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My "Live Acoustic" Preset


Fractal Fanatic
Here's my Live Acoustic preset which works incredibly well for recording too (although for some variance I also use an RNDI direct to my interface). My guitar is an OM-28e with an LR Baggs Anthem system.

I have 2 inputs setup; In 1 is for acoustic only gigs and In 3 is setup for when I'm using electric and acoustic guitars (acoustic moves to In 3). From there I have a pitch block setup for a baritone effect, comp, para eq, to a chorus block setup to simulate the thickness of a 12-string. I use channels A (slap) and B (tape) of the delay block using smart bypass on the FC-12. Then a Plex block for more ambient textures.

The volume block is placed before the looper so I can raise the volume of what I'm playing without affecting the looper volume. Haven't really needed it so it currently has no modifier attached. The reverb is after the looper so it's not recorded with any loops. That way I'm not constantly adding more verb with each loop or overdub. Stays much cleaner this way as it puts reverb on the overall "mix" if you will.

The looper was setup with help with from @Bakerman. By turning down the dry level in the looper and adding a shunt to go around, I can have my live playing and the loop going to Out 1 and just the loop going to Out 3 for the drummer so he can hear it clearly making it easier to stay in time with live looping.

I don't use any acoustic IR's as the Baggs system has a pickup and a mic that works great.

I setup my FC-12 with all the switches setup as "per-preset" on the Effects layout. This way I have all looper control and effect switches at the ready. So from switch 1 to 12: record, play, once, erase, scenes, tap (hold for tune), pitch 1 (baritone), chorus (12-string), slap delay (ch A, smart bypass), tape delay (ch B, smart bypass), plex 1, presets


  • Live Acoustic III.syx
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