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  • Hi Gary,
    It looks like you've been really inundated about the request for this software. I just bought a used axe2 with the MFC last night. I really would like to find a way to use your software. Do you have any suggestions on a way to get it? Can a license from someone else possibly be purchased from them and deployed? Is there a place to download the software if I can find someone to get a license from?
    Hello. I'm afraid that this software is no longer available. The MFC-101 has a capable editor built right into it and I believe that there is another editor, "Fedit", available for free from https://www.ejozsoftware.com/. The Fedit editor has been available for free for some time already and is used by many.
    I am sorry that I'm unable to accommodate you at this time.
    Hello Gary, just messaging you again, can you tell me how can I purchase this MFC 101 editor? I used to use this pedal with my old Axe efx XL 2.
    Please let me know ASAP. i am interested in purchasing this from you. Thx
    Hi Shredder. I just saw your message now, so sorry for the delay. I'm afraid that the MFC-Edit program has been retired effective January 1st 2020 and is no longer available for purchase. If you already have it you can of course continue to use it but it is no longer sold or officially supported.
    Would you consider releasing an unsupported free version?
    Great. Today I decided to purchase it and today it was discontinued. Damn it.
    Please reconsider. I don't remember seeing a post about it's eminent demise. Thanks.
    Gary, I emailed you twice without a response. I bought the MFC Edit you developed and the reg code doesn't work. I can't use product and Fractal says I have to go through you. hudnate@gmail.com
    Send me the code and I'll test it.

    In 2016 I bought MFC-Edit. Now I reinstalled the windows on my computer and when I tried to use the application I was asked for the REGISTRATION CODE. Unfortunately, I no longer find the email with this registration code .
    If possible, please send me the registration code again.

    My invoice was issued on January 15, 2016 and had the number 34481 / Customer ID # 14179

    Thank you very much!

    Nicu P.
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