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Recent content by scottburrow

  1. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    Someone was asking how I did it. I chose Medi fast because it was fast. It isn't cheap. I talked to a buddy a while ago who wasn't interested in the cost, I said this. I think if you eat six meals a day with five of those meals being around 110 calories every 2 1/2 hours and your last meal being...
  2. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    Thanks Rex!
  3. scottburrow

    Anybody on a diet?

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes last June. I said enough is enough. I lost 84 pounds since last June. I have kept it off since making weight in oct. I’m no longer diabetic, and I’m no longer taking cholesterol medication. I no longer have back or knee pain. Live is much different these days for me.
  4. scottburrow


    What your doing is buying a ticket on the next train, It's not just about sound improvements, it's about the evolvement of a product. Life isn't about birth then death...it's about the journey between birth and death that is the most important. You can say buying the new product (Axe III) is the...
  5. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    I was the same way, then I got a hernia, and had surgery. My rack is heavy. the Ax8 is just perfect for these little bars that I play. They have really small stages. Of course I still play church. Its funny, I have been going through different emotions the last few days. Excited for others as...
  6. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    I don't care what the floor version will cost I'd buy it. its to perfect for my needs.
  7. scottburrow

    III on the Floor

    They sold me on the floor modeler, i'm not sure I can go back to a rack for my daily driver. I still have an XL, but its in pristine condition.. . wanna buy it....just kidding...
  8. scottburrow

    Axe FX XL (due for upgrade to AFX3) vs Wife (v1.0 - not due for an upgrade)

    Thanks for the wisdom! That stuffs not cheap! I used to want to work forever, but something has changed in me the last few years. I’m an ab initio/ informatica programmer by trade, and as I get older I get less patient with stupid programming languages that aren’t intuitive or fun. Musically I...
  9. scottburrow

    As stoked as I am for the Axe III

    I used to have one preset per song for my cover band, now I just use a Marshall amp sim, for everything. I have everything I want and need. It’s weird for me to be so happy with what I have, what’s going on with me. I guess I’m getting old...
  10. scottburrow

    Axe FX XL (due for upgrade to AFX3) vs Wife (v1.0 - not due for an upgrade)

    I'm perplexed. I have an XL and an AX8. I use my AX8 so much more, as a matter of fact my AX8 is always on always ready to go. I have become codependent on my AX8. People are asking me if I will get the AXE fx III...... Man, I really want an AX8 II so bad. You all know that I will get one...
  11. scottburrow

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

  12. scottburrow

    Hopefully I will see everyone again :-)

    I'm sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself! be strong.
  13. scottburrow

    Happy new Star Wars day!

    I’m going at 12:15am tomorrow morning. Meeting at 11:30pm tonight. Luckily I’m off through the 25th.
  14. scottburrow

    After 6 years with Fractal going back to Line 6...

    LOL, that was funny as if....
  15. scottburrow

    RIP Tom Petty..

    Man, I just need this day to stop! Enough already! Man this sucks in every way possible. We play a bunch of his songs, they are just well crafted songs. I’m just pissed right now, just found my brother in law has cancer today too, enough, enough, enough
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