Moke's 'Noel' with my 'Acoustic Simulator'


Here is a short piece I did for the Holidays, using the 'AX8' version of my 'Acoustic Simulator' preset. I added some 'Proximity' effect (3.5) in the Cab block and a 'Multi Delay' (Plex Detune). Played with my fingers.

This was done on the Bridge Humbucker of my Music Man 'Axis'

Enjoy and Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and yours......

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Hi Moke

I didn't cacth this the first time around - thankfully I did now :) absolutely great sound and playing and mood.......I think You just sold me that preset. I guess the AX2 version sounds the same?

Merry Christmas
Thank you very much.

The Axe-Fx II and III versions are better than the AX8 (mainly because of the missing 'Multi-Comp' block). Especially in the newer versions of this preset. But the newer AX8 versions are also better than when this was recorded.
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Thanks for this Christmas Blessing!
Merry Christmas!!
Like you said, Peace on Earth to everyone!
So when are you releasing the "Moke Christmas Album"? Two years on and I still really enjoy this . . thanks again. There is a AXE FX II XL w/ MFC on Ebay for $2100 including shipping . . . hmmmm . . .
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