I think they're giving us clues ;-) AND releasing on 12/18 leaves time to get them under the tree - exactly 1 week before Christmas.
It might not be what they were thinking at the time, but now that's it out there as a very good idea, maybe they will actually do it and say that it's what they've been thinking all along. :)
But there were no hints about black friday
What color is the case?...is it....BLACK?!!!

Yea but purely from a shopping perspective it made sense. I mean the star wars theme and the alien ad could mean nothing as well.

Absolutely correct. Could mean nothing at all. Just a thought...

But don't they often drop hints? F Ex; Matt changing his avatar just before FW drops. Well, check his out now!
ok, so now on top of the alien ad, star wars theme, now check out the intro to Mark Days video: riff of the day Dec 8. daa daaa da da da daaa daa


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