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Coming Soon


Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don't drop it on your foot.
Apologies if it's been asked already, but is there any planned deep integration with the Axe FX 2 on the same level as the MFC? I'd love the expanded FX capabilities to integrate with the Axe while reducing the CPU usage, along with scenes functionality across both devices (kind of how the Liquid Foot does things). Even cooler would be a firmware update on both units that, once they're setup in 4CM, would allow you to lay out all of the FX on the Axe's LCD screen, and both devices would sync up their appropriate FX duties.


hmmm...as someone who no longer owns an amp, this isn't for me....but stuff the gubbins inside a 1u chassis and i'd be all over it like chilli sauce on a kebab

glad to see fractal diversifying, though!


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Maybe Scott meant pushing the company forward! ;)
I did mean pushing the company forward.

there are a lot of folks who make these kind of products, that's true. But most are made with a particular budget in mind, Cliff states on other threads, that his stuff is not cheap, no wall wart here folks. This is a guy who is always tinkering with his existing products to make it better. You know there are three ways you can connect your MFC to a fractal, I remember when it was just midi.

This is is what I know, even though I know as much as you all. It will be a stellar product on every guitar players Christmas wish list, it won't be cheap, and it will be better than most anything else out there at its price point.

plus you'll get new firmware for free every other month, speculative on my part of course.

Hey no mistaken it I'm sold on this company. I have not been disappointed one bit by anything they have produced.


Cliff, can this work in harmony :D with an AxeFX II?

Meaning... can this somehow become an FX extension, allowing the rack unit to perform amp, cabs, dynamics and EQ processing and offload other FX to the FX8? :mrgreen

By this I mean where one unit can be master and other slave and patches created that use both units.
I sure hope so .I just got my XL and 101 a few weeks ago. If this is the case I am in !


I find it difficult to comment since there are so many details missing. We really know nothing about the thing. But, my first impression is the thing is pretty limited. I sorta expected Fractal to come out with this type of unit, but I thought it would be more or less a repackaging of the Axe Fx II into a MFC-101 style form factor. I mean, if you've ever taken the Axe Fx's clothes off, there's really not much in there. Why not stuff it all into a floorboard and call it a love story?

But, what do I know? I'm just happy to see Fractal come out with more products so they can all get rich. They certainly deserve it.


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That is important no question, but from the picture it really does not look like something innovative or ground breaking, its the same basic layout almost every one in the floorboard pedals use.
Personally, I want a board layout that is old news .. meaning it is proven and works for a gigging musician. sure more LEDs and flashing lights are cool - but familiar form and functionality are way more important to me.

Under the hood that is where pushing things forward happens.

1. Proper design so unit it interfaces with amps like a true pedalboard ( single, multichannel, with/without loop)
2. Pro algorithms (only competition here is Eventide in my book)
3. Flexible effects routing and Editor (if the FX8 even comes close to the AF2 on these two fronts -- we are talking major leaps forward)

I am sure the list is long and we will see a comparison grid to other ME units at some point.


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I've run across plenty of posts on many guitar forums asking for this exact product. Since it doesn't have amp modelling, I personally have no use for it . That said, if everyone requesting this actually buys it, it should do very, very well.


Well, there are a lotta people who love their one-trick pony, but want some high-end effects. This oughta make them happy.


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Right now this doesn't add anything that I would want. The AFX -> Matrix -> Cab (or Axe into DAW) works perfect for me. But I can definitely see being interested in one of these down the road, if I ever decide to go back to using one of my amps. I can also see that it would be pretty useful if I didn't want to have to carry everything to practice, or if I had multiple bands / projects... use my current rig for one, have the FX8 + amp for another. There are times when I just take my GT-8 to a jam session or something, and I'd much rather have this. Pack up one piece and go.

Regardless, I think it's a great move for FAS to release a product like this to open up a whole new market. So many guitarists either love their amps, or don't want to go the modeling route, and don't want an Axe. But they'd still love to have a pedal like this for their effects.

I'm also hoping that this means there will be a new emphasis on developing fx, and they'll also be included in future Axe updates. I love what we have now and would be totally happy even if there was nothing new in the fx department, but hey, more and better is always more and better! ;-)


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I was Gsystem owner for years prior to the Axe and spent a lot of money to cover impedance issues for 4CM with different amps.
There was a simple trick to get perfect tones and sound with a very special cable introduced by myself in 2012! Unfortunately either TC or my former company was interested in this solution, alltrough it helped some people to get rid of their decimators and ebtech boxes.... ;)

4CM - Suffering from terrible noise - here is the solution! (Page 1)

G-System has a internal circuit inside which could be triggered only by this cable! It doesn't work when you go along with the user manual. :lol

Need some quotes from happy users around the globe?

Hey all! I just did Paco´s experiment with my rig, and seriously, this method is a lot better than using a HE-2.
I don´t know if you guys are having the same experience, but when I use the HE-2, it definitely reduces noise levels a lot, but also, a little bit of gain.​
When I plugged Paco´s TRS - TS cable to my rig, it reduced noise exactly the same as using the HE-2), but, with NO GAIN REDUCTION.
Hi Paco, Great cable. Do you have room for another sheep....excellent. Big Thanks Mate.
I've just made a cable, and my sound is cleaner, punchier, fuller.
It makes sense to not introduce 'noise' in the preamp of your amp in the first place, rather than spending money on gear to remove it.Its the AC ground from the G-System hitting the negative signal in the amp preamp that is the problem.​
Hi Paco
I'm in basel on the Novartis campus - is it possible to pick one of these cables up from your shop in Muttenz please?
Noneless to say, I lost the job in muttenz - this summer I start my own company in switzerland! :) Infos following soon...
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i don't understand the negativity...it fills a void/is targeted at a market segment that fractal hasn't aimed for in the past. Looks very flexible, will sound fantastic. if i had a tube rig i'd look very hard at this to replace a pedalboard. it's pushing the company forward by targeting a new customer....it doesn't have to be an ohmygoditssomethingnooneelsehaseverdreamedof product to do that.


i don't understand the negativity...it fills a void/is targeted at a market segment that fractal hasn't aimed for in the past. Looks very flexible, will sound fantastic. if i had a tube rig i'd look very hard at this to replace a pedalboard. it's pushing the company forward by targeting a new customer....it doesn't have to be an ohmygoditssomethingnooneelsehaseverdreamedof product to do that.
It's a product that doesn't really garner to anything that people already posting on this board are likely to need. People are reacting with that lack of desire in mind. That's all.
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