1. mstarlin

    Overdrive For Acoustic?

    I currently use a Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal in my acoustic trio (playing a Martin GP4CE direct). It does a good job of making an acoustic sound like an electric with crunch overdrive. I have been thinking about using my FM9 for the group (and playing some electric also.) I have...
  2. Markcarl

    Question re: Axe-Fx III Inputs

    Does the Axe-Fx iii have stereo inputs? If I have an instrument with a stereo TRS output can I plug a stereo TRS cable into a single input on the Axe-Fx iii or do I need to split the stereo signal into two mono cables each plugged into a separate Axe-Fx iii input? Some context: I just...
  3. Burgs

    Acoustic/Piezo patch

    One for the strummers. I use this with a Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster or Martin OM28E. Does the job. Tweak to suit, etc. You'll need to be running 5.03 or greater.
  4. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Acoustic JAM (Acoustic, Electric, & Bass)

    Just messing around with some guitars. three tracks Acoustic,Electric lead, and Bass.
  5. Roby Rocks

    Presets My New Preset for Acoustic Guitars: RR MEGA ACOUSTIC

    RR MEGA ACOUSTIC - for FM3 and Axe-FX III I have realized this preset to enhance the sound of the acoustic guitars with Fractal Audio Systems. One single preset with 7 scenes for 7 different kind of sound. I recorded with Logic Pro using Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre Thunderbolt USB Audio Device and...
  6. brianv4

    My "Live Acoustic" Preset

    Here's my Live Acoustic preset which works incredibly well for recording too (although for some variance I also use an RNDI direct to my interface). My guitar is an OM-28e with an LR Baggs Anthem system. I have 2 inputs setup; In 1 is for acoustic only gigs and In 3 is setup for when I'm using...
  7. A

    Recording Martin Acoustics

    Here are some songs I recorded recently, just straight up acoustic with minimum EQ, no effects. Tell me what you guys think: 1. Recorded primarily with the Martin DC-15ME, all solid Mahogany: 2. Recorded primarily with the Martin DX1-kae - Solid sitka spruce top with laminate back and sides:
  8. Dynamic1022

    Bella Ciao -Acoustic on the fractal

    Last week i recorded Bella Ciao with my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. For several years i didnt had a acoustic so it was time to get one again. I hope you like it. I made my own version of this famous italian song. Greetings, David
  9. AnswerInfinity

    Fender Acoustisonic Strat Rig

    Hey guys, I made a rig to go with a review of the instrument. I did 4 scenes: 1) Acoustic Mono (just a direct with a room verb). 2) Electric Rhythm 3) Electric Lead 4) Acoustic Stereo Wide with Verb Wash Download @ Video Review @
  10. Burgs

    Two new free presets. Keef and Acoustic/Piezo. Demos and links. Merry Christmas. :)

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you to Cliff, Matt and all the FAS crew for another outstanding and generous year aboard our favourite cruise. We're all indebted and very grateful. Rock on to 2020, everyone. Cheers. My acoustic/piezo offering. Tweak to suit. Preset...
  11. A

    Looking for Acoustic Violin Presets/Advice

    Hi, I have an acoustic violin with a piezo pickup (LR Baggs), and I'm having a tough time getting a nice, full, acoustic tone. While tone can be a hard thing to describe --- what I am not getting is "carry" or "ring" or "fullness" to the sound. It sounds like a cheap violin with a cheap...
  12. Andrea Maccianti

    Acoustic Simulation Preset

    Here, my first acoustic simulation preset.
  13. L

    Tips/Advice on using acoustic guitar with Axe-Fx III?

    I am trying to make a good preset for my acoustic electric guitar. Is "Tube Pre" the best option I should be using? Or is a Roland Jazz 120 or something better? And is it better to not use any cabinet in the Fractal at all or which cabinet would sound best? I'm doing all finger style...
  14. plasmatic

    Acoustic Direct Recording Test

    I have one of the new PRS SE Angelus A50E that has the Fishman GT1 piezo pickup in it. For the money, I'm pretty happy with it. I play it direct so I found some free acoustic IRs of Taylor 314s on the webs and made the following recording as a test. My recording/mastering skills are green so...
  15. Milco

    Acoustic Tone Match on 8 String

    Been a little while since I posted here, but I tone matched an acoustic guitar and ran it through my custom 8 string. Let me know what you think!
  16. Milco

    Chicken Pickin Tone

    Hey guys, working with some new sounds, trying to blend synth and guitar. Made this super attacky clean tone to compliment the bells. What do you think??
  17. Marco Fanton

    Fractal AX8 with acoustic guitar and Impulse Response - tutorial

    Fractal and acoustic guitar. Sorry for my english :)
  18. V

    Playing in the studio - Acoustic Piezo Impulse and Distorted sounds

    Last week a great pianist I know asked me for a collaboration: he wanted to do an acoustic piano guitar duet. I proposed him to use the electric guitar instead, as I wanted to play something more original than the "classical acoustic guitar and piano" thing So here's the studio recording We...
  19. Anand Altekar

    Noise while switching scenes | Acoustic Tonematch

    Hi, I have an acoustic tone match cab set in scene 1 (cab Y) and amp is off, in scene 2 I have an amp (IIC+) and a cab (X). Works fine when switching from scene 1 to 2 but while switching from 2 to 1 I can hear a really loud popping noise and I can't seem to get rid of it. Any idea why this may...
  20. Milco

    Glassy Clean by Milco

    Hey guys, made this clean tone with the tone match. It's such a useful tool! Let me know what you think.
  21. Milco

    Acoustic tone match in mix!

    Hey guys, been getting some nice feedback about my tone match on my previous post, so I decided to put it into a mix! Let me know what you think
  22. Milco

    Acoustic/Electric (Tone Match)

    Hey guys, really proud of this one. No post processing and recorded in one take. I used a sample of a Taylor guitar with some parallel reverb and delay, and also a little pitch shift for a glassier tone! Let me know what you think.
  23. Milco

    Taylor Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, made this tone after messing around with some Taylor guitar recordings I did at Guitar Center. I blended it with the USA Clean Amp and some parallel reverb and delay. Let me know what you think!
  24. Milco

    Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, wrote this piece after making a new tone with the tone match block. I ran an acoustic sample from Opeth and this is what happened. Let me know what you think!
  25. F

    Acoustic X/Y for Steel Stringed and Classical guitars

    Hi everyone. I have been working on an acoustic preset. This one x/y's between steel stringed and nylon stringed IRs. If there is a better way to mix piezo and IR than what I did, please let me know. This is pointing to User cabs so you will probably have to sub your favorite IRs. I used...
  26. Milco

    Parallel reverb and delay

    I know it may not be the most liked song in this forum, but I thought the song could use some 8 string guitar haha First time using reverb and delay parallel to the clean tone and I think I like it way more. Let me know what you think!
  27. Milco

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    Hey guys, tried something interesting and ran some acoustic tracks through the tone match and played it on my 8 string electric. I think I made a really unique tone. Let me know what you think!
  28. M

    Help! Classical or acoustic mic'd to my Axe FX

    Hello all, I am a total neophyte when it comes to the Axe FX, so please be gentle. I have watched several videos and searched through several threads in here with no luck in finding a solution (it may well have been right in front of me, but I didn’t understand the language or terminology). MY...
  29. Moke

    Moke's 'Noel' with my 'Acoustic Simulator'

    Here is a short piece I did for the Holidays, using the 'AX8' version of my 'Acoustic Simulator' preset. I added some 'Proximity' effect (3.5) in the Cab block and a 'Multi Delay' (Plex Detune). Played with my fingers. This was done on the Bridge Humbucker of my Music Man 'Axis' Enjoy and...
  30. Burgs

    Piezo/Acoustic preset and video

    The rebuild and return of my trusty old MIJ '91 Telecaster (acoustic) gave me cause to simultaneously celebrate and write a preset for it. The preset, written on an XL+ runnin Q6, might be a good starting point for those of you who own piezo-equipped acoustic or semi-acoustic guitars. You can...
  31. thinknolimitz

    Moke's Acoustic Sim Preset - Life in Technicolor

    I am very happy with @Moke presets. This is the acoustic simulator preset, playing life in technicolor - Coldplay, with BT from online store and using les paul studio tribute 2017.
  32. dukemcrae

    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to take advantage of the great acoustic patches on my rig, without having to change to an acoustic guitar in the middle of my set. I currently play an Ernie Ball MusicMan BFR Silhouette as my main guitar, and it is set up with two humbuckers and a single coil...
  33. Smittefar

    ToneMatch in Reaper plus freeware

    I am still hoping, FAS will release a tone match VST plugin that will be able to export a cab file. I will buy it instantly. I wanted to do a video showing how to do this - it is very easy and quite quick, but it will be soooo long, before I have time to do a proper video. In the meantime, I...
  34. Per Boysen

    Acoustic with Shadow Earth through AxeFxII

    My K Jairi steel stringed acoustic with a Shadow Earth mic/pickup. AxeFx's two delay blocks played with MIDI pedals to catch those quirky poly-rhythm delay effects. I'm using no amp and cab blocks here, just an initial EQ with the Passive 5 to cut a bit lower mid. Then the two live played...
  35. D

    Multi instrumentalist considering Axe Fx

    I play several instruments and switch out as the song demands. Currently I run everything through my fx chain and then switch the signal through multiple DI's and amp sim pedals depending on the instrument. Eventually everything ends up on the mixing board. No amps are used on stage. Some fx...
  36. Frac-man

    Acoustic through AX8

    Trying to find some presets that sound great with my Taylor 914 acoustic. I use both on gigs my Strat electric and my Taylor I usually just go direct with the acoustic but want to try the AX8 out with
  37. Nozkcb

    Acoustic Patch (not simulation)

    I've posted this in the discussion thread related to a question about acoustic guitar setup. Sorry if I'm breaking a rule by posting it here too but, after I made the original post, I thought this might actually be a better place to put it. I use the AX8 for both electric and acoustic. I use...
  38. Anand Altekar

    Piezo on Les Paul, Acoustic guitar sound

    Hi, I have the LR Baggs Piezo pickups installed on by Les Paul Custom. Currently I carry a separate Takamine acoustic guitar for gigs. Here in India, Airlines aren't musician friendly and I would really like to carry just my Les Paul as far as possible. I also have acoustic to electric...
  39. Spawn2031

    Acoustic Tone Matching

    So, I am following along with Cooper Carter's acoustic tone match vid on I'm using the intro from She Talks to Angels as my reference source. It seems to have worked pretty well except overall it sounds like I'm playing in a tunnel or tin can of sorts. Its very hollow...
  40. D

    Piezo into the Axe

    For people with a piezo pickup, more specifically those with EBMM JP models, how do you process the piezo to make it sound more full and deeper? Has anyone tried running anything of the Fishman Aura series into the axe?
  41. Smittefar

    James Ryan Acoustic Patch (new video)

    Hey - I am very impressed with James's Ax8 videos (this is the 4th one) This patch for acoustic piezo patch is super cool - sounds great, I will try it myself tonight
  42. brianv4

    Trance Audio Amulet System

    anyone using this pickup in their acoustic guitars?
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