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  1. Hellbat

    Lets see those PRS's

    I'd say Salmon, which while technically a shade of pink, somehow seems faster.
  2. Hellbat

    Bought the Eastman Goldburst T484 today!

    I'm so glad I'm not one of those with sensitivity to scale length, neck thickness, materials, etc. As long as I have roughly 10-46 gauge strings (modified depending on tuning and scale lengths.) I can get by. I think that's likely due to being talent limited hehe.
  3. Hellbat

    Guitar Chord/Scale App

    I use an old app from Agile called Guitar Toolkit, but it hasn't been updated in 7 years and the tuner function no longer works. All the chord/scale functionality is still there. I believe I probably paid for it but that would have been over a decade ago so I'm not sure.
  4. Hellbat

    Mr. Big / Jared James Nicols

    JJN is super musically connected and seems like a legit lovely guy. I love that he does his own thing with the fingerpicking.
  5. Hellbat

    NGD Picked up a Les Paul

    Nice top on that one!
  6. Hellbat

    2 Guitar Options: NGD!

    The Jazz neck can sound a little thick/bottom heavy, I have one in my Jackson Rhoads. I just used it with naturally thinner sounding amps like AC's and such. The only time I would want to use it with higher gain is playing leads up above the 10th fret or so. Then it really gives a nice round and...
  7. Hellbat

    NGD Jackson Dk7 Modern

    I'm torn by the SLS headstock on these. It's a nice headstock and I really like the straight string pulls, but the pointy is so iconic.
  8. Hellbat

    Gibson es-339 question?

    I asked for an Epiphone 339 from my wife because I wanted to try a semi-hollow, didn't want a boat sized 335, and didn't want to jump in with both feet straight into a Gibson without knowing if I'd even like a hollow body. It ended up being my main gigging guitar for a couple of years due to...
  9. Hellbat

    Well, wish me luck....

    Sending positive vibes. Don't hurt the long game by rushing back into action. Slow and steady wins the recovery race.
  10. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 25.00 Public Beta #2 (Cygnus X-3 Release Candidate)

    I have read that Billy and Roth parted on bad terms. I suspect Dave suggested he perform an amp reset.
  11. Hellbat

    2 Guitar Options: NGD!

    Cool, Mike Olson was playing D'Angelico EX-DC's in Lake Street Dive when he was in the band. He got some nice tones from them.
  12. Hellbat

    2 Guitar Options: NGD!

    If you want what I would consider a nicer guitar than the D'Angelico, have you looked at one of these? The piezo and an Axe-Fx give you some cool and unique sound options. They also have less expensive non-piezo hollowbody...
  13. Hellbat

    Lets see those PRS's

    Wonder Woman sig! Congrats!
  14. Hellbat

    Roland KC 990 any good for FM3?

    Since it's a stereo cab I'd use the 1/4" inputs with the FM3 out 2 1/4" outs. You'll need to configure copy out 1 to out 2 in the io menu I believe. If you are using out 2 for an FX loop or just wanted to run mono with it through the XLR, you'll need to make sure that the XLR is able to take a...
  15. Hellbat

    Show your Taylor

    Here's my 414ce that I bought in 2011. The back ovangkol is a lot more flamed than the picture shows. I don't think I had my flash at the right angle for that. This wood also has the side benefit of smelling wonderful.
  16. Hellbat

    Share your Rhoads adjacent guitars

    Nice, I used to have a metallic black RR1 that I grabbed because it was a good deal. It was a great guitar but I moved it on because I needed a strat at the time and I prefer white guitars to black ones. The metallic black was cool though and I kind of wish I still had it.
  17. Hellbat

    Share your Rhoads adjacent guitars

    Let see your LP Customs, Jackson Rhoads or Concords, or Sandoval V's! Here's my 2008 RR1T.
  18. Hellbat

    Lets see those PRS's

    My 594 DC
  19. Hellbat

    What would you do?

    If she wants pop, t-pain the shit out of them and send them to her that way.
  20. Hellbat

    Fender FR-12 preamp mod : The Hissterectomy

    @WKSmith it might be worth adding the order/waitlist info to the first post so it's easy for people to find, even if it's just a link to the most recent post about it. Way easier than digging through 60 pages trying to find it. I'm considering ordering one for the FR12 I bought for my brother...
  21. Hellbat

    Easy way to smoke fish or meat etc.

    I thought this was going to be about pellet grills. :laughing: I did a small pork butt on my GMG pellet grill to take some pulled pork to a friend's for dinner this weekend.
  22. Hellbat


    Duncan Custom.
  23. Hellbat

    PSA: Change your strings!

    I cleaned and put new strings on my 594 so I could chalk up an "I did something!" for a lazy Sunday. It gets most of my playing time of all my guitars, so it's nice to keep that one the freshest. The ebony looks very happy to have been given an oily rubdown.
  24. Hellbat

    PSA: Change your strings!

    Lube is multiple meaning. I do use nut lube, but it also involves cleaning/oiling the fingerboard, clean and polish the finish and (very lightly) lubing any trem contact points where applicable. I've been using D'Addario XT's lately as they are easy to get hold of. When in stock, I'll usually...
  25. Hellbat

    PSA: Change your strings!

    My guitars are all due for a string and lube session. I should get on that.
  26. Hellbat

    Recommend a Mic for acoustic guitar recording

    I like Rode mics because they are reasonably priced and built well, even though they are made by Aussies. ;) For acoustic guitar you could go with the NT1 or M3. NT1 will give you more room in the pattern and the M3 is an end address so closer to a shotgun style capture. The nice part with the...
  27. Hellbat

    If you had to choose a Tele or a Strat..

    I'd rather look at a Strat all day long. Teles are comfy to play and do sound great, but that headstock is 75 years of fugly.
  28. Hellbat

    My JCM800 Just Blew Up

    This amp died for our sins.
  29. Hellbat

    Epiphone DG-335

    A lot of the high end Epiphones including this one are using Gibson USA burstbucker pickups these days. I'm waiting for an ES-339 with an explorer hockey stick headstock personally. :tearsofjoy:
  30. Hellbat

    NGD - DGT

    594 is an asymmetrical carve IIRC where I think the DGT is symmetrical so even if the max thickness was identical they would feel different under the thumb/webbing. I'm lucky in that I like my necks like I like my women. From thin and flat to thick and curved, I can interface with them all.
  31. Hellbat

    NGD - DGT

    Nice guitar. Love the goldtop paint. It's like the most mashed up LP and Strat ever. If I ever run across a DGT, I'd love to give one a try. I'm curious how the switch position will work for me. On the hanger note, I offset the height of my hangers so I can get the guitars a little closer...
  32. Hellbat

    Forgot he was in a restaurant gig

    Alex is super talented and very musically connected. My favorite part was at :51 when he throws in the tiniest little pretend clam to trick us into believing he's human.
  33. Hellbat

    Small FRFR Bookshelf For FM9 - Practice Only

    If you want to go the route of small bookshelf/monitor something like the Yamaha HS-5 will do a good job. HS-7 or 8 if you want more bass and volume. They sell them individually so if you don't want stereo you only need to buy one. I like my Bose S1's for smaller wedges, but they are a bit on...
  34. Hellbat

    Playing in hot weather?

    I keep a towel on my music stand and wipe off my hands between songs, but otherwise it's 'grin and bear it.'
  35. Hellbat

    Custom guitar?

    I bet that thing neck dives like a bitch.
  36. Hellbat

    Sometimes there are those gigs...

    Helen was so beautiful in Excalibur.
  37. Hellbat

    Classical guitar recommendation

    I was going to suggest a Godin because I have a 20+ year old CW concert from their old La Patrie brand that has held up really well. (Made from old growth sinker mahogany and spruce recovered from the Great Lakes.) But looking at their current models it looks like an equivalent would come in at...
  38. Hellbat

    Anyone catching the Swift game today?

    They could do a segment on what beer pairs best with KD and wieners.
  39. Hellbat

    Help with my first Reverb purchase (it's a PRS)

    Which Vancouver store? Rufus? Just curious.
  40. Hellbat

    Modern takes on the Les Paul

    If you want to go with a smaller builder, I had a good custom experience with Sully guitars. He has the 71 which is his closest model to a LP vibe. Or the new Astro model if you want something more modern styled still and kind of doublecutty...
  41. Hellbat

    Help with my first Reverb purchase (it's a PRS)

    Love my 594 artist DC. It's a life partner.
  42. Hellbat

    The Mark Knopfler Guitar Collection @ Christie's

    Some good porn in that PDF. I'm not a giant Dire Straits fan, but he's a phenomenal player, writer, and performer. He also has great choice in gear and fantastic tone. The fact that proceeds are going to charity also makes me hope they all sell for very high prices.
  43. Hellbat

    Are you using Axe-Fx/FM9/FM3 with a tube amp?

    The numbers so far are initially surprising, and then not.
  44. Hellbat

    Gibson Les Paul Custom - Talk me into or out of buying

    100%. I couldn't afford a soloist in the 80's, but my Charvel model 5 has the same heel.
  45. Hellbat

    Gibson Les Paul Custom - Talk me into or out of buying

    Mmmm. The original Soloist heel is so comfy.
  46. Hellbat

    Roland sound cloud/VST's (synths)

    I'm not certain but I seem to remember I paid $480 CAD for my D05 new. I think they retailed for $599 or something when they first released. I bought it after it had been out for a year or so, and I was just keeping my eye out whenever I'd pop into any brick and mortar music store. Now I need...
  47. Hellbat

    Roland sound cloud/VST's (synths)

    I tried an ultimate subscription for a year and enjoyed it, but after the first year something went weird on the renewal or they changed policies or something and I could only load like 3 plugins at once, including ones I had lifetime subs for so I axed it. @GlennO may be able to address your...
  48. Hellbat

    "Morning Dew" by Johnny A . on the Fractal Audio FM9

    That venue is within 30 minutes of me. I'll have to keep an eye on their show listing.
  49. Hellbat

    Airport etiquette when meeting people coming in on a flight?

    I hear assless chaps are currently de riguer for airport pickups.
  50. Hellbat

    New ESP LTD GL Desert Eagle - Thoughts?

    That seems weird. I would bet most players would prefer it to switch between bridge/neck. I guess that's the thing with signature gear. Sometimes artists don't do the sensible thing. :eek: I like the graphics but since I have no aboriginal blood myself, I'd feel weird sense of cultural...
  51. Hellbat

    Contact Fractal for your Custom Title

    If I rate ever rate a custom title, just make it "Completely safe to ignore." :D
  52. Hellbat

    New ESP LTD GL Desert Eagle - Thoughts?

    Isn't putting titanium parts in a FR1000 kind of the equivalent of putting a Whipple supercharger in an AMC Pacer?
  53. Hellbat

    Something that Bothers Me at Gigs

    Just remember, you're prettier when you smile.
  54. Hellbat

    Ziricote 000 build

    Love the parquet soundhole inlay. Looks like the Boston Gardens floor!
  55. Hellbat

    Grabbed A Friedman🫣

    Steve Stevens model, nice. I bet it rips.
  56. Hellbat

    Dad Jokes

    How do you become a pirate lawyer? You pass the Yarrrrr exam!
  57. Hellbat

    Reverb Nimbostratus doesn't sound the same in FM3 as in AX3.. help

    You're currently comparing apples to oranges. At the very least you should revert your Axe 3 to a firmware before the reverb changes. Or wait for the FM9 firmware to be updated to the same Reverb algorithms as the Axe 3 on FW24.x.
  58. Hellbat

    Wenge & Walnut Explorer style

    Cool guitars! I almost thought the sycamore was lacewood.
  59. Hellbat

    Weird residual buzzing on palm mutes with "Intelligent" gate.

    FYI there have been gate improvements in the most recent III firmware. I'd imagine they'll eventually make their way to the FM-9 in a future update. From the AxeFX III 24.03 release notes: Improved Intelligent and Noise Reducer gate types in Input block. This eliminates the slight squeaking...
  60. Hellbat

    Fender FR or Celestion F12?

    Stereo Floor monitors facing me. As a stereo pair they'll push enough to compete with a hard hitting drummer for stage volume, but I also go through the PA for FOH sound. In a jam situation they may be slightly anemic. The Fender definitely gets louder.
  61. Hellbat

    Couple of NGD's Taylor and Charvel

    H/S Frenchie, yes please! Is it a USA build?
  62. Hellbat

    Mark V preset #

    What about non-emo amps?
  63. Hellbat

    Fender FR or Celestion F12?

    I haven't tried the other options but the FR-12 is pretty cool and the neodymium speaker mag makes it nice and light. I'd like to try the 10 too, but the size and weight savings are fairly insignificant. The one I tried had about 25% of the hiss level of a tube amp idling. It's hearable over...
  64. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 24.03 Release

    I don't know if it's a bonus side effect from the work done on the noise gate release, but I can run the threshold up to 10dB more open now on the intelligent gate. It give's me a little bonus dynamic range to work with. The noise reducer mode is a little less effective in my EMI bath...
  65. Hellbat

    PRS S2 upgrades questions. P-Rails vs P90s, and more.

    I have a p-rails hot in the bridge of my Hello Kitty strat. I actually really like it as a humbucker because the different coils give it a unique sound. The rail position in the hot model is pretty icepicky on its own but the P90 side sounds really nice and full on clean tones. I've never tried...
  66. Hellbat

    Verellen Meatsmoke!

    My friend and I did a road trip to Seattle a few years back and visited Ben's shop. He's a very nice, smart guy but the bulk of his work was custom stuff and I think that made it hard to be profitable. My friend plays bass and the Meatsmoke is his dream amp, but they're no longer being made. I...
  67. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 24.01 Release

    Continuous innovation and improvement Rapidly responsive to discovered issues and customer wishes Optional updates, provided at no cost Fractal is doing a fine job. No need for an apology IMO. Best wishes for 2024 and keep up the stellar work.
  68. Hellbat

    Gift of Tone 2023 FINAL - Neal Schon!

    I joined Santas band as a teenager. It was a great gig until Grandma got run over by a reindeer. P.S. all, I think if I recall correctly from a rig rundown with Cooper, Neal uses a dedicated expression pedal (EXP 2 it looks like.) to control his wet mix in case you are wondering why these...
  69. Hellbat

    Kemper Player is out, so pretty much all the competition now has a mini 3 button product… still no Fractal FM3 Lite???

    I think the FM3 is good as is. The only improvement would be if they added a 4th button for bees.
  70. Hellbat

    FM9 into Fender FR-12 video clip and initial impression

    I picked up an FR-12 today to give to my brother for Christmas along with my FM3 that has about 25 hours on it. Since they only had an open box FR-12 in stock, I feel I had a moral obligation to test it a little bit. I grabbed him the 12 because he plays guitar and bass and I figured the extra...
  71. Hellbat

    Hearing loss from antibiotic or sickness?

    When I was taking predinisone (80mg a day) for my chronic kidney disease it affected my hearing itself. It sounded like I was standing in a wind storm all day long with constant 'rush' noise. Not the good kind of Rush noise. It was probably hearing my own blood flow or something like that but it...
  72. Hellbat

    Joel Paterson - Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar

    It looks like his day job was an engineer at Boeing. I love the green vinyl. I have Tommy Emmanuel's All I Want for Christmas album that is a nice listen.
  73. Hellbat

    FM9 into Fender FR-12 video clip and initial impression

    Sounds good Gary. Looking forward to hearing how it held up with the band. I'm thinking of grabbing one to give my brother for Christmas to go with an FM3 for a portable live rig he can use for guitar or bass.
  74. Hellbat

    The future of amp modeling and Fractal?

    AFX - The closest thing to real.
  75. Hellbat

    So today my AX3 started sounding thin and weak.

    I mean, it's church so you can't really set him on fire. But can you pray he gets set on fire?
  76. Hellbat

    NGD, Merry Christmas To Me

    Nice ash. I have an old USA Select series Strat with an ash body and flame maple top and neck. It was my main gigging guitar for many years. I love it but need to get it refretted because the stock frets are low and wide. It always played great and sat in the mix with the other guitarist who...
  77. Hellbat

    Concerns about advances in AI

    Here is an interesting article on how AI is overtaking reality in returned search results. Meaning people will take the fakes as truth.
  78. Hellbat

    NGD - DGT

  79. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.03 Beta #1

    The solution is to buy one of each unit so no matter which one gets a new firmware first, you're covered.
  80. Hellbat

    Which presets are best for a telecaster

    Grab a Band-Commander and appropriate cab, throw a tube spring in front of it, plug in and you are done.
  81. Hellbat

    Newest Guitar build

    An Explorrior! I thought that was a P-rail in there at first!
  82. Hellbat

    NGD - Taylor Acoustic!

    Nice, I love koa. It's my favourite natural wood for looks. Sadly I don't have a koa guitar myself. (yet!)
  83. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.00 Release Candidate (Beta #6)

    Ah, the old opposite tilted single quote. I run Broadcom DE Scheduler and we occasionally run into similar issues from people that pass us paths and such that use non-plain text characters that cause problems.
  84. Hellbat

    NGD - Taylor 814 CE Builder’s Edition

    I tried an 814ce at a Taylor event pre-covid and I hit the low E string and it was like a cannon went off. I figured no way it would be balanced across the strings but it was. I'm more an electric player so I stick with my 414ce which isn't as nice but still sounds great and the ovankol smells...
  85. Hellbat

    Is it true that Toni Iommi played 8 gauge strings tuned to C# standard?

    It's doable but things get pretty flappy. Makes crazy bends possible and feels great though. You have to really be on top of intonation because the strings don't fight you to stay in the right place, they just go where you want. I have a Jackson Minion mini soloist that I strung up with 9's and...
  86. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.00 Public Beta #1

    Build a man a fire and he's warm for the night. Set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.
  87. Hellbat

    Collecting old rack gear...What to get?

    Roland XV-5080 with some kind of taurus-ey controller!
  88. Hellbat

    Was the Fender TMP the impetus for Cliff producing gap-less switching?

    I have to buy my wife stainless steel or titanium watches because she has severely acidic skin. The metal will start to pit and severely corrode after a year or so and the breakdown accelerates from there. I'm mildly acidic myself but nothing severe.
  89. Hellbat

    Andy Eagle ask me anything on TGP

  90. Hellbat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.01 Release

    A good colonoscopy doctor with the right sedative and they are a breeze. The hardest part is clearing the pipes before with the peg-lyte.
  91. Hellbat

    Jackson vs. Charvel ...Preference?

    The correct answer is both of course. I have a Charvel Model 5 I bought new in 1987 and a Jackson RR1T I bought new about 15 years ago. Admittedly the M5 is more Jackson than Charvel in its DNA.
  92. Hellbat

    Rediscovering models (EOB/vintage)

    Band Commander!
  93. Hellbat

    A bargain...

    I believe it's Trey Anastasio, but could be wrong or misspelled his name.
  94. Hellbat

    RIP Bernie Marsden

    Quite possibly, I just remember reading something about it changing hands and was surprised.
  95. Hellbat

    RIP Bernie Marsden

    RIP, I wondered why the Beast changed hands a few months ago, now it makes sense.
  96. Hellbat

    The Couch of Joy and Doom...

    Love those thicker flame LP's.
  97. Hellbat

    Ear Plugs

    Provides a noise reduction rating of 19dB according to the website.
  98. Hellbat

    Ear Plugs

    I’ve used Hearos and the D’Addario ones. The brand D had better sound quality to me.
  99. Hellbat

    Just a little wind (Typhoon hitting Okinawa)

    My friends reported a short loss of power but said all was well.
  100. Hellbat

    Standing up playing vs Sitting down -- Let's talk about it!

    Try an ES-339 or a prs 594HB if you have neck and back issues. There is a massive difference between a 5-6lb guitar and a 10lb guitar. Songs in the set list I practice standing up, since I perform them standing and found my practice while sitting didn’t transfer perfectly for me. I’m sitting for...
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