1. I

    Cab IR bug? Please help

    One day, the presets I using are suddenly started to sound cracking. But It only happens when select a user Cab. If I change to a Factory Cab in the Cab block of that preset, the problem doesn't occur. Deleting IR and reinstalling it doesn't fix it. That sounds like clipping. It was working...
  2. Gonash

    AXE 3 - dead?

    Hi all! Been using and LOVING my Mk1 for last few years totally trouble free, till today. As I turned on the Axe and it was starting up, it suddenly made a loud popping noise and stopped working. I tried a different cord, different power point in the house - nothing. Totally dead. Is there a...
  3. J

    Low signal input usb axe fx II

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an axe fx II XL+ and really enjoying it so far. The problem is that when I try to record on logic pro x, I get very low (almost none) guitar signal. My input I'm of course using input 1+2 and output 1+2 on my audio tracks. I can hear the sound of the guitar...
  4. geisterfaust_

    Is the FAS AX8 best option for me, or is it the FAS AXEIII?

    Hi guys! I'll try to keep this as short as possible: i'm wondering if the AX8 is the best bet for me in my own personal situation, which is the following: My guitar playing happens at home mostly. I've never been happy or satisfied with the tones I was getting with numerous pieces of gear...
  5. guitarair

    How to connect Axe-Fx II XL+ to Studio Monitors! Newbie here...Please HELP!

    Hello dear all Axe-Fx fanatics, I recently bought an Axe-Fx II XL+ . I am going to run this through a pair of studio monitors that I am going to buy soon. I think I am going to buy a pair of PreSonus Eris E8. But I don't know what kind cables I should buy for using my Axe-Fx. My main purpose is...
  6. guitarair

    Headrush FRFR-108 vs Studio monitors. Please help me choose!

    Dear adept Axe-Fx users, Newbie here. I just bought my Axe-Fx II XL+. Now I am confused how to use my Axe-Fx, whether an FRFR speaker or studio monitors. I will be using it basically for home practice. I won't be gigging next few months, so my main purpose is home practice and recording. I...
  7. maxolla

    LOOPER block dream

    Last night I had a dream only to awake from it in a cold sweat. In my dream my Axe looper block had 4 different lines that synced to each other and all lines could be different lengths. I had a similar dream where there were two looper blocks that could be placed anywhere in the chain. Any...
  8. maxolla

    How are you using Scene Controllers?

    Just got a patch set up today using Scene Modifiers and I’m really liking the ability to change block parameters using them. I used a modifier to change change gain on the Euro Red. There are actually three stages of sub-sequential gain boost. Never new that amp would do low gain sounds as...
  9. E

    What is he using?!?

    Hi guys, I thought this was the best place to be for this. I am currently a fan of Tramaine's album Heavy Balance, but I cannot find what he is using for his sound. I am only guessing that he uses axe-fx because its a great tone and he is a great professional. If possible to get an idea of the...
  10. Erik Vinje

    Midi Grande 10F1D on Axe-Fx Standard

    Help! I just purchased a Midi Grande 10F1D to use with my Axe-Fx Standard. I have however little information on how to set up the Axe-Fx/Midi Grande to communicate (Yes, im a noob, just got my Axe-Fx!). I cannot get the Midi Grande to change scenes. I have searched this forum, and found a post...
  11. X

    Needed: Older Version of Axe Edit from 2017

    I'm really hoping someone can help me out here. I really need an older version of Axe Edit. The version I originally had was downloaded from the site in early 2017, in January or so. I need this version again. If anyone knows where to find this version of Axe Edit, I would greatly appreciate it...
  12. Johnny Jackson

    Just found out the III is a thing LOL!

    Man...been away from music for so long and I've clearly been living under a rock because today I just joined the Forum and found out that they finally made an Axe-FX III haha, a few year ago me and my drummer used to try and imagine how the III would turn out - would it have lasers and a death...
  13. R

    Problem with the edit

    Hi there. I am having some issues with the axe edit. I connect my ultra via midi-usb cable to the pc and open the axe edit. The ports of my midi interface are recognised but when i select them it result connected for few seconds and then appears an error message: "UNKNOWN DEVICE: THE VERSION...
  14. R

    Help for all!

    Hi axe users.My ultra just arrived yesterday and I was checking all the features. It's very hard for a first look to understand. Can you help me with some questions? 1. How can I reset all the presets to the original factory? 2. How can I start to do my own patch? Is it better to create it with...
  15. C

    Hooking up external preamp

    No “Axe fx doesn’t need it” answers please. I have a few questions I need some help with. I’ve searched the forums and I haven’t really found many clear answers (Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough). I’m still super new to connections and routing etc. 1. I used to record with this guy that had...
  16. A

    I would like to post a rant

    Hi. My first post here.... I come here often though to get an answer for issues I got into on setup. People here are amazing! Very helpful and knowledgable community. Ok. Now here I go: I owned used Axe fxii mark2, and I own AX8 and Axe fxii xl plus. What really set me off was the moment when I...
  17. S

    Axe-Fx Looper & Beatbuddy? (MIDI Sync)

    Anyone using these two together? Is it possible to MIDI sync 'em? I use a Beatbuddy and an Infinity Looper and it works wonders; however, It would be great if the BB could sync with the Looper on the Axe. That way I could just take my Axe FX + BB to the gigs. Anyone?
  18. Max_H

    Strange Fluttering, started recently

    Heyo boys and girls, So right after moving to this wonderful island called Iceland my Axe FX II XL+ has started producing a strange fluttering noise in the background of my tone. It is most evident with higher gain patches. It very well could be that my guitar was mildly damaged during the move...
  19. Jbmetal

    Steffen Schackinger Cover

    I used the Komet 60 model and a tiny bit of drive from the Bender Fuzz. After 4 years, the Axe is still the best purchase I've ever made.
  20. Compuniac

    FCB1010 Expression pedal Spring - return to heel position

    Hey there, Trying to switch to Axe and only having the FCB1010 on the floor. Got the phantom power and 7 pin midi done so there is only one wire. Although the Wah in the Axe is nice it is hard to give up one's Morley. The deal killer is the expression pedal as the Morley is spring loaded and...
  21. Max_H

    Logic Pro X and no sound with Axe FX II XL+

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I hadn't tooled around in Logic for a while when I thought I'd do a titch of a recording when I found myself to be unable to hear inputs 1+2 for the Axe FX. I see the input lights on the Axe but no output lights. This is only when Logic is open on my Mac. Setup: Guitar...
  22. Milco

    Axe FX or Die!

    Hey guys, just finished writing and recording my EP. I made this video to show case all the great tones you can make with the Axe FX ll. Let me know what you think!
  23. Milco

    Smooth solo tone!

    Hey guys made this solo tone using the solo clean with a bit of drive from the ts808. What other amps or methods have you used to get a similar tone? Let me know what you think!
  24. B

    Two or more loops for same patch?

    Had Axe Fx for a while, but want to know if its possible to use the looper to record and play back two or more loops using the same patch. I use to have a boomerang looper unit. I liked that you could immediately record, save, and switch between two or more loops and play over them. Right...
  25. Jbmetal

    Anyone Used Midi Commander?

    I found a cool app on the Play Store called Midi Commander that allows you to send all kinds of different Midi and sysex messages in all kinds of different setups and you can save and load different setups. I would LOVE to use this for my Axe live for quick editing of certain parameters, but I...
  26. S

    New original song by Afrim Kosovrasti

    here's my latest work. All guitars done on Axe Fx of course. 2 minute guitar solo anyone? All original music. I kinda dedicated this one to Dave Gilmour. Enjoy! Used a new recording technique on the solo and i think it came out really cool!
  27. A

    Axe FX II Mark2 high pitched noise from the unit [NOT A BUG]

    Hi. I just recently bought Axe-Fx 2 Mark 2 second hand. It was like new, still had the sticker on LCD. I've noticed after, that it's making high pitched squeel from the unit itself, not speakers. Even without all the leads plugged in. I've discovered that it is caused by cab/ tone matching...
  28. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Axe II/MFC with DL4 Loops

    Suh dudes, I picked up an Mk.II and MFC over the weekend, and I'm loving it so far! One thing it can sorta replace but not in a way I'd like (as far as I can figure out, anyway), is the looping feature on more than one Line 6 DL4. Ideally, I would like to run the two of them before the amp in...
  29. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Price might be too good to be true. What to look out for?

    Hey peeps, There's a guy in my state who is selling, as described, "Axe Fx2 Mark II w/ MFC 101 foot controller" for $1900, without pictures or much of a description besides payment. Now, maybe I just haven't been looking long enough, but it looks like a screaming deal. Anyway, I haven't had...
  30. Clockwork Creep

    What guitar amplification would you use live? (Metal music)

    Hey there. Let's say you are a guitarist in a metal band. You play in relatively small pubs and clubs and you need guitar amplification. The front line of the audience are listening mostly to the stage audio, not the PA. You want the front row of the audience to experience your show at it's...
  31. A

    axe fx and lace sensor gold pickups with fender midboost

    Hi, don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question: i've modded my stratocaster with 3 lace sensor gold (hotgold on bridge) and fender kit Calpton boost.. when i play the guitar through the axe fx i've noticed that the pickups are very very hot and high output.. i need to lower the...
  32. K

    Mouse / Keyboard / RME Interface messed up by Axe [NOT A BUG]

    Hey there! I just got a brand new Axe-FX II XL+ and began following the driver installation procedure. At one point the installer asked me to plug in my Axe via USB and turn it on (this was my first time plugging in the axe and turning it on, for the record). As soon as I did so my mouse and...
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