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    AFIII Prog fusion track with weird bass tritone tuning

    I love this and how the guitar looks too!
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    AFIII 80's rock solo by Stel Andre

    Good times, brother! Love the sound, the note choices and the sweet Kiesel. Which pickups did you go with in this build?
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    AFIII Soldano SLO jam (Black Sabbath and an original)

    I've been wanting to play one of the OD Guitars. I saw one at a previous NAMM show, but didn't get to pick it up. Did you custom order this one or get it on a place like
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    AFIII New Recording With The Corrected LFO Rotary On Axe Fx III

    I dig it. Tell me about your recording process? Live drums? In a studio or a home situation? Did you play everything on it?
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    Orange Rockerverb compared Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    That was the idea when I started the channel 3 years ago, but I've never seen more than $100 in a month on ads. If I didn't just flat out enjoy it, it would be pointless.
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    Orange Rockerverb compared Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    Really it's just that people on the channel seem to enjoy it. It's not the type of thing where I'm going to turn it into a multi-week setup, scientific experiment. I think anyone with some knowledge knows that you can dial the Axe FX in to sound like virtually anything and you can get...
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    Orange Rockerverb compared Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    I always find it interesting how in the comments section of these videos, some people feel real strongly about one and some the other. Goes to show you how personal to taste tone really is. I actually wasn't aware of the third Rockerverb. Thanks for the info.
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    Orange Rockerverb compared Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    It's always fun doing these. As we all know, either of these wonderful pieces of hardware deliver great sounds. I find the Axe FX to be much more tweakable and powerful. The "out of the box" sound comparison is entertaining for me though.
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    Comparing Axe FX 3 & Kemper for the Fender Bassman Blackface

    From time to time I do these videos. It's not exact science of course, but it gets people on my channel to be aware of modeling/profiling in general and it's just good fun.
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    Latency to Front of House?

    Thanks for the ideas. It was only me in the monitor and FOH. The rest of the band sounded spot on with no latency. I'm definitely going to use the IEMs after this. I don't know a ton about the setup there. We were 3rd of 5 bands with 10 mins to setup and "sound check" given to us.
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    Latency to Front of House?

    It most definitely does not! =]
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    Latency to Front of House?

    So, at first it was in my monitor. When I asked him to take me out of the monitor completely so I could at least not be thrown off, then I heard it from the FOH speakers when I moved to the front of the stage. I didn't use IEMs at this gig, but I do have them and going to have to make use...
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    Latency to Front of House?

    I wish the room was that big! =] Only holds about 350. We've played there before and I had no issues (AXE FX 2 on those gigs).
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    Latency to Front of House?

    Oh yeah, I wished I thought of that! Very good advice, thanks.
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    Latency to Front of House?

    Tried to. It was one of those local, multi-band gigs with no sound check. We get on stage and have 5-10 mins to get sound and have to go and get a 30 min set done. So frustrating. That's why I was inquiring in here if there is a known setup type issue or anyone had experienced this, so I can...
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    Latency to Front of House?

    There is a pitch block on my live rig but it's only flipped on for one scene. Never had any trouble with it at rehearsal, so I'm thinking that wouldn't be it.
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    Latency to Front of House?

    The latency was going through the house speakers as well. I couldn't go near the front of the stage without fighting the "off time." I certainly don't think there is something wrong with the Fractal here. I am wondering if it's possible I did something in my setup or if there is some aspect...
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    Latency to Front of House?

    I played a show last night where it was my first time gigging with the Axe FX 3. The other guitarist and I have been using Axe FX 2s for several years and scores of gigs with no problem ever. We both upgraded before this last show and I had a weird issue with noticeable latency for my sound...
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    AFIII New prog/fusion album out ft. Michael Manring

    Fantastic. Manring has always been a favorite of mine too! Kudos!
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    Making a Live Sound

    I recorded this vid a couple years back and finally got around to posting it on my channel. This is just how I do things for live use, but I'd love to hear from other guys in here about their ways of adjusting sounds for stage vs. recording.
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    AFIII My new single 'Tangerine Dream'

    Such fun! I love the nod to the time period.
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    AFIII Vocal Contest Winner & My Favorite Lead Sounds

    So I ran this contest to choose the best vocal for a tune I wrote and this is the rendition who won it. I used two of my VERY favorite AXE FX lead tones on this one. @2:33 is an auto-wah style sound in a patch that I made with my PRS. The one in the chill part @3:31 is something I'm pretty...
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    AFIII New tune 4 years in the making. Mix of Axefx2 and Axefx3 tones. Progressive metal/rock.

    It was worth waiting for the right singer! This is a killer track. Just left a comment on the YT vid. Adding it to my Spotify driving playlist!
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    AFIII My humble first track with my new multi-stringed acoustic guitar (31 strings)

    So cool! Do you have any video playing it yet?
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    AFIII My New Album with my beloved Axe FXIII (Do we still listen to music?)

    Yeah, I remember even before that for me when it was LPs on vinyl. It was an entire experience listening and consuming everything about the music. In this world of Spotify, I have succumb to the listening to singles and putting things on playlists milieu as well. I like what you did here...
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    A 2022 look at using the Axe FX3 vs the Kemper

    I did this back in 2019 as well, but things have been oft updated and I thought I should give people a nice overview of how the workflow for these two pieces of gear is very different.
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    AFIII Fusion Improv

    Really nice work!
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    AFIII Melodic shred improvisation over rock backing track

    Yeah man, that's tasty as heck!
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    AFIII Fusion Guitar Improv

    Nice. I like the little rhythmic theme you go for at about 0:45.
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    AFIII My new song "Dropped" - (amp Bogner Blue Modern)

    Loving that tone. Agreed with above comment that the riff is cool. I like how groovy it gets.
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    AFIII I ripped off AC/DC

    Thanks! It was NOT natural what I went through to get my voice to sound like that! lol
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    AFIII I ripped off AC/DC

    Thanks man! It was kind of a goof and then I decided to just publish it.
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    AFIII I ripped off AC/DC

    I was trying to make a wall of Marshals sound and then it inspired me to play this riff and then I had to try to cop the vocal style and well... This thing came out:
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    AFIII The Rain Jam - Stel Andre

    Yeah man, gorgeous. Love the Kiesel too! I keep buying 'em.
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    AFIII Money For Fractal....

    That tune is one that people don't often realize how difficult is to get the subtleties on. You nailed it!
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    AFIII Testing a tone out...

    If I was using it in a mix, I would back off on the delay/verb because it makes it sound a bit garagish. Otherwise, the timbre of it and distortion are cool.
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    AFIII One of my favorite lead tones so far for neck pickup

    Really nice playing, man! Can I get this (and more of ya'll stuff) on Spotify per chance?
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    AFIII Shredding over a metal backing track

    This is like an encyclodpedia of eveything cool that's happened to lead guitar up til 2021. GREAT work!
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    AFIII Requiem Song

    Thank you.
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    AFIII Requiem Song

    This was written for my girlfriend who passed of cancer last December. She was such a shining spirit and always spreading positivity, so I wanted to honor that spirit of becoming a guardian angel of sorts to the many she loved. The video team did an amazing job here too. I got to make some...
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    AFIII A New Tune (Prog Rock/Metal)

    This is a really great composition and not something I've already heard a million times. Kudos!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Oh yeah, thanks so much!
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    AFIII DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    Realllllly well done dude!!!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Oh I don't know. =[ Thanks!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Much thanks!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Sure, I'll drop it on the AxeChange. =]
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Thanks mucho!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Thanks for all the kind words, guys!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Thanks so much!
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    I'll attach a pic. I've got 3 of them running:
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    AFIII Orange Rockerverb For Days

    Used a 4 scene preset I made myself with the Orange Rockerverb amp model. I'm most pleased with how this came out:
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    AFIII New album

    Nice work! I get a touch of the Guthrie if he rocked out more vibe. I dig.
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    AFIII PANTERA - Domination

    Sheeit that's tight!
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    AFIII Ambient Improv with the New Verbs

    Well that's just ambient awesomeness right there!
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    Can people spot a modeler from a real amp in a mix?

    Doing a little video test of this concept here:
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    AFIII I'm finally getting confident in my arrangements

    This tune has hair! Love it! When I like something like this when it's done professionally. I don't like to pick it apart because then you're no longer a listener. I mean, have any of us listened to say "Smoke on The Water" and started asking ourselves what we'd do differently? There's...
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    AFIII Dream Theater Pull Me Under solo - 5 different guitars

    Nice! I love doing experiments like this.
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    A lot of good points there. My favorites in the last couple years have been out of Poland (Skervesen and Mayones) and I think it's because the intense pride both those companies have in their work.
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    Hell yeah man. My experience was bizarre in that my first serious guitar (only months into playing) was a PRS custom. This was in 87 when I think Paul had his hands on everything that was being made. To this day, I haven't even played another PRS that was that easy to play and - in those...
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    A good point.
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    Well said! I think what I learned doing this as well was that the amplification is going to be the much greater difference in sound quality than is the guitar.
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    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    I wanted to see what it would sound like between these three price points and if you needed an expensive guitar to get a pro sounding recording. I used a dual amp model that I modified from the Cygnus presets (a Brit 800 and a Brit JM45) and did this side by side...
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    AFIII Fun Use of Tremolo Block in a Rock Tune

    Wanted to share this 24 hours before it's actual release. I used the heck out of the tremolo effect to get the pulsing sound. Elsewhere in the tune I'm using some Marshall sims and an Orange Rockerverb rig that I made and use all the time.
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    AFIII Help me make my metal bass tone better (recordings inside Periphery/Karnivool)

    The only thing I'm hearing is a need to clear up some of the mid/high-mid range so it competes less with where guitars and vocals sit. Like with every instrument in a mix, the best isolated tone is not the best tone in ensemble. So you could either EQ back from about 1k through 4k or use a...
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    Legator Ninja (w/ FIshman Moderns) Review & Free Patch

    I did a wee review of this gorgeous looking guitar and made a patch for it to share with all ya' cool folks. Patch @ Video Review @
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    AFIII The Limelight M@ preset was perfect for this!

    Ohhhh M @, I get it now. =]
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    AFIII The Limelight M@ preset was perfect for this!

    I wanted to do a video on Alex Lifeson and this preset was so perfect. Thanks to whomever made this one over at Fractal!
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    AFIII Axe FX on a *GASP* Pop/Rock Song

    Thanks so much!!
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    AFIII Axe FX on a *GASP* Pop/Rock Song

    I spend quite a bit of time in Oceanside and so it's just a happy Summer feel for me. I def agree that things have changed in many areas, but it's not everywhere and there is a certain vibe that is just very California that inspired the music. I probably notice it more because half my year is...
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    AFIII Axe FX on a *GASP* Pop/Rock Song

    =] Thanks! The AXE FX kicks butt!
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    AFIII Axe FX on a *GASP* Pop/Rock Song

    This riff came from my Axe FX vs. Kemper video on the Bogner amps. I ended up using the AXE FX preset to finish the recording and make this way too happy pop/rock song. =]
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    AFIII Jamming on my Kiesel, Lumi and Axe Fx 3

    Nice stuff! I like the unexpected (is it a key change?) chord turnaround in there. I love me some Bareknuckle pickups too!
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    AFIII AXE FX for the WIN on my new single. =]

    I really needed that guitar through a cheese grater sound for the intro on this and the Axe FX had exactly what I wanted. Before I updated to the new Cygnus presets it was @326. I'll have to go hunting again to see if it or a similar sound made it into the new banks.
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    AFIII I just needed to make something.

    Good and well done, sir! An enjoyable track all the way around and it's fairly well release quality on the mix. I'm not sure what you'd want to change up on it to put it out to the public writ large.
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    Engl Savage 120 Compared (Axe vs. Kemper)

    A quick comparison of the two units for this amp. This is the last comparison I filmed pre-Cygnus.
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    Xvive wireless with AXE III?

    If it helps you any, I did a vid review on it comparing sound vs. cable and all that:
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    Nice. I love that PRS in your avatar too. Is that yours?
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    AFIII Need advice on my song

    Yeah, this mix overall is pretty darn good. The best is just a bit overbearing. I might pull it back 2bd or so and then I think everything else is fine. We can nitpick tone and such all day, but nothing about it is offside. It's a matter of taste from where you're at (after lowering the bass...
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    Ozzy and A7X at church fundraisers? Man, the world has changed since I was a wee one!
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    AFIII Cygnus Cameron. Warmoth Strat. Skervesen Bass. Groovy goodness!

    Good times! You're so right about the ones that come out fast too. Nice stuff, dude.
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    I always took it to mean that you will be rewarded with prosperity for putting in honest, good effort.
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    Very good point. I started way back on a Roland VG8 and I LOVED that I was making tones I hadn't heard before. I wasn't trying to be anything but me and that's what I love about the Axe FX too.
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    I like all of them, to be honest. The three I chose are the ones I'm most familiar with and use the most, so I guess those are my faves, BUt there's not a bad one among them.
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    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    OF course at a place like here we do, but in general, when people review the AXE FX and do YouTube videos, it doesn't come up as much as it should. I don;'t know when it occurred to me, but I had to do a vid about it. Also I included the patch @...
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    Soldano SLO-100 Face Off with Kemper

    The AXE FX is certainly more tweakable in just about every way.
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    Soldano SLO-100 Face Off with Kemper

    Fair, but these are just for the curious people out there who can't just plug into either or and go for it. It's not science, it's a bit of fun.
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