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Coming Soon


Cool.....is it effects only or a pod hd 500x on steroids with amp and cab sims? If it's got the whole kit & kaboodle in it, I can see this swaying others from the boos and line 6 market, as well as from the full on axe fx market. Regardless, my XL has everything I need :)


Fractal Audio Systems
Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don't drop it on your foot.


Fractal Fanatic
OK -- I am in.

Plenty of gigs coming up -- would love to beta test live with my Carol Ann OD3r combo.:mrgreen

Could not come at a better time.

I was thinking of building a new board.

1. I just snagged a Klon
2. Just received (after a 6 year wait) my Toneczar pedals

No need for new board for the Carol-Ann if I can get my hands on one of these!!!!!
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Looks great.

I still have my Budda Superdrive 30 but I don't really use amps any more so I don't need a multi-effects pedal. Guess I'll just have to wait for someone else to release a good sounding all-in-one solution... You were my only hope Fractal Audio...
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