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I started playing guitar at 11 yrs. Old. Music was my life Growing up, I played in any band that would have me. I eventually had to grow up and joined the Air force, did my stint there and got out. Once I got out I tried to make it in the business, it was the Alternative music scene that was poppin at the time, so that’s what I did. I was in a great band that did well, but I was young and I wasn’t looking forward to a life in hotel rooms. So I played locally instead of continually living in a van down by the river. I had good jobs, so the normal life took over, married, had a kid got divorced. Got remarried, added two kids from my new marriage, and life continued on. I already started playing churches starting in ’94 and continue to this day. It consumes most Sundays most weekends. I have played in initially small churches around 150 to blow up to 22,000 members, to playing small churches that really never grow past 300. My opinion is I’m playing for one, so the row count, doesn’t matter so much. Life is good now, as all three kids are out of the house. They all are doing great with their young lives. I’m way older now in 2016 than I was in ’94 starting out with the church scene. My best advice to young inspiring church musicians to be humble and go in with a servant’s heart. It’s not about you, never will be. If your OK with that, you will do fine.

Aug 22, 1966 (Age: 54)
Peoria, Arizona, United States
Database analyst/systems engineer/ETL Programmer


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