1. Javialtonaga

    Guitar Cover: LINKIN PARK One Step Closer

    Just recorded with my FM9 Turbo ;) Video Preset soon...
  2. ConstantM

    Dream Theater - Another Day cover with dynacab preset

    Made this preset (it's on axechange as "Dream Theater Rig") emulating JP's mic'ing in the latest DT albums in Dynacab and tested it with a cover of this nice ballad Enjoy PS. the two IRs for the acoustic scene are tonematches of my Lag electroacoustic gtr. im attaching them here
  3. ConstantM

    Dream Theater - Breaking All Illusions cover

    PS. The preset used is here:
  4. ConstantM

    Another King's X cover (Goldilox)

    same preset used here as in my Summerland cover all with automated midi changes as well. i freaking love this band
  5. ConstantM

    King's X - Summerland cover

    love this song. the clean sound is blended with a tonematch i did of my acoustic guitar to simulate the acoustic overdubs in the original song. the driven scenes are a cameron and an atomica and the cleans are a band commander blended with a jazz chorus 120. the scenes were auto switched as it...
  6. ConstantM

    Pagans Mind - Intermission

    Used the fryette d60 more
  7. ConstantM

    Steve Vai - Building the Church cover

    recorded with Axe Fx III i used the fryette d60 more amp model and my trusty jp7 2007 i didnt delve too much into vai's tone with all the effects (aint going down that rabbit hole unless i have 2-3 days with nothing else to do)
  8. ConstantM

    Dream Theater - Learning to Live cover

    with automated scene switching from cakewalk
  9. A

    Pink Floyd - Time (solo cover)

    I used Axe FX II. Fremen's preset "Time solo" with Echorec plugin. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. A

    Pink Floyd - Wearing the Inside Out (1st solo cover)

    Axe Fx II, custom preset.
  11. ConstantM

    In Flames songs

    i recently got some free time and i recorded some covers of a few in flames songs that i used to listen to back in the day. the amp i used is the Fryette Deliverance and the IR is Leon Todd's LT TV Mix 7 Artifacts of the Black Rain The Hive Only for the Weak Take This Life Episode 666 Guitars...
  12. ConstantM

    Dream Theater - Innocence Faded cover with Axe FX III

    A cover of one of my fav dt songs from back in the day when they were much better No post effects just one stereo spdif track out from the axe mixed with the backing track

    🎶🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #50 - “Another Day” (full guitar cover) 🎸🎶

    🇺🇸 Cover of Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" 😉🎸 The Axe-Fx III for all guitar, electro-acoustic and bass sounds. Cygnus 16.05 firmware. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Another Day in Paradise” de Phil Collins. L’Axe-Fx III pour tous les sons de guitare, électro-acoustique et basse. Firmware Cygnus 16.05.
  14. diezel013

    "Limelight" - Rush Cover 🎼🎸🥁

    Howdy folks... Had the pleasure of playing this Rush classic with my friends Joe Calderone (Arch Echo) and Kyle Brian Abbott (Vigil of War/Diezel). Used my Alex Lifeson preset on the Axe FX III for the guitar. Was planning to use my JP Music Man but a string broke during the first take, so I...
  15. kostein

    Metallica - "Blackened" cover

    Another Metallica cover from my favorite record of theirs ...And Justice For All. It's the classic Metallica album opener with the mellow/melodic intro before unleashing into the thrash anthem that it is. I used one of my ENGL Savage presets for the main guitar tone. The more I use the Savage...
  16. Jack_Zan

    Pantera - "5 minutes Alone" cover

    hi guys, I tried to play Pantera, unfortunately dimembag is impossible to imitate, don't be too hard on me 😁🤘🏻. I used the PVH 6160+ together with the stereo cab "Cali mix + Cali v30". The sound is not the same and maybe not even close, but I liked it a lot in the mix, let me know what you think
  17. kostein

    Metallica - "Orion" cover

    Metallica's Orion is truly a masterpiece. I don't use that word lightly or often or for many things but I honestly believe it applies here. It is so masterfully crafted that I can't really put it into words. It's a very special song to me and I think it kinda shows when I play it. I tried to my...
  18. mcl

    Slipknot guitar cover - The Devil in I - axe FX2 + ownhammer IR

    Hello everyone, This morning i woke up and decided to try recording a cover of "The devil in I" by slipknot using my old yamaha rgx 721 (H-S-H guitar, kinda superstrat from the nineties) and my axe fx 2 XL+ No bass here, and i played the song in DROP D tuning, while slipknot play this in DROP...
  19. Dynamic1022

    The Godfather - Parla più piano

    This song is from the movie The Godfather and is written by the Italian composer Nino Rota. I've been using 2 guitars and 3 presets for this song. My Eastman T184 MX and my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. In the beginning i'm using a Bludojai clean for my Eastman. For my acoustic guitar a SV BAS...
  20. Jack_Zan

    Haken - Prosthetic Guitar Playthrough

    Trying to play haken's new single, it's a really great song. for this cover I used the simulation of the friedman HBE together with an IR of ML SOUNDLAB, the pack is called ML MEGA USA DJENT. It Sounds sick
  21. Jack_Zan

    Periphery - Lune Preset (Periphery III)

    New free preset for ax fx II available. the link is in the description of this video. this time I looked for something with more effects. let me know if you like it! to use this preset 100% you need the ML SOUNDLAB "usa bulb" cab pack and insert "misha mix 8" in the cab block Amp : Friedman HBE
  22. Dynamic1022

    Bella Ciao -Acoustic on the fractal

    Last week i recorded Bella Ciao with my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. For several years i didnt had a acoustic so it was time to get one again. I hope you like it. I made my own version of this famous italian song. Greetings, David
  23. sebastos08

    Confined whitesnake "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues " Cover

    All the guitars recorded on the afx3 Take care Enjoy and like it 😉
  24. Dynamic1022

    The Shadows- The deerhunter

  25. Jack_Zan

    Disturbed Guitar Playthrough

    Disturbed have marked my adolescence, it seems right to pay homage to them with a video cover, here, I used the ax fx xl +. For the patch I used a Dual rectifier and created a tonematch with guitar stems
  26. Dynamic1022

    Surf guitar Saturday night at the duckpond

    A nice lovely surf guitar song. I used a preset with the Vox ac15. It's from a band in the early sixties ( The Cougars). They only made a few songs and this is one of them I hope you like it. Greetings, David
  27. Dynamic1022

    Dr Who Hank Marvin ( Cover)

    A cover from Hank Marvin The amps used for this song are a Morgan Ac20 Deluxe and the Vox AC30 For the preset i used Ir's from York audio and Austin Buddy On my Youtube channel you can find more covers i made. I Hope you enjoy. Greetings, David
  28. Dynamic1022

    The shadows Wonderful land

    Made this cover using ir's from austin buddy Fantastic 2x12 you dont see this kind of music very often on this forum. So i thought lets give it a try. I hope you like it. Feel free to leave a comment. Greetings, David
  29. David Levi

    "Sultans of Swing" Solo with the Axe-Fx 3 + Preset for download

    Hi all, Here is the AXE FX put to use with some clean Knopfler style playing. Gear: Macmull S Classic Superlight AXE FX 3 patch attached. Just tweak gain and reverb to your liking.
  30. Wojtek12as

    The Witcher OST - Geralt of Rivia | Guitar/Metal cover (Jackson Ht6 USA)

    Hey ! My arrangement of Withcer's main theme from Netlix. What Do you guys think ? I also bought new guitar, you can see it on the video :D
  31. Wojtek12as

    Witcher 3 hunt or be hunted metal cover (prs cu24 + new axe firmware :))

    Hey, cover of my favourite song from witcher 3 ! Hope you enjoy :)
  32. Jotun666

    The NeverEnding Story (metal cover/remix)

    Hi, guys! I haven´t posted here in a while, and wanted to share my latest cover at Jotun Studio. It´s the main song from the film The NeverEnding Story, by Limahl. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you enjoy it!
  33. Rob Suelfllohn

    GREAT classic PAF tone !

    I'm really loving the GREAT classic PAF tone I am getting from this preset put together for me by Simeon- Axe Master
  34. Roby Rocks

    Factory Preset 027 in "Mama, I'm coming home"

    Axe-Fx III really has nice simulations, this is known… The wonderful thing is that all factory-presets are awesome, and with some personal adjustments you can use it immediately for a live-event. To prove this the preset number 027 named “5153” has inspired me to do cover this wonderful solo of...
  35. Moke

    Live 'Comfortably Numb' Cover from the House of Blues May 11, 2019

    Axe-Fx II, MFC-101, direct to FOH. Home-made backing track (made with a cheap Casio, using 'Ableton Live'. 'Ableton' is playing the stereo backing track, plus 4 audio channels (2 stereo tracks) of 'clicks' converted to visual LED lights for timing reference (no in-ears), and...
  36. Moke

    Live 'Comfortably Numb' Cover from the House of Blues May 11, 2019

    Wrong thread... please delete.
  37. Dynamic1022

    Pink Floyd - "On the turning away" (cover)

    I've made a cover from the beautifull song On the turning away from Pink Floyd. I Just play the electric guitar parts. This cover is not how it's original has been played, it's my own interpretation of this song. ( Just because i am not as near as good as Mister Gilmour himself) For the preset...
  38. mcl

    Would? - Alice in Chains - guitar cover - ARES firmware - Friedman 2018 AMP

    My guitar cover for "Would?", a song by Alice In Chains from their second album, Dirt, published in 1992. Axe fx 2 XL+ going direct into focusrite scarlett 6i6 2nd generation preamp / interface. Guitar is a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop with a Maricela Juarez JB pickup on the bridge...
  39. mcl

    Alice in Chains - Them Bones

    A very quick cover of this classic song from Alice in Chains - Them Bones. This is the opening song from their epic album "DIRT", that came out in 1992. Axe fx 2 XL+ going direct into focusrite scarlett 6i6 2nd generation preamp / interface. Guitar is a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop with...
  40. Dynamic1022

    John Mayer- "I guess i just feel like" (solo cover)

    Just a short cover from John Mayer's song "I guess i just feel like" I'm taking lessons for about two years now. This is my homework for this week. For the preset i just the Two Rock j35 Firmware: Ares 1.03 I hope you like it. Feel free to leave a comment or like it. Greetings, David...
  41. Wojtek12as

    The Legend of Zelda - Song of Storms cover | PRS cu24 + Axe-Fx III

    Hey ! This is my first attempt to cover game soundtrack. I've treated it more like an exercise but it turned out kind of cool. For bas and guitar - of course axe fx 3. What do you guys think ?
  42. Matoshi

    Super Smash Bros. Main Theme "Lifelight" Cover

    Hi everyone! "Lifelight" is the extremely catchy main theme from the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game. I couldn't get the melody out of my head for days and decided to record a cover version. :D Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lifelight Cover Recorded with my Schecter Jeff...
  43. ilya

    Orange jam cover

    trying my best getting that guthrie sound on that improv. what do you think?
  44. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 55 Years Tribute

    Hi all, Friday, 23rd November 2018, was the 55th anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who series. To celebrate the occasion, I recorded a tribute video, arranging a few of my favourite themes from the show into a medley that's centered around this year's 13th Doctor theme music. And, of course I had to...
  45. Mats Lexell

    Shredding to some sweet pop music

    Hi! Got a new video up on the tubes, check it out!
  46. Mark Pritchard

    Bon jovi - Livin On A Prayer cover with AX8

    This is my Livin On A Prayer cover using @Moke preset, which is awesome by the way. If you haven't checked his presets out, please do. Thanks @Moke keep them coming for the ax8 please.
  47. wolbai

    Europa-Song directly recorded with FX8-presets + Marshall JVM410

    Bought the FX8 early 2016 and used it mainly for home recording so far, together with my Marshall JVM410 (4CM cabling), a Rivera Rockcrusher (power attenuator) and a Radial DI-box with a good cab-sim. I started to do Live-performances early this year with a duo-partner again. The FX8 has become...
  48. Dynamic1022

    Joe Bonamassa “Drive” (Cover Guitar only)

    I hope you enjoy:). Just tried to record Joe Bonamassa's Drive from the album "Blues of desperation". ( I,m taken lessons for about one year now) The solo is at 2:28 min I hope soon to do a complete version of this song with vocals. The presets are created by myself The preset is based on...
  49. Jotun666

    Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Metal Cover)

    Hi, friends! I just uploaded a metal cover of Britney Spears' Baby One More Time, using my Axe FX II for guitar and bass tones. I hope you like it, and any feedback is very welcomed.
  50. Igor Paspalj

    Chick Corea - Spain

    Hi all, Here's something a bit different from my usual stuff. Beautiful latino jazz - fusion tune by amazing Chick Corea. As always, I am using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and Charvel Custom USA Guthrie Govan model. My takes on improvisation parts. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  51. Igor Paspalj

    Racer X - Scarified cover

    Hi all, Here's my performance of one of my favorite "more is more" instrumentals :) As always, using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan signature Charvel into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  52. Teej

    STP's Plush

    Did a quick cover of Plush by STP using a preset I built from scratch a couple years ago. Really dig their new singer and their new record! Used Brit Pre and Class-A 15W to try and mimic Dean's typical Marshall-esque preamp and Vox AC rig. There is a detune on the Class-A. Feat. my cat Maynard.
  53. Jotun666

    Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (Metal cover)

    Hi, friends! I just uploaded a new pop metal cover and wanted to share it with you. It´s Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way. I used a 5150 sim for guitars and SVT for bass. Also, Roland Jazz-120 for some cleans. I hope you like it!
  54. Dynamic1022

    Hank Marvin Theme from the Deerhunter (cover)

    For those who love the good old Hank Marvin sound and music. I'ts not nearly as good as hank but there's got to be some difference:). Gear: Fractal Audio Axe Fx2 XL+ Firmware 9.04 Fender USA Stratocaster HSS with custom fat 50's Dunlop Stubby 3.0 I hope soon to purchase a volume pedal to...
  55. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my attempt to recreate essence of EJ sound in this cover. It's not perfect, but to my ears sounds pretty close. I covered only the main themes, couldn't bother to learn whole song at this point, since later when performing live, I would improvise anyway :) Using Axe Fx 2 with...
  56. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Hi there, I just recorded this song from scratch with a friend 1 tone below the original. I used Brit JVM OD1 Rd for Rhythm gutiars and Brit AFS 1 for lead. Bass was recorded with USA BASS 400 2 and some distortion using Fat Rat. If anyone wants the patches I still have them. Hope you enjoy it!
  57. ProgressiveRocco

    BRYAN ADAMS - Run To You (full cover w/vocals)

    Me and my good buddy Stefano paying tribute to the great Bryan Adams. Always loved this song, Reckless is just one of the greatests sounding albums ever imo, awesome songs and stellar mixing/production! check it out! :)
  58. Andrea Maccianti

    Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land (Guitar Solo)

    My humble tribute to the great Adrian Smith on Iron Maiden Stranger In A Strange Land from Somewhere In Time. I hope you enjoy! :) #uptheirons Here I used my Stranger In A Strange Land Patch I recorded Rhythm guitar on a single Stereo Track. So NO Double tracking. Same identical thing as for...
  59. Jbmetal

    Steffen Schackinger Cover

    I used the Komet 60 model and a tiny bit of drive from the Bender Fuzz. After 4 years, the Axe is still the best purchase I've ever made.
  60. Jotun666

    Linkin Park - Runaway (full instrumental and vocal cover)

    Hi, fellas! I just wanted to share a cover I just made of Linkin Park's Runaway, from their record Hybrid Theory, as some sort of tribute to the band due to the recent death of Chester Bennington. I used Axe FX II for guitars (5153 sim) and bass (SVT sim). I hope you like it! Oh, and...
  61. thatrandomguy1

    Boys are Back In Town harmonies?

    I've been messing with the pitch shift function and i've come somewhat close to hitting the correct harmonies for the main lead part and the solo, but I don't quite have it accurate. Anyone have any suggestions for programming this patch to sound like the studio version?
  62. Andrea Maccianti

    ToTo Rosanna First Guitar Solo Lesson

    Hope that helps! Here I used my "A.M. ToTo Rosanna" Patch :)
  63. Moke

    Boston's - Foreplay/Longtime live at the 'House of Blues'

    Warning....cellphone video from the front row...;) But I thought some of you might get a kick out of this. This is a fan video of my band 'Roughhouse', from our June 10th, 2017 show at the 'House of Blues' in Anaheim, California. I'm using my 'Foreplay-Longtime' preset direct. No back-line...
  64. Andrea Maccianti


    Non avevo mai suonato questo solo prima d'ora, ma vista la particolarità del suono di questo brano, ci ho voluto provare :)Presto un altro video di sempre degli Europe ma con John Norum:) [MEDIA = youtube] kGsz8N3E0kU [/ MEDIA]
  65. ProgressiveRocco

    Queensrÿche - Eyes Of A Stranger FULL COVER w/vocals (all AX8)

    Another favorite from Operation: Mindcrime, one of the best albums EVER :cool: All tones are AX8, I've used the Studio Clean and BE100 patches shared in this thread Bass is AxeFx2 with quite a bit of post...
  66. Fenris

    Jawbreaker Solo - Judas Priest Cover

    Holy tone match haha I think the guitar sound is fucking similar to the Defenders of the Faith album!
  67. ProgressiveRocco

    DOKKEN - Will The Sun Rise cover

    I had the idea to cover this song on acoustic guitar for quite a while, finally managed to do it! This is by far my favorite song by Dokken. It's all on acoustic except for the solo and some leads, I've used the trusty Friedman BE v1 for those. I choose some of the shots from my 2016 USA trip...
  68. Milco

    Parallel reverb and delay

    I know it may not be the most liked song in this forum, but I thought the song could use some 8 string guitar haha First time using reverb and delay parallel to the clean tone and I think I like it way more. Let me know what you think!
  69. ProgressiveRocco

    Badlands - High Wire COVER VIDEO w/vocals

    The first Badlands record still is one of my favorite hard rock albums, so underrated! love Jake E. Lee's playing on that! My good buddy Vale kickin ass on vocals as usual, definitely not an easy song to sing hope you dig it! I'm using the 100w Plexi boosted with a TC Electronic spark booster...
  70. Symbolic

    Atheist - Mother Man (Q7b2 Angle Severe)

    Hi, guys! Covered this great song just for fun. Used my Gibson LP Deluxe '71, Angle Severe 1 amp and some minor post-EQing. Learned by ear. Hope you enjoy it!
  71. nick07evans

    Keith Urban Tone - "Good Thing" Cover

    Created a tone as close as I could to Keith Urban's "Good Thing" tone. Recorded straight through Axe FX II and into GarageBand. No post processing.
  72. andrémusic

    Jake Bowen & Alex Rudinger "Gravity and Fiction" Cover

    Recently Alex Rudinger shared his drum rendition of Jake Bowen song "Gravity and Fiction". I added bass and guitars to this amazing song. Used - Bassguy + Sithu Bass patches for Bass. Djentlemanly patch for Guitars.
  73. Alberto Menezes

    Octavarium (instrumental section) - Dream Theater full Two-Man cover

    Hey guys!! Check out my Dream Theater cover. I used an Axe FX II for the bass and some of the guitars, let me know what you think of the tones!
  74. Jotun666

    Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth (full band cover)

    Hi, folks! Some old school thrash metal from Megadeth incoming! I had two feature musicians here: Yeyo Fernandez at lead guitar and 66Samus at drums. I did the rest myself, including mixing, editing (audio and video) and mastering. I used a Dual Rectifier sim for guitars (rythm and lead). I...
  75. SwigglesRP

    A Video Game Remixer's Take on the Axe FX II XL

    Hello Fractal Forums! As a few of you might know, I recently researched, scouted out, and landed myself a Fractal Axe FX II XL (B-stock) unit in the last few weeks after much patience. Like many of you, I felt compelled to share my thoughts, experience, opinion, and reach out in regards to my...
  76. Guillaume Lortie

    live rehearsal with AX8 07-24-2016

    Hi fractal bros! i'll be live with my band tomorrow at 2PM East Time on youtube with my AX8. we're a over band ( for fun ) that do small bars and festivals. you are all welcome and feel free to comment on my tone as i always want to sound better.
  77. Max_H

    First recording ever, Brother John by Joe Satriani

    Hey all! Today is a good day because thanks to having the axe fx, i can now record and practice like never before, and well, I made my first recording ever. I'm relatively new to guitar, having only been seriously playing for 3 years or so, so please let me know what you think. I am posting...
  78. Alberto Menezes

    Song of Solomon two-man full cover

    Two-man cover video of "Song of Solomon" by Animals as Leaders recorded by me and my buddy Vinicius Cavalieri. Hope you enjoy it! (Watch in HD) We used Schecter Guitars for this, and a Fractal's Axe-FX II for the tones.
  79. Moke

    Steve Vai - For the Love of God' - guitar cover

    A short tone-test clip of one of my new Steve Vai 'Axe-Fx ll' presets. Backing track found on YouTube. Edit.....The 'AX8' version is now in the store!
  80. Julien Meirone

    Bass Metal Cover with Darkglass TM

    Hi guys, this week i have mixed the bass cover of a friend using my new TM of the B7K, let me know if you enjoyed this ;). Cheers
  81. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on this amazing tune. Quantum 3.2, of course, and my custom scalloped strat in action. Yes, we all know how Eric's tone is incredibly hard to achive, but I'm good with this one. Again it's my weird combination of Tone Match block along with the Cab, but it works for me...
  82. Moke

    Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" Cover Q 3.02

  83. leemhouk

    Journey Stone In Love - Live gig direct recording

    This was a lot of fun. The advantages of Fractal at a live gig are many, and also using my Presonus digital mixer allowing me to bring the recording home and overdub a second rhythm guitar. Hopping a round the stage, there are a few tiny clams on the solo but I chose top leave them there. I am a...
  84. J

    Killswitch Engage- My Curse Instrumental Cover!

    Here is an instrumental cover I put together of "My Curse" by Killswitch Engage. I'm going to see them live next week and thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane. These guys inspired me early on as a musician and it's great to see them still doing their thing! Guitar and Bass are 100% Axe-Fx...
  85. Vitali Bilinski

    Deftones - My Own Summer (guitar cover by Vitali Bilinski)

    My cover of the song called "My Own Summer (shove it)" by Deftones. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Vitali Bilinski. All the rights of the original song go to their respective owners. Make sure to leave your comments below and if you liked it, thumbs up and subscribe because there...
  86. Moke

    Def Leppard - "Foolin'" Preset Added!

  87. Shredder3386

    Trivium Chaos Reigns Cover w/Quantum FW - METAL CONTENT

    Hey guys, its been a good while since I posted anything new, so in between writing my album I decided to cover a Trivium song. It gave me a good chance to test out the new Quantum Firmware and work on my mixing. I'm a huge fan of all Colin Richardson's work with Trivium, so I decided to tackle...
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