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  1. Hubi

    FM3 can replace the FX8?

    Not 100%. I use a FX8 with strymon Iridium. The FX8 has more switches and two relais to switch amp channels. The effects/Drives are better than the FX8 - last FW from 2017, no Ares.
  2. Hubi

    Santana's EUROPA with the 1959SLP Jump

    fantastic tone, Toni - thats your amp - the 1959 SLP, espessially the clean with the Leslie-sound.
  3. Hubi

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    cool that you find the solution. I was shure that the Axe with Ares 2.0 Firmware is not the problem - this is almost plug and play with the right cab. Would be interesting what Cliff says to this - if there is sound difference with high output PU/ low input gain in the axe and normal output PU´s.
  4. Hubi

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    It depends to which sound you compare your Axe Sound. If you are used to hear a guitar speaker/original cab - everything will sound to direct, less dynamic and thin with the axe at the beginning. So you have to realize that you hear an amp through a miced speaker. Don´t use the factory presets...
  5. Hubi

    AFIII AXE FXIII Live - Symphonic Rock Night

    wow - great musicians and singers and what a beautiful guitar tone! Also - doubling the rhythmguitar at Marillion - unexpected!
  6. Hubi

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    Thanks for this comparison. It would be bad for Cliff´s hard work and steady improvement, if the FM3 would not sound better...and the AX8 ist still on FW Q 10 - not Ares. so this is more a firmware comparison? I also think, these old factory cabs are not the best IR´s to show how good the AX8...
  7. Hubi

    AFIII Foo Fighters - The Pretender (80s Synth Rock Cover)

    Very cool idea. But - it sounds very mono - didn´t you double the rhythmguitars with panning hard left/right?
  8. Hubi

    Fremen's 1970 Plexi Preset with Stormy Monday Impro

    Scheiße, Scheiße, Toni....alles Gute, ich hoffe dasregelt sich wieder - das es ja kein schleichender Gehörverlust offensichtlich ist. Da sind verdammt viel Höhen auf Deinem Sound, ungewöhnlich eher mit soviel Präsenz. Kann aber Folge der Höreinschränkung und des leisen Abhörens sein. Shit...
  9. Hubi

    Mix Feedback - OCD Help

    Hi, not my kind of music, but the second track just sounds as you had turned down treble/presence on your amp. Very accurate playing but it sounds dull. the volume of guitars in track Revenge are loude than in the second.
  10. Hubi

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Haven´t yet post anything on AxeChange - but I will try!
  11. Hubi

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Hi, here´s my try for the Bryan Adams/Keith Scott Sound, I played it with Strat/Split Humbucker, FW Q 10.01. Voxamps through Greenbacks 4x12 from Ownhammer GNR. The Presets are on the german AxeFx - Homepage:
  12. Hubi

    Getting into the Axe-Fx - selecting between the II versions

    Choose the Axe II Mk2 Version for homerecording - it´s got USB, you need no midi and can use it as a interface - straight into your DAW. The AX8 hasn´t got the Ares Update, so the Axe-Versions sound better than the Ax8.
  13. Hubi

    IRs York Audio presents the MTCH 212 in .Wav format based on Matchless! IR Producer did both speakers of a Matchlessamp. I think many "Breakup" Players have been waiting for this so long. I always tried to do this with different speakers in a StereoIR, but it never worked. So I played the Matchless through Vox-IR´s, which is also cool. You´re really...
  14. Hubi

    Telecaster Dirt FW Ares 2.0 with Vox AC 30 TB - V2 TBAC65

    Thanks a lot! I used this Cabir Vox pack for years, the Valhall IR´s are a other kind of shooting and have more "rock" sounding to me.
  15. Hubi

    Boxing my Axe-Fx II...

    Thanks - no projekt planed yet, only fingerstyle training at home! No gigs......relaxing at home this winter.
  16. Hubi

    Boxing my Axe-Fx II...

    No, no - it only seems to be from this angle of view - but I´m not a fried of a superfast setup, that´s true.
  17. Hubi

    Boxing my Axe-Fx II...

    After 9 years of playing fractal stuff and 7 years AxeFxII MkII I had to box my love greenshining tool. I´ve left my Coverband for some new musical experience (Fingerstyle guitar) and so there´s no need for so much sounds and effects. Thanks a lot to erverybody and Cliff here for all the help...
  18. Hubi

    AFIII Georgia on My Mind - solo finger style arrangement

    So nice to hear some warm guitar tones here. I could not tell if is an real ampsound or the AxeIII - sounds so good! thank you.
  19. Hubi

    Telecaster Dirt FW Ares 2.0 with Vox AC 30 TB - V2 TBAC65

    There are new IR´s from Austria - - and I like them the most. Very open sounding, nice Highs but not icepicky. I like a lot the combination of the warm, fat D202 A3and the focus of the MD 421 B1. With the Telecaster (Haar, Staufer County PU) the perfect alltime rocksound.
  20. Hubi

    Recording DI from Axe-Fx II

    Do you think about the DI signal without cab/amp - only the guitar - to use for reamping?
  21. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    The Andy Timmons Tone? singlecoil sounds are really spot on with this FW.
  22. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Who cares for something like this if you can get the best?
  23. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    He wrote "for all products" - Ax8 User be happy........
  24. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    First Gig with Ares 2.0 last night. Playing with IEM all sounds felt like a compressor was revmoved, more responsive, but also a more slowly reaction. Great for sololines with this more mids tone, especially with Marshall and Friedmantones. The "digital" Highs and Lows got lost. I had to make...
  25. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Same impressons here - there´s more "fight" to get a good tone - maybe to much fight? Or we are too used to the A 1.03 for a long time?
  26. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I updated to A 2.0 and then rolled back. First impressions - ups, so much Highs, where are the bass frequences? Mixed emotions - some amps are more into the face with spot on the mids (Marshall, Spawn), the cleanish amps like Supververb, Matchless are without "balls". I checked the advance...
  27. Hubi

    Rock´n Roll tschaka - V2 Orange 72

    A further Cab with G12H30 Speakers or something special? For me the absolute cab, which fits to so much amps, also clean amps like the Vox AC 30. Always clear, punchy, never harsh. I also tried it at the weekend at two gigs, where my favourite IR SM 57 A2 worked great. With the Wrecker...
  28. Hubi V2 Green 69 - Sweetspot-pool.....

    well invested money....and you get there IR´s from all 4 Speakers! That´s something where I get dissapointed from other companies with only on or two speakers, but hundred of boring mixes with little differences in the Highs and lows. I really like the raw direct sound to create different tones...
  29. Hubi V2 Green 69 - Sweetspot-pool.....

    Thanks a lot, Toni! Please more bluesfeeling from Hamburg....:)
  30. Hubi V2 Green 69 - Sweetspot-pool.....

    Oh - theres nothing special, I used nearly default settings, .......the right Speaker Low res frequence is important, which you can get from the homepage of Vallhal. The Boost ACB Pedal which I used for the solo makes a very fat sound.
  31. Hubi V2 Green 69 - Sweetspot-pool..... has shot a Greenback Cab from 69, which sounds quite exiting. A lot of Sweetspot on every Speaker, really hard to make e decision for live. I´ve tried a few on gigs and tried to mix, after I´ve finally bought Cablab 3. But the Mix IR´s seem to destroy the rawness of the single IR to...
  32. Hubi

    Where the Axe FX II can't compete with real amps....

    Do you work with the Filterblock in front of the amp in the Axe? Very powerful, works for me, no matter if I want to boost some freqeuences or to reduce something in the ampssound.
  33. Hubi

    AFIII Some Les Paul JB style blues with the Axe 3 & Austin Buddy pack #2

    Makes me throwing my pick far away....such a rich tone, great.
  34. Hubi

    AFIII Double amp, Double cab - Fender Twin and Carol Ann

    Very tasteful and nice tones! I also like the 1960 EMTV IR´s (we all should thank Sammy Hagar :) ) - I prefer the E906 IR´s. I didn´t knew that the Axe III comes with such a strong ventilator! :p
  35. Hubi

    My AFII is slightly microphonic. Is yours?

    I also saw this Video - this guy makes absolut great sounds - and I got the same problem at same settings with High gain.
  36. Hubi

    FW A 1.03 Who´s ACDC 1960 EMTV E 906

    hm, difficult - had no chance till saturday to test it live with the band. Maybe more tips from Andy - Valhallir?
  37. Hubi

    AFIII Ozzy and Lita Ford’s “Close My Eyes Forever” Live

    Sounds fantastic, also the fat guitarchords before the solo. Did the Pitchblock the additional Voice in the Solo?
  38. Hubi

    FW A 1.03 Who´s ACDC 1960 EMTV E 906

    Thanks - I also like the sound of it - even it´s absolut loud played!
  39. Hubi

    FW A 1.03 Who´s ACDC 1960 EMTV E 906

    Thanks a lot, Tony! Nice to read you again after a long time!
  40. Hubi

    Can someone guide me for intro effects to "Shut up and Dance with me"?

    We play this song since a few years and I made a preset really close to an U2 sound (the first thing I thought when I heard it the first time) - but I have an Axe II. You need two guitar players to do it original, like Travis said for the muted strings.
  41. Hubi

    AFIII Some Les Paul JB style blues with the Axe-Fx III - *UPDATE - PRESET IN REPLIES!*

    wow, very authentic Blues -Eric Clapton Style? I like the sound of your fingerstyle picking, very fat tone. What amp/cab did you use? JTM 45?
  42. Hubi

    The new V2-series from - FREE IRs included!

    I´ve always been a fan of "homemade" IR´s in Germany and Austria, but these V2 IR´s go a step beyond. When I try to create a sound, I always come back to the EMTV, which has got this special "vibe", I prefer the E906 IR´s for anything with Marshall and Friedman amps on the Axe II. And it sounds...
  43. Hubi

    AFIII FW 6.02 Shimmer Verb sample - impro on Chris Isaak cover

    Damn, sounds soo good...Never expectet that clean sound from Celestion speakers.
  44. Hubi

    USA Pre Models - Basic Tips & Tricks

    Very helpful, should be included in every FW for newbies!
  45. Hubi

    FW A 1.03 Who´s ACDC 1960 EMTV E 906

    Some IR´s always get me to this ACCD thing, I can´t resist. Here with the Valhallir 1960 EMTV and the great E 906 IR´s (C2, C4). Together with the JTM 45 (would even buy it as real amp) and PAF Amber PU it´s an absolute dynamic sound for doublestop licks. It also could be a The Who thing like...
  46. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack

    A AC20 cabpack would be cool - this amp fits also to AC 15/30 IR´s. How does it soudn with the Bipolar IR´s? There´s also a cool Larry Mitchell AC 20 IR from Fractal test for free.
  47. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    Yes 110hz seems to fit very well! But preamp low cut on 100hz....puuh, sounds very "boomb" and feels very "loose" on the AxeFx II. Default sounds here better. thanks a lot for your knowledge and time, Justin!
  48. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    One more question - is there a low res frequency you can recommend for this cab? AC 30 Orange runs on 100hz default - if I trust my ears, higher value sounds better or is more original. No the Axe II has no Amp input EQ.....
  49. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    I´ve tried bevor I saw this here.....I didn´t turn up the master and Mids. So I have to go back. The 160 Mic is absolutely spot on in this cab. I´ve built it in a two amp/cab preset for Rammstein - sounds pretty evil. :p Edit: Just tried your settings, yes, thats the sound, maybe the...
  50. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    wow......these AD30 sounds are really good.....hope I can reach this with the AxeFxII.......
  51. Hubi

    Simple tone question - Man, I Feel Like a Woman

    We also play this song since a couple of years in origianl tuen Bb - I play it with powerchord Bb first fret, doing the riff single notes with my little finger - no need for capo or pitch. I use the DC 30 amp. The riff in the verse plays our keyboarder with guitarsound, I play the funky Guitar.
  52. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    Oh sorry, haven´t seen the READ ME yet!
  53. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    Damn, this Cab and these IR´s are really good, I discovered today the M160 and SM7 IR´s from Speaker 1. I tried the producer mixes and picked up the M160/sm7 Mix. The M160 IR´s ( are often to bassy (like in the factory cabs), but these single M160 IR´s C1, C2 and C3 are very good balanced and...
  54. Hubi

    AFIII DC30

    Seems as Mr. Fanton had a lot of Fun and feeling with these IR´s. :) The DC 30 is still one of the best amps in the Axe, I use it with Vox IR´s. But what are Sidewinder -IR`s?
  55. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    It took some time between paying with paypal and receiving the downloadlink - maybe too much miles between Europe and USA. I´ve first tried the single IR´s - the SM 57 A1 hit me at once. A very balanced sounded IR - with JTM 45, Friedmans, Mesa MK II and also clean sounds with AC 30 and the TX...
  56. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack

    I think there´s no preset which will fit to your guitar, your way of playing and to the sound in your head. Believing in presets of other people doesn´t help to get a better Axe-sound - my opinion and experience after many digital guitar years.
  57. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    Thats -are very good news! Haven´t noticed this anywhere! I prefer Cab packs with all speakers - maybe the other two which you left out, could be good for another one? Or are they really bad? Which amp did you use for your cleans here?
  58. Hubi

    FW A 1.03 V2 1960EMTV with Friedman BE V2

    I got a chance to try the upcoming cab IR´s from Eminence speakers in a Marshall 1960 cab - a cool alternative speaker to traditional Greenbacks. I like them a lot in this cab - sounds and feels really directly like you sit in front of the cab, but it doesn´t sound harsh. So I´ve...
  59. Hubi

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack!

    Which IR could sound bad in your hands? :p Sounds really good - I´m surprised by the cleansound through those V30 speakers! No chance to buy this with paypal or other ways?
  60. Hubi

    AFIII Wall of Guitars

    wow.......I wish I could record and play such great tones and guitarsounds!
  61. Hubi

    Mesa Traditional Mix IR

    Thanks for sharing. Leon. It´s a bright sounding IR on the first look with nice mids. I like this IR a lot with the MK II C++ on standard Tuning. There are no harsh highs in this IR - a very good sounding Cab or/and a good MixIR? I´ve tried with Highcut 85/low cut 8500hz, could have maybe a...
  62. Hubi

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's - Free Cab Pack

    Cool - I haven´t found the perfect Greenback-IR yet. Will these IR´s also work with the Axe II?
  63. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Shure? I´m surprised........Don´t you feel the more of compression also on clean amps ? I played it loud and with headphones and felt it from the first moment, the fast compressed response.
  64. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Today I a had the chance to play really loud in my musicroom with studiomonitors - not every sound was great like I dialed in the last days since Ares 1.03. There´s a lot of High End on amps like Mesa II/IV. I had to turn down the Highcut in the cabblock till 7500 - 8000hz. But I love glassy...
  65. Hubi

    Bug? Ares 1.03 Axe-Fx II low end thump when changing presets

    I also got different noises by switching Presets or Scenes. But I thought it was caused by Axe Edit (correct version to 1.03) - I didnt´t switch with the MFC till today.
  66. Hubi

    AFIII Noodly/tappy jam with the AC-20 fw5.02 amps

    Very cool song - please add lyrics/melody! I like the open sound of your AC 20 Sounds. So - all the sounds are made with this model or also with the AC 20 T or B?
  67. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    As Cliff told us on Page 3 in this Thread: There is no CF Ratio anymore. Axe-Edit will need to be updated. so there will be an update for the Axe edit.
  68. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Same here....just feel in love with the JTM 45 again...something we had in early Quantum days, how nice the sound jumps between clean and overdriven just because of the pick attack. This sound really supports the Player. You forget the settings.....only playing the sound. Great.
  69. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    updated 1.02 Presence is working now in the right way. Very nice at the fenders - Tweed - the response to the pick strock and the dynamik. But - only soft reset doesn´t change the Preamp CF Ratio - only the time. - with reset Amp block the Ratio goes to 0.02 on every amp. Am I wrong?
  70. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Like Cliff told use - switch to another and back with the ampselection. You can copy first x - y and you will see the changes on the dynamicpage. I prefer a hard reset in Axe Edit and dial in with fresh ears in the amp. Sometimes the old settings sound doesnt got with a new firmware.
  71. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Same here, testing the Plexi 100W High and Friedmann 2018. Maybe all amps?
  72. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    After checking the Friedmann 2018 - reset - yes it´s got the chugga sound Cliff told us. Very cool response with damped strings. Check your low resonance frequences!
  73. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Yes, it´s at all amps at this value, the preamp CF time is different at every amp. I like this new sound at the marshalls - nice to hear the difference at Plexi 100 W less ice picky Highs.
  74. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Thanks a lot to Cliff and Team for this last firmware. Just installed, sounded to me with MK II C++ smoother an the Highs, the bass frequences tighter, good audible when I add a FAS Boost. Makes a lot of fun! there were significant changes an the Dynamics page with Preamp CF - the reason for...
  75. Hubi

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #3

    It seems that you had a lot of fun, spot on the this Herbie 3 - Diezel:D. Would love to hear this amp with a good Diezel V30 Or GK 100 IR to get the typical sound.
  76. Hubi

    Soulful Guitar Solo | Stel Andre

    Very nice tone, maybe to much notes for an Andy Timmons Fan....?:) I also love his reduced melodic Playing. Saw him first in the late ´90s years in Stuttgart in a little club, playing all those Melodics with pitchharmonic tapping, absolut relaxed, whatever he played. Have you ever tried to use...
  77. Hubi

    AFIII Swart, Marshall, Fender ... 8 Scenes. All med-gain. Free preset. Video demo.

    Yes, that´s also me - spot on this AC 20. But this P90 Gibson is a good partner for these sounds - most of them very mellow, so with a humbucker and mids it wouldn´t sound like this.
  78. Hubi

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Very authentic sounding - which guitar and cab did you use?
  79. Hubi

    In Delayland...FW Ares 1.0 mit Vox AC 30 - Valhall ´62 Vox IR

    The fantastic Ares 1.0 Update brought us great sounding class-A amps - more than enough motivation for recording a little track. I set the memoryman delay in front of the AC 30 for the rhythmguitar, which makes this cool sound with a 8dot repeat (Speaker B U87 R1 IR for the cleansounds, the SE...
  80. Hubi

    New Cab, who dis? FREE Orange 4x12 IR

    Thanks a lot, Justin. I´ve tried it with Friedmann an MKII C++ and also high sounding Pickups - i don´t think it´s to dark. But there´s something missing, it sounds to soft, to mellow to me, could have been more mids, more edged? I don´t think this IR could cut through a bandmix.
  81. Hubi

    Best or reaveal cabs to buy?

    I´ve bought a lot of different Cabs from 3rd party - I only use IR´s from Valhall and CabIR - a lot of sweet spot IR´s (I prefer Single IR´s), a great illustration and guide is also included at CabIR. And both - they are the only ones? - supply the cab resonance frequency. For cleansounds I...
  82. Hubi

    Bug? Ares 1.0 ac30tb gain (vs af3)

    Hm, I like the more "powerful" AC 30 TB, but you could be right. The AC 30 TB never sounded before like this in the Axe.
  83. Hubi

    Clean & mid gain tones Cameron Atomica

    Very cool guitarwork, I love this rhythm playing. How did you do this addidional solovoices - Pitchshifter or extra recorded?
  84. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    After fixing the Class A bug - I think the AC 30 and AC 20 are the best sounding amps in this firmware. Perfect tonebalance with good IR´s. Other amps have changed - less High end in the Fender and Marshall-type amps. have noticed this after playing two gigs with the final firmware.Some say...
  85. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Very good sounding Firmware, the beta also the final Firmware. The Class A amps are sounding great now in the final version - crispy highs but also can get punchy. Thank your for this - are great appetizer for the III. The Friedman 2018 HBE shows another name in Axe Edit - B 45 something?
  86. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Shure? Seem to me less bass, more clarity. FW Ares 1 works great in bandsituation, cutting through without icepicky, modern heavy sounds but also with AC 20/Fendersounds. the new Friedmann HBE - seems to me the best, evil Friedman. we only have to handle the more gainy basicsounds. I hope...
  87. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Sounds and tastes very good her after doing a a few steps through my presets - I think this Firmware is the best argument to want an Axe III.:)
  88. Hubi

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I hear a difference (and better sounding/feeling) if I reset the ampblock, copy the settings and compare x/y. I will reset the ampblocks in my presets, also there´s a lot of work.
  89. Hubi

    CABS are adding volume to the chain

    Hi Allan, if you play without the cabsim, it´s like a DI signal (also used with the Tubepreamp) - less level. You can use the VU-Meter (Ultility) to level the Output 1 and 2. There also level differences between the IR´s.
  90. Hubi

    AFIII More P90 and Axe-Fx III Dirty Shirley

    Sounds great - what IR do you use with the dirtyshirley? Could be a very cool filmmusic in an emotional scene!
  91. Hubi

    Brian May Harmony Delay with new Valhall Vox ´63 IRs

    Maybe it only sounds good with vintagegear like Axe II;)
  92. Hubi

    ML Sound Lab - MEGA OVERSIZE: First ML Cab Pack in .wav format

    Very interesting! A real photo of the cab would be a better appetizer And at least you use paypal.......great!
  93. Hubi

    Brian May Harmony Delay with new Valhall Vox ´63 IRs

    It seems to me that there´s was more time to show the secrets than today. The funniest thing is when Brian always had to switch to stand by ("klick") his Vox as he started to explain what he played - to much ambient noise from the amp, which he had to hide.
  94. Hubi

    Brian May Harmony Delay with new Valhall Vox ´63 IRs

    Thanks a lot - I wonder how it would sound with a Copy of the Red special guitar.
  95. Hubi

    Brian May Harmony Delay with new Valhall Vox ´63 IRs

    Valhall did a new shooting from two different Voxamps, which inspired me diving deeper into Brian May´s Sounds. In a few old videos he showed his harmony delay technic. this is easy to do with the axe, original Brian used 3 different amps for this. The secret is a delay with one repeat and a...
  96. Hubi

    FREE CAB PACK: ML Legendary Times (2018)

    Cool - thank you - I´v only tried the stock cabs of ML - can´t buy more, cause you don´t use paypal....
  97. Hubi

    Input 2 and Ouput 2

    Works absolutely with the Axe II, we do this since many years in my Band. Check the FX block settings (100% level) - also this my help here with presets (german forum!) Check Post #3 and download - have fun!
  98. Hubi

    AFIII The Fender Deluxe Reverb is spot on!

    This Track has on problem´s too short......:) First class playing, feeling and sounding......I can´t get your fingers - but maybe these IR´s? Will you do cabpack for players - not to much IR´s, only a few sweetspots?
  99. Hubi


    Late to this party.......but I´ve tried this IR and think it´s really good with Mesa Amps, but not with Marshall-type amps. Has got a lot of mids and sound very good at the high strings. Sounds to me sometimes like 1x12" box?
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