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Doctor Who 55 Years Tribute


Hi all,

Friday, 23rd November 2018, was the 55th anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who series. To celebrate the occasion, I recorded a tribute video, arranging a few of my favourite themes from the show into a medley that's centered around this year's 13th Doctor theme music. And, of course I had to film it in the TARDIS!! (*)

Doctor Who Tribute on YouTube

If you've seen my previous Doctor Who thread, you'll notice that this arrangement uses my previous cover as a starting point. That's because it was meant to be an extended version of the other one, before I changed my mind and turned it into a medley. ;)

I'm still a very happy user of the Q7 firmware. The guitar is an old model of the Schecter Jeff Loomis signature 7-string.


(* ok, I might have used a tiny bit of greenscreen trickery there...)
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