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Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

Igor Paspalj

Hi Guys!

Here's my take on this amazing tune. Quantum 3.2, of course, and my custom scalloped strat in action.
Yes, we all know how Eric's tone is incredibly hard to achive, but I'm good with this one. Again it's my weird combination of Tone Match block along with the Cab, but it works for me, both the clean and drive sound.

Anyway, hope You gonna like it,

Cheers! :)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3d1e-tAdIpU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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You never cease to amaze me Igor... your clips are a real treat and are simply inspiring to me, and I'm sure to all who are fortunate enough to hear them. Thank you!!! Keep on 'a rockin'... :cool:


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Unreal man ... beautiful - someday I hope I can do 1/10th as well. Thank you for sharing. I dig EJ (lost a fair amount of hearing in my right ear due to one of his concerts). Just awesome bro ... made my day, ;)


Three thumbs up! :sunglasses:

That was outstanding! I liked how some of the melody lines had a little bit of a "lazy" / "relaxed" feel to them.

Igor Paspalj

Sounds amazing man, I like this better than the original.........loads more feel.
Thanks man, but Your comment is too optimistic, lol :) You just can't beat original, EJ is a freakin' genius!

EDIT: I forgot to add a preset, sorry guys, you who asked for it, I'll do it first thing tommorow.
Who is interested in it - drive sound is just a factory preset "Cliffs of Dover" with a tone match block instead of a cab, I think this one better do it yourself with your guitar and style of playing, I'll upload clean sound tommorow.
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Nah man, don't sell yourself short, Johnson's version is def brilliant but this is a great interpretation as far as my ears are concerned.

Igor Paspalj

Thanks again everybody!

For those who asked - here's the clean preset I made - using tone match from some of his instructional videos + cabs and some weird routing. I am not sure is it gonna work for anybody who asked, since I've made this one on my custom Strat guitar with scalloped frets and fast track pro pickups. This guitar has a really fat, rounded tone because of deep scallops, it really rings nicely. For example - this preset on my Ibanez sounds horrible.

As far as drive tone concerns - It's factory preset ''Clifs of Dover'' with tone match instead of cab block. Again, I matched intro to Clifs of Dover for this one with the same guitar and just copied delay from clean preset - everything else is completely stock.
So that one better do it Yourself with your own guitar.


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