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  1. Andrea Maccianti


    A classical improvisation over this ZZ Top Style Backing Track. Great fun! Here I used my A.M. Marshall JTM 45. This patch has 4 Scenes.Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT! :)
  2. Andrea Maccianti


  3. Andrea Maccianti


    I want to dedicate this video to the great Dimebag Darrell. I love him. I do not know if the sound is similar, but it is not my interest, I wanted to build a sound that would appeal to me and the Fractal Axe-Fx2 gave it to me.Has 4 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. Delay and Reverb...
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    MARSHALL PLEXI 100W 1970

    Another improvisation of fun this time on this beautiful Blues Backing Track. Bluesy Tone, I love it! Here I used my A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100W 1970. Has 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: or on my Facebook...
  5. Andrea Maccianti


    Much fun improvising over this beautiful Backing Track B for The Moor Solo Contest! Here my Solo Entry. In this video I used my A.M. Bogner Ecstasy Patch. I hope you enjoy! :)
  6. Andrea Maccianti


    Mi piace molto Eric Johnson, la prova di un patch per Frattale Axe-FX2
  7. Andrea Maccianti


    Here my humble tribute to one of my favorites! Mr. John Sykes!!! And one of the best solos that I've heard. The Backing Track it was made by me The Backing Track It was made by me except the keys that have been played by my pal Marco "Lord" Cossu.
  8. Andrea Maccianti


    Hey ragazzi! Qui, il mio Bogner Atma Patch. Ha 6 Scene, ma nel video vi mostro la Scena 3. La patch di posta esattamente venire si sente. No Comp, Senza EQ in post-Produzione. Tutto in diretta. Iscriviti al mio canale YouTube per seguire gli aggiornamenti sui prossimi video! Spero ti piaccia...
  9. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    Just lost 5 kg playing this stuff :) Anyway, since I've recently obtained YJM signature Stratocaster, it was perfect excuse to cover something from master :) Using Axe Fx II, of course :) Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  10. Igor Paspalj

    Jeff Beck Vibes :)

    Here's one bluesy improvisation I came up today inspired with a bit of a Jeff Beck influence. I am NOT trying to play as Jeff, which is pretty much impossible of course, neither suggesting this is his style :) Just a few Jeff moves, rest is pretty much my own stuff. Anyway, recorded with my Axe...
  11. Igor Paspalj

    It's Fusion time!

    Hi everybody, Here's one improvisation over very simple Dorian backing track by amazing Rick Graham. Axe FX II, of course, as always :) I've had a lot of fun with this one Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  12. Igor Paspalj

    Scuttle Buttin - SRV cover

    Hi guys! Here's my take on this SRV classic. Recorded with my Axe Fx II as usual. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  13. bwanagary

    MFC-Edit 6.0 released Nov. 16th, 2016

    We're delighted to release the first of a "2nd Generation" MFC-Edit. We've been paying attention to new users for a while and have begun the first phase of a more intuitive, less intimidating mode of configuring your MFC-101. With the addition of the "Visual MFC-101" component you can now...
  14. P

    Rock You Like A Hurricane (Scorpions Cover)

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share a recent cover I did. I made this cover as a tribute to the Scorpions who recently toured in Singapore for the first time after 15 years. I used my AX8 for this recording! Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did playing it :) If you enjoyed it, do like...
  15. sebastos08

    See the new advanced review of the RAC12

    RAC12 is the only worldwide external controler dedicated to your Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II, XL, XL+ and AX8. Full direct FAS parameters access by 12 knobs, accessing 16 sets of parameters and 16 sets of on/off/cycle parameters. RAC12 units are still in stock at this time. Click here for...
  16. Igor Paspalj

    Andy Timmons - Groove or Die Theme

    Hi guys, Here's one theme, not whole song, from amazing Andy Timmons, but what a theme! :) This one's really hard to execute, so pardon me for few minor glitches here and there. Anyway, recorded with my Axe Fx II and my custom Ibanez with scalloped neck. Hope you gonna like it! Cheers!
  17. ElliottShredsGuitar

    Sound Out Of Computer Monitors

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering how I can play my fractal through my laptop monitors instead of the headphones? I'm going to get studio monitors but for now I want to jam through the computer speakers when my ears get fatigued.
  18. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen early era sound - Quantum 4.0

    Hi Guys! Here's my attempt to recreate Yngwie's sound from his early era. It's Quantum 4.0. Preset is using 3 scenes - main lead, his ''echo etude'' delay, and his ''slap back'' delay as he calls it. I am just playing some random Yngwie's licks and excerpts. Everything is recorded with Axe Fx...
  19. Igor Paspalj

    Check out this guitar :)

    Here's one short video just to show my new baby :) It's was Ibanez Premium RG263676@$&@...not quite sure which one. Now with my custom design graphics, DiMarzio pickups and scalloped neck. Playing is just some noodling around (Axe Fx II of course), the focus is on guitar. I think it looks...
  20. Igor Paspalj

    Live guitar - vocal ''duel''

    Hi Guys, Here's one guitar - vocal duel from my band rehearsal in Dubai (thing we do at the end of AC/DC ''Highway to Hell'' song) Axe Fx II direct to PA.
  21. Igor Paspalj

    "Hangover" Blues

    Well, the title explains everything :) Recorded with Axe Fx II, as always. Using Tucana lead amp this time, only one preset. It has such a great dynamic response, from gently blues to screaming lead :) Hope You guys gonna like it. Cheers :)
  22. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen - Eruption with FAS Reverb

    Just started playing with FAS Reverb, and here's a quick try of Eruption. Few mistakes here and there, though... :) I recorded dry guitar with Axe FX II and then applied FAS Reverb in Logic. Btw, Reverb is AWESOME (that's why I cranked MIX more, compared to original recording, lol), too many...
  23. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on this amazing tune. Quantum 3.2, of course, and my custom scalloped strat in action. Yes, we all know how Eric's tone is incredibly hard to achive, but I'm good with this one. Again it's my weird combination of Tone Match block along with the Cab, but it works for me...
  24. Igor Paspalj

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times solo Q 3.2 (video)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on, In my opinion, one of the best John solos. Started with a tone match, and then started tweaking it, so at the end it's probably not the same, but I really digg this sound - It's so effortless under the fingers :) Latest Quantum 3.02 firmware, of course :) All...
  25. ghost219

    Officially part of the Fractal family :D

    That's a Roadrunner soft pedalboard case. I'll use that for grab and go. I have a Pedaltrain Pro I'll likely trade in for a Novo 32 to add another exp. pedal, wireless, H9, and tuner. Baby steps.
  26. Igor Paspalj

    FAS Hot Rod (Quantum 3.0) - Awesome!

    Anybody uses this amp? I just discovered how beautifully this amp cleans out from tons of gain to nice bluesy singing sound. At least for me :) I just recorded quick preview, so let me know guys what you think about it. <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"...
  27. Hoosierdaddy

    R U -Considering or waiting on an AX 8 or other Fractal Audio product ??????

    What they don't tell you ...... Be prepared !!!!!!! Fractal is a whole new world of Music making .. just be aware of the things they didn't tell you ..... up front .. A.) you`ll never be the same again. B.) it is addictive . and so far there is no therapy available ,except = play on ,and on...
  28. Guitarist

    Will Fractal commercialize presets?

    Contract some talented third party sound technicians to develop killer sounds, maybe two versions of each preset for common guitars / pickups (e.g: one on a strat single-coil style guitar, one on a les paul humbucker style guitar). Preview each preset with a demo of the sound by itself and in a...
  29. X-Mann

    Larry Mitchell Live - 2016 AX8 NAMM Jam \m/

    X's 2016 NAMM Story Time: Larry Mitchell owned the stage on Thursday (1/21/16) at the 2016 Winter NAMM show! Being new to Larry's work (& Fractal audio), I wasn't sure what to expect. I wanted to hear Larry play the AX8 live & I was literally knocked-out by everything he did that night. The...
  30. G

    Merry Christmas eve/sarajevo 12/24

  31. brianv4


    THE DARK SIDE. Hmm, just thinking... Fractal is using an alien ad campaign. Cooper just released an epic rendition of the Star Wars theme using the AX8. I'm going to take a wild guess that the AX8 release may coincide with the new movie, DECEMBER 18.
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