OK... Any reason reason I couldn't put a synthesizer through the AxeIII? Of course I realize I'd need to use inputs 2, 3 or 4 instead of 1 (the Instr. input)... but is there anything else I'd need to take into consideration? Any adjustments that need to be made for the line level signal. Any...
  35. JB1985

    Moog Sub 37 and Axe-Fx III

    Starting a new thread here (i think)- Wondering if any of the forum members use the Axe III with synthesizers. If so, whats your preferred method to hook it up (instrument input on the front, stereo or mono in the back etc), what kind of presets have you created (what amp cab effects combos...
  36. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe Fx 3 Synth Block | Jazz Fusion

    Playing over Wayne Shorter's "Ana Maria" with the Synth Block
  37. Johnnyh64

    Synth tone - The Cars - Just What I Needed

    Does anybody have or could create the synth tone in The Cars- Just What I Needed? Or perhaps someone could explain how I might go about getting such a synth sound? I know nothing about the synth in the Axe or what type of options I would need to select. Thanks for any help!
  38. Thedude621

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated!

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated! My Fractal Breathren, please bestow upon me your presets. Everything is welcome high gain, bluesy, cool cleans, crazy sinth stuff, bass presets, etc... Thank you!
  39. eduardosimoesneto

    Can my AX8 make my guitar sounds like a keyboard?

    I love this pedals from Electro Harmonix that makes your guitar sounds like a keyboard. Especially the C9. Can I buy presets similar to those pedals? Where? Thank you!
  40. DanielB

    Good Synth Blocks/Presets for FX8

    Has anyone had much success making an FX8 synth preset? I briefly had an AX8, but went back to FX8 plus amp. On the AX8, Simeon's synth presets were fantastic. I've tried using Fractool to convert the presets and/or extract the synth blocks, but they just don't sound right. I've also tried...
  41. Amparkmusic

    Synth Bass preset a la Bruno Mars 24k Magic

    Hey all. Been messing around with some bass tones to prepare for a big pop show production coming up in January. I've really been trying to nail down a nice synth bass sound along the spectrum of Bruno Mars' 24k magic. Anyone have any suggestions for how to set up the synth? Amp/cab...
  42. Ant Music

    Wow! New EHX midi mod project for B9, C9, Mel9 etc

    Hi guys. I've come across an indiegogo campaign to develop a mod for the EHX x9 range of pedals (including the b9, c9, Key9, Mel9 & Synth9). This looks amazing and I've already jumped in as a backer. It would be amazing to have full midi control of your x9 pedal. I want to get my Mel9 modded and...
  43. CodePoet

    "Interstellar" Presets and Tutorial

    (Warning: Cross-posted over on the Axe-Fx Presets forum) A demo and tutorial on the design of the "Interstellar" preset on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL and AX8. This preset uses a Shepard Risset-Glissando technique to mimic the sounds found in some recent Christopher Nolan / Hans Zimmer films...
  44. CodePoet

    "Interstellar" Presets and Tutorial

    A demo and tutorial on the design of the "Interstellar" preset on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL and AX8. This preset uses a Shepard Risset-Glissando technique to mimic the sounds found in some recent Christopher Nolan / Hans Zimmer films. Uses the synth block and some Deep Space reverb to get...
  45. S

    Rammstein Feuer Frei intro preset

    Hi everyone, While still struggling with the synth block. I finally created a usable synth preset for Rammstein song "Feuer Frei" You will need a expression pedal connected to pedal 1 in order to control the pitch and some other parameters.. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers. :)
  46. CodePoet

    AX8 Synth Pitch Tracking Tip

    Summary: Get your CPU usage as low as possible. While your preset will operate at higher CPU levels, the synth tracking improves as your CPU usage drops - keeping CPU under 75% seemed to give good results and going lower continued to help. Details: I was converting one of Simeon's synth...
  47. Burgs

    You've gotta love the synth patches! - Fun vid

    This is the straight up factory synth patch #247 from the XL+ ... but I did change the reverb to large room. You've got to be on the ball for tracking, but crikey, it's fun! The backing track is credited in the vid description.
  48. ralphonz

    Real version of Axe synth block

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a "real life" hardware version of the axe fx synth block? Any pedals out there with pitch tracking, three voices, exp pedal controlled filters and same choice of waveforms? I've just finished an album for my band and we used the synth block a lot on the clarinet -...
  49. JeremyRhoades

    Progressive Instrumental - Mesa/Friedman/FAS Crunch/Synth

    All Axe FX II, including synth and bass! SD2 for drums. Guitar amps used: Rhythm - Recto 1 Orange Modern/Friedman HBE Leads - FAS Crunch Cleans - Shiver Clean/USA Clean.
  50. progmachine

    Owl City "Fireflies" - 2-Handed Tapping

    Hey all! I had this Owl City synth run stuck in my head so I gave it a shot on guitar. The intervals are so strange to me that I had to make it a 2-handed tapping riff. I hope you guys enjoy! *The amp is FAS Modern with an aggressive low-pass filter.
  51. myWolfgangShreds

    Use Axe FX II as MIDI -> USB device for synth VSTi??

    Hello, Ive been searching the forum and google with no luck so far. Is it possible to use the AXE FX II as a MIDI converter so that I can connect my synthesizer to my MAC and controller VSTi's while in REAPER? What I've done so far: - installed AxeFxII USB driver for MAC - changed USB ADAPTER...
  52. Ophidiuchus

    Horns, String Ensembles, Synths and other instruments effects

    Hi, IAs the title says, I'd like my XL+ to emulate different instruments, from Cellos, Violins and other stringed instruments to string ensembles, synths, choirs (all that stuff you hear in orchestras) with the sole purpose of creating mock ups and get a better gasp of them without spending...
  53. vechalla

    finger snap effect

    Hi there, has anybody ever tried to simulate the effect of snapping with your fingers. (like in the beginning of "under pressure"). Unfortunately I am not good at using the synth block, so maybe some synth experts like Chef or Fremen can give me some help.
  54. bwill81

    Synth Block Glitch?

    Hi guys, I seem to be having some issues with the synth block. I currently have it set up to behave like the Steve Stevens raygun, and I trigger it with an external switch. Here is where my issue seems to be: When I go to that preset, I get this quick "chirp" sound. I have tried different...
  55. N.Phaneuf

    moog style LP filter

    This is my attempt at the behavior of a moog LP filter, which to my ears doesn't have the same Q through out its sweep. This is set to auto engage filter block with EXP 1 and you'll hear the sweep. Have fun. Let me know what you think
  56. joebalaguer

    AtmoSynth Sim Preset - trouble re-creating it on the AX8

    I'm having trouble working out the AtmoSynth Sim Axe-Fx II preset that Fremen/Simeon made. It won't open in AX8 edit since it isn't on the same firmware. Anyone have an Axe-Fx II who would be willing to help outline what is going on in that preset? It won't allow me to add more than one synth...
  57. joebalaguer

    AX8 Synth Block?..

    I searched the forum to see if this has been answered already, but came up with nothing. Did anyone at The Amp Show happen to see a synth block on the AX8? I really would like to utilize the synth block, especially for the Atmosynth/Fremen stuff!
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