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  • Hey b4 they pull the post down for being off topic. Check out this vocalist i used to be in a band with. Hoping to get this video to neal schon
    Hi Johnny,

    many thanks to listen my tracks & for the likes :)

    nice day...
    No drivers to install using a Mac... it should be Plug N Play with the E-MU XMidi 1X1

    If your AXE-Edit v.9.191 is not seeing your AXE-FX Standard (or Ultra).
    Try checking the SysEx ID in the AXE-Edit v.9.191 under settings > MIDI settings > AXE-FX SysEx ID, it should be set to the new SysEx ID > 00 01 74 if you're using AXE-FX Firmware from 10.02 or higher (11.00)
    Hi Johnny,

    I also have an E-MU XMidi 1X1 (MIDI in & out to usb) on my Mac with OS X 10.5.8. I can't get the editor to recognize the interface. What do you recommend? I've installed editor 9.191 2x just incase and it seems to be running fine and it sees the 1x1 from the input / output menu, but nothing else seems to happen. Any drivers I can DL? I emailed EMU but haven't heard back. Thanks, Paul
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