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This song is from the movie The Godfather and is written by the Italian composer Nino Rota.
I've been using 2 guitars and 3 presets for this song. My Eastman T184 MX and my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville.
In the beginning i'm using a Bludojai clean for my Eastman. For my acoustic guitar a SV BAS amp. And for the last part
i'm using a Friedman 2018.

Enjoy watching.



It must be a Maton EBG 808C having the cutaway, very nice sounding guitar. Tommy Emmanuel uses them so that says a lot.
Nice playing, very relaxing.


Thank you Marrafat for your compliment. It is indeed a Maton EBG 808 Nashville.
Tommy plays also a Maton EBG 808 but with a few diffrences. But the sound is almost simular.
It is one of the best acoustic guitars i've ever played and very versatile.
Below i've placed a video Tommy is playing the EBG808 Nashville.

This is an another recording i did with the Maton.


nice to hear someone use Axe-fx for straight melody - I bought it for the drama and operatic effect it adds.
Nicely played. The bends on the ending were really well done.


Thank you Moosy1 for your compliment.
The Axe fx is so versatile and can do almost anything you can dream of.
I Have even a preset for cleaning my house:tearsofjoy:


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