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Orange Rockerverb For Days


Fractal Fanatic
A boosted RV50 with parallel reverb has been my main... squeeze... since I made it. Works great with 212 IR's!

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Nicely done!
I like the not-totally-overdriven-but-still-ballsy tones on a bunch of the lead lines, very cool.

What IR(s) are you using?

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Now that's a guitar tone. People use way too much gain nowadays.
I semi-accidentally saw a clip of part of a live Shania Twain song, and thought exactly what you said -- ballsy but not overly gained up, unlike so much of the guitar I hear. Not sure who that was, but good job!


Really nice sound and playing! Inspired me to pick up the guitar and give the Orange Rockerverb a little love.
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