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fx loop

  1. R

    Fx Loop with external effects????

    Can someone please help? I am trying to place an HX Effects into the effects loop of the AxeFx2 Mark I. I have stereo send and returns going to the Axefx and the HX. My guitar is plugged into front input 1. I/O output 1 and 2 are set to "stereo" I am able to get a signal and sound from the...
  2. H

    Wish Separate Power Amp Block

    Or, at least a way to insert blocks in between preamp and power amp. Seeing as this is how effects loops are implemented On standard amps, I wonder why this is not a feature in Axe Fx routing.
  3. T

    Adding an H9 in the Fx loop and going duel out.

    I am setting up my AX8 and I plan on running duel outs, one to front of house and one to a cab onstage. My question is does anyone know how to set up my H9 using the fx block in my ax8 and simultaneously retain the ability to run duel outputs described above.
  4. Ducking Autocorrect

    Wish Add second FX Loop option

    My pedals run mono in my FX Loop. I have a left and right FX loop send and return. It would be pretty great if you added a second FX Loop block that when used would pull audio from L/R send/return as if they were a mono 1 & 2. This would allow me to use an external reverb for huge space sounds...
  5. I

    FX Loop block changes my tone! Help!

    i use my axe fx II with guitar cabs when I play live. I haven’t had and issue until recently, but I’ve notice that when I add the fix loop block to my chain, in order to send the signal to my cabs on stage, my tone goin to foh changes. It gets fuzzy and thin. I can’t figure out what’s going on...
  6. A

    Help with Routing real TS Pedal

    Hey what's up, is there any way to have 2 separate FX Loops in Axe-Fx II xl? Here's what I want to do - Connect guitar to front input, have a real Tube Screamer pedal in FX Loop, & have another FX Loop with other pedals that I can use to put in between the amp block & can block. I want that...
  7. H

    Copy FXloop chain

    Hi folks, I 'm trying to reduce my gear as a solo act musician... I want to use the FXloop to use it for my vocal effect (moslty rev and delay). Is there a way I can copy my FXloop chain (Ret-FXL-Rev-Dly-Send) to every preset I have or is there a way to copy everything at the same time? I know...
  8. Kyle Poniatowski

    Power cable hum

    Ok so i did a lot of tests to come to this conclusion, ran single and multiple pedals of various brands through the fx loop on my PRS MT15. not one single hum sound. Quiet as a winter night. Played with cables and blah blah with the 4CM. Then as i was switching settings under the i/o menu...
  9. Cato

    I just tried MG15 CDR as a PA Speaker

    Hey all, I've been using AX8 with headphones and record with my sound card since I got it. Today I tried connecting 'FX send' on the AX8 to the 'CD in' on Marshall MG 15 CDR and I think it sounds alright. I just want to ask if it's ok as long as I keep gain at reasonable levels or will I...
  10. Gill

    AX8 - FX Loop / Scenes access from front panel??

    Hello, Can someone please tell me how to access the FX Loop Block 'scenes' settings from the AX8 pedal menu? I can only seem to adjust levels from the AX8 edit software on the laptop. The 'scene' tab/settings are for adjusting individual scene levels from within the FX Loop block. Thanks.
  11. Cobrango

    Art Pro MPA II tube preamp with axe-fx II

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've written something in this forum, I've been really busy with school, work and lately configuring my new home studio. Maybe some of your remember me, I'm a 2012 mark 1 old timer, hehe. My question is about using the axe-fx II with external...
  12. Jemwiz00

    Fuzz and Wah

    hey y’all - I ken that this topic has been done to death - but here is one more shot. i had some fun messing with the fox loop tonight and had an idea and was wondering if it is possible? I want to have the wah block first in the chain - can I do this like so... Guitar > real analogue man...
  13. jdiz86

    [Solved] sound quality decreases when monitoring through DAW. Normal?

    I've had the axe fx ii for a couple weeks. I'm able to create great sounding patches, but when I am tracking in my daw (ableton live 8) the sound quality noticeably decreases as opposed to jamming straight out of the axe fx. In the daw it sounds tinny, digital, hollow... etc. I'm using the axe...
  14. dtpancio

    Real tube amp instead of the amp block..a sort of 4CM

    So..I just picked up a Mesa/Boogie Mark V 25 and a Two Notes Captor, and I tried to do this: Guitar-->Axe-Fx's Instr Input-->[pre gain stage effects]-->Axe-Fx's Fx loop send-->Mark V's input-->Mark V's speaker output-->Captor Speaker input-->Captor Line Out-->Axe-Fx's Fx loop return-->[cab...
  15. AndrewKirkland

    What Happened to the FX Loop Block?

    As I looked at the back of the new Axe FX 3 online, I did not notice a "send/return" like the 2 has. In addition, the FX Loop block graphic is missing from the list of "blocks" in the information regarding the Axe FX 3. I notice there are more inputs/outputs, so how would you route external...
  16. W

    FX Loop Way Too Quiet– SOLVED

    After reading about the AX8, I decided to keep my octaver and reverb pedals to use with it. When the AX8 got here, I plugged them into the FX loop but it was super quiet. After scouring the forum, I changed the necessary settings. Unfortunately, the FX loop was still too quiet, and when I turned...
  17. J

    Please educate a noob...

    Hi everyone! I’m so sorry as i’m sure this has been answered before. I have searched through the forum, but can’t find excactly what i’m looking for. So from a stupid newbie, here’s my question: I have an AX-8 (just got it). I also have a Boss RV-500, a Boss MD-500 and a Source Audio Nemesis...
  18. Flippy2good

    Where should I put the FX Loop??

    hey guys! So I've had my axe fx for about 3 months now and am finally starting to get the hang of it. But I'm not sure about this- Where do I put the FX loop in the signal chain? I run the axe fx through my mesa 4x12 cab but also run it into a DAW when at home. I run the Axe through the fx...
  19. Solitudezoso


    Hello I own an AXE FX 2 XL, matrix gt1000 1u, behringer MFC and a PORT CITY 2X12 Can anyone here tell me why is it when I'm changing scenes, there seems to be a volume change. So for example I have this rock metal preset using FRIEDMAN tone and I use drive, delay, blocks, filter, etc. In...
  20. Andy Gillion

    D.I-ing Guitars with FX Loop

    Hey guys, I'm tearing my hair out here. I moved my entire set up to work on something in another place. I've come back and set everything back up (in my eyes exactly the way it was set up before). But now when I try to record D.I guitars I'm getting no signal from the Axe FX FX Loop? (Using an...
  21. AndrewKirkland

    Input 2, Output 1/2 modes in relation to fx loop useage

    When using another piece of gear in stereo through the fx loop does input 2 mode really determine the output setting of your gear in the loop. And does output 2 mode (send) determine the input setting of your gear. Basically since send is under output 2, and return is under input 2. I have...
  22. Jammer77

    Wish Separate Cab Emulation Settings for Out 1 XLR and 1/4"

    I have really come to rely on my external pedals in a stereo FX loop to accomplish a few extra things and save CPU. (A couple Strymon pedals, Neunaber Stereo Wet and looper). Because of this I don't have access to run Out 2 to my stereo SS amp and 2 cabs for monitors on stage. My ideal setup...
  23. AndrewKirkland

    Is it possible to use xlr and 1/4 FX loop connections simultaneously?

    If I had two xlrs in the return of the fx loop stereo, and then also had two quarter inch cables plugged into the return what would happen? Or if I had all four xlrs in the send/returns with four 1/4 inch cables would things work when only using four total in any combination of two sends and two...
  24. Larry Norton

    Using a pre-amp in the Effect Loop

    OK, so my rig used to be TriAxis (preamp) to TC G-Major (Effects Processor) to Mesa Boogie 2:100 (Power- Amp). This is all in one rack and is about 87 pounds. I purchased the AXE-FX to lighten the load and to explore other sounds. This is my problem, I want to add the TriAxis into the FX-Loop...
  25. houstonwehaveuhoh

    3 Output Sources + Effects Loop. Possible?

    Hey everyone, While I'm awaiting delivery on my ASM-12, I'm trying to figure out how to best run the live set up that I'd like. Ideally, I want to run FOH for obvious, ASM for controlled feedback/stage volume if I need to pull an ear, etc. as well as an effects loop... all while running my own...
  26. Alan Benjamin

    routing Godin xtSA (magnetic + piezo) into AX8 & IN 2/FXL settings

    Greetings, With my AX8 one day away from arrival, I've been scouring the manual and trying to determine the best way to migrate my current live setup where I primarily play a Godin xtSA (magnetic pickup/piezo pickup/MIDI) and think it would be great if I were able to route my piezo connection...
  27. austinsalmon

    Issues With Effects Loop

    Hi guys, For some reason my effects loop will not work on my ultra no matter what I do. Can anyone help with this if you have had the same issue at any point? Thanks!!!
  28. O

    Newbie Issues - FX Loop Settings

    Apologies for a long and complex post, but if you can solve this you will have saved one professional guitarists hopes and dreams... Having just acquired an Axe FX 2 Mk2 I am incredibly pleased with the sound / feel / capability of the beast, all that etc, etc - but the following issue is...
  29. F

    Send midi data to pedals from internal controllers?

    Is there any way to send midi data from the Axefx2's internal controllers to other pedals? Basically I have an ehx HOG2 on the wy, and I'm dreaming up ways i can use the pedal creatively, realizing i can put it through the fx loop and feedback loops to do all kinds of crazy stuff. An then it...
  30. Crapshoes

    FX-Loop Question (help)

    What would need to be done to the the FX-Loop to make it emulate an instrument level signal? For instance, if I wanted to have the guitar routed to the front 1/4" input how would I want to set the FX-Loop to try and match the level at that input? Is there a way to measure that and compensate for...
  31. Jesse Eyserbeck

    Need help setting up the fx loop for use with Strymon Pedals

    I've not had my Axe-Fx II XL+ for long and I'm just now delving into it. I have 3 Strymon Pedal (Mobius, Timeline, and Bigsky) that I really enjoy and want to continue using in this rig. I know that the Axe-FX has many amazing effects that I intend on using but I still want to use those pedals...
  32. I

    Anyone using an analog preamp into Axe FX's FX Loop?

    Hello, I am researching the best way to solve my silent recording situation. I am fascinated by the Axe Fx's expanding library of amps and cabinets and it's very flexible routing system. I have read dozens of threads and most of the manual and I have not been able to find the answer I am...
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