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  • Hey Scott,I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me tweak a few patches I have.I would be willing to pay you for your time,I am located in Surprise.Thanks,Scott 602-472-9164
    Hi Scott, I'm a good friend of Sixstring. He's been trying to get me into Fractal for years. I always told him, "once they have a pedalboard model, I'm in." So here I am...and loving it! If you have some patches you can share, I'd appreciate it. I see from the board, other users really like your patches. Blessings! Bob
    Hi Scott question for ya.....How did you get a Worship gig ....just curious would like to someday do that myself....thanks
    Hi Scott. Okay Saturday night is great. I don't have a way of getting around while here though. If some one is coming from the Phoenix area maybe they can give me a ride.?
    Scott, keep me posted if Mikko comes into town. I am sure I am close to where you live. I am at 91st Ave and Greenway or so.... Between Bell and T-Bird. That would be a blast.
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