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  1. jsletner

    Implemented Wish List: Sort Presets by Name

    The AxeFx II had that function. Hopefully, it would be an easy add.
  2. jsletner

    Axe-Edit III 1.03.11

    Nice work.
  3. jsletner

    FRFR specifically for Bass

    Consider AccuGroove. AccuGroove builds what are considered by many bass players to be the best bass cabs ever made and are league all their own. All AccuGroove cabs are FRFR. For more info: AccuGroove Bass Cabs AccuGroove Artists AccuGroove on FB
  4. jsletner

    Global block - Way to name these?

    +1. I use multiple global blocks and being able to name them would be very cool.
  5. jsletner

    Time for another Supro?

    Doesn't get any better.
  6. jsletner

    Mark Lettieri on That Pedal Show

    Got to hear and meet Mark a while back. Super nice guy, an economy of motion in his playing that inspires, tone for days, great harmonic sense and one more very important thing...GROOVE.
  7. jsletner

    My honest review

    Totally agree. Hard to put my finger on it, but something's going on. At first, I thought it was eq because it sounds so clear, but I think it just has more detail. I think the II is awesome, but the III has got a little extra magic. Also, I love all the new options. If you want to know how...
  8. jsletner

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Awesome. I'm in.
  9. jsletner

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Oh man the motor drive kills. This is something I used to get years ago when I was always playing too loud with my regular amps. Great job.
  10. jsletner

    Octave Fuzz into Vibroverb

    Nice to hear the octavia vibe. Don't hear it much these days, and it's a cool change up.
  11. jsletner

    Original tune "Thought I Heard You Say" (live)

    Like I said. Pocket. Nailing it, Gary.
  12. jsletner

    Video from gig last night (blues/rock)

    You have a pretty obviously great pocket when you play. That's the thing that always makes your posts enjoyable.
  13. jsletner


    Hell of a great sounding track, Javier. I can't wait to hear your album.
  14. jsletner

    Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack!

    That was incredibly accurate! Fantastic work!
  15. jsletner

    Star Wars Theme (Guitar Full Orchestra) - AX8 - Cooper Carter

    :) I'm so pumped. Thanks for this.
  16. jsletner

    Friedman HBE + B ulb Cab Pack #1

    This is, as I think all the young'ns are saying nowadays, heavy af.
  17. jsletner

    The DEFINITIVE Bogner 4x12 IR pack! New Ownhammer content!

    YEAH! I love the groove! Gnarly!
  18. jsletner

    Yngwie Malmsteen Plexi [w/ patch]

    Very accurate. Nailed it.
  19. jsletner

    HBE Quantum 1.05, Toontrack Progressive Foundry, OwnHammer--riffage

    Nice. Seven over four...always a good choice.
  20. jsletner

    Riff of The Day (Mark Day that is) AX8 Queensryche

    That's a great riff. Nailed it as always, Mark.
  21. jsletner

    Guitar and Bass with frfr

    Hi Gearzilla, Good question! On face value, the term FRFR denotes 'full range' so nominally bass and even below should be available through an FRFR cab. There are, of course, other factors such as the q of the enclosure that also contribute to overall sound in terms of what frequency range the...
  22. jsletner

    Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity - Guitar Cover

    Very nicely done. Great work on the tone.
  23. jsletner

    Boston's Foreplay/Longtime Quantum 1.02 Tone Test

    Great job, Moke! Tom Scholz would be proud. Not gonna lie...every time I hear Brad Delp's voice, it makes me melancholy now. One of the greatest of rock history.
  24. jsletner

    Benaeth The Silt...MACHINE Fing HEAD

    Very accurate.
  25. jsletner

    Another ambient space thing...

    I enjoy everything you post.
  26. jsletner

    Full instrumental progressive metal track! Ownhammer Orange v30

    There were some pretty crushingly heavy moments in there. Cool.
  27. jsletner

    Original Tune with Axe fx and Komplete

    Honestly, I didn't think I was going to like this, from the thumbnail. I was wrong. This is great. The only thing that stuck out to me in an awkward way was how those ride cymbal hits sounded. Everything else sounds pretty natural. Very cool.
  28. jsletner

    "Surfing With The Alien", preset included

    Very, very good!
  29. jsletner

    Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man

    Nice work. Maiden is my "in a rush, gotta rock" music!
  30. jsletner

    Govan Blues Mutations 1 ( almost ... :D ) Fremen Class A - 30

    Cool. You even hold the pick like Guthrie.
  31. jsletner


    Wow, NAILING those tones! Those U2 tones were perfect.
  32. jsletner

    New video: "Gun Fetish"

    Super interesting and weird, just how I like it. Also, that guy looking down the barrel of his shotgun made my stomach turn.
  33. jsletner

    Friedman JJ | ML Brit Collection | new IRs from ML SoundLab!!!

    I didn't read your description, but got a big smile on my face when I heard the intro to Mile Zero start. Gotta love the 'riphery.
  34. jsletner

    Little clip of some JeffBeck-styled tone

    VERY sweet tone and playing. Beck like, indeed.
  35. jsletner

    Mario 64 - "Underwater-sounding" AxeFX patch

    That brought back some memories.
  36. jsletner

    CAB-PACK 13- CLN Land- Acording To ''Uranology Science hypothesis''

    That title really leads to some interesting and specific mental imagery.
  37. jsletner

    Quantum Twang

    Sounds great, Gary!
  38. jsletner

    Fractal Audio LA Amp Show 2015

    Friggin' Andy Wood...he's nuts.
  39. jsletner

    Quantum D Funk Jam

    Wow fantastic.
  40. jsletner

    Liquid Tension Experiment - "When The Waters Brakes" (Tone Match)

    Super cool! Haven't listened to LTE in years. This was one of my favorite tunes.
  41. jsletner

    Nguyên Lê with his AxeFX II XL & Hantug titanium tremolo

    That was really impressive and interesting. You have a unique style that I very much enjoy. Thanks for posting.
  42. jsletner

    Here are the TesseracT Axe-Fx II Guitar and Bass Patches by 4D Sounds (QUANTUM 1.01)

    Sounds great! I really need to check out the new album. No one groove's like Tesseract.
  43. jsletner

    John Petrucci Tonematch Quantum 1.01

    Very well done.
  44. jsletner

    Pokemon meets AxeFX II!! (New Cover)

  45. jsletner

    AccuGroove and Quantum Lonestar

    4x12 1960B T75 (RW) with R121 Rib
  46. jsletner

    AccuGroove and Quantum Lonestar

    We always seem to think it can't get any better, but this firmware update has some serious magic to it.
  47. jsletner

    Childhood Memory-A Dragon Ball Z Tone..

    So many times I watched my son "power up" in our living room or back yard. I forget what level of Super Saiyan he is now.
  48. jsletner

    AccuGroove and Quantum Lonestar

    Some incredible clean tones are possible when the Fractal AxeFX is paired with a Latte and Espresso. We were blown away by how gorgeous this combination sounds. We were ABing it with my real Lonestar and Seth (guitar player in video) who is a boutique amp builder said to me "I'm not sure...
  49. jsletner

    My Smallbox 50 Tone...

    Very nice.
  50. jsletner

    Stel Andre in Jakub Zytecki style improvisation

    Killing it! Also, it's clear that I should be listening to more of Jakub's music.
  51. jsletner

    The Sleeping Philosophers new album: "Kayanga"

    Cool! Thanks for posting.
  52. jsletner

    The Sleeping Philosophers "Kayanga". Axe-Fx II

    Your music is really cool. Also, the video was fun. Great work.
  53. jsletner


    Did you ever see John Carpenters The Thing? The intro reminds me of a heavy version of some of the music from that movie. I like that.
  54. jsletner

    Invasion of fuzz

    The Terminator theme!!!! AHAHHAAHA! Nicely done.
  55. jsletner

    My fav clean sound

    I really enjoyed that. It sounded so familiar. Is this your original creation?
  56. jsletner

    Late Night Blues - Stel Andre

    Great playing, as usual. :)
  57. jsletner

    Quantum Car Roamer + Strat

    I dig the tone and the playing.
  58. jsletner

    Naima on Stick Guitar

    Where I am, it's raining. This was perfect to listen to today. Thank you.
  59. jsletner

    Oceill - "Repose" - A new song 5 months in production! [Axe-FX II, live drums!]

    I was wanting that ending to transition into the next song. Good stuff.
  60. jsletner

    FW19 5150 & Ownhammer v3

    That was really cool. Is there more of that song? I'd like to hear it.
  61. jsletner

    Lightweight FRFR options?

    The AccuGroove Espresso is 29 lbs and sounds amazing. AccuGroove, bass cabs, FRFR cabs, bass cabinets, guitar cabs
  62. jsletner

    FAS modern with Cab Pack 13(Uber Chugga Metal)

    Sounds great! All it needs now are some crushing vocals in it's good to go.
  63. jsletner

    The Forgotten Prisoners - The Passage

    That spoken word caught me so off guard. Nice work.
  64. jsletner

    Yrbace Quantum

    Sounds great. Kinda like a NIN tune with more guitaring happening.
  65. jsletner

    Quantum Clean Tone - Vibrato Verb!

    Seriously, I love this whole thing. Just want to reiterate.
  66. jsletner

    Bleak - Frontierer - FFO Danza/Ion D - 7's/Noise/Breakdown Death

    Reminds me of Dillinger Escape Plan.
  67. jsletner

    Quantum Clean Tone - Vibrato Verb!

    That is awesome.
  68. jsletner

    My official Axe FX II demo video

    Very nice. I always appreciate your playing, Gary.
  69. jsletner

    Meshuggah kind of stuff

    There are definitely some Meshuggah-esque moments in there.
  70. jsletner

    Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years. What do I need to think about?

    I'd think about wearing diapers because when you hear it...
  71. jsletner

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Its Quantum it must be full of science goodness.
  72. jsletner

    Keith Urban's 5F8

    That's some good tone, there. All kindsa good.
  73. jsletner

    Tesseract swing ripoff rythm patch test / Firmware 20b / Cab Pack 13

    Tesseract is incredible. Good work in getting the vibe of one of the best bands of this style.
  74. jsletner

    Original neoclassical rock ballad - FW19 JVM, JTM45, Dizzy VH4

    Forbidden Planet, huh? That's one of my favorite movies of all time. Cheers.
  75. jsletner

    What do you play during sound check?

    I have learned the importance of always soundchecking with Primus songs.
  76. jsletner

    Strandberg Guitars

    They are interesting guitars. Out of curiosity, what band was it that played?
  77. jsletner

    Fretless guitar improv soundscape

    Cool. I used to just put on a low droning note and improvise for hours over it. Cheers.
  78. jsletner

    Tone challenge - slide tone without using one

    You might try using a whammy effect to bend the notes. Set the max bend to a whole tone unless the song calls for more. I did this years ago on an impromptu recording with great results. I'm assuming this is the challenge. A lot of the vibe is the attack during the bending of the notes.
  79. jsletner

    Vitali Bilinski – Running the stars

    Very heavy and groovy. I enjoyed that.
  80. jsletner

    Clark Kent Job - "Nympho" (Official Video)

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