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Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

Torn meniscus. Not sure of the recovery time.
I have had 3 of those ...the last one to fix the second one that was done by a lazy surgeon who didn't want to be there ( he was late for dinner)...I never got of crutches for that operation but the guy who fixed it did such a good job that I walked out of surgery caring the crutches!!
I hope you get a surgeon with a full stomach...!


Seen that done and a month on average to be up and running, it seems. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery! Thanks for the bass amps!


Torn meniscus. Not sure of the recovery time.
Had that in each knee. A few days of rest and lots of vicodin and I was walking around. Even if you feel like you can, don't push it. I did too much walking about 10 days later and ended up in a world of hurt. It does make getting up from the toilet a whole new adventure.


Do you know a woman named Ilean? She has a torn meniscus.
I know a woman named Irene... Asian woman with a torn meniscus.

This post maybe would make sense to Cliff as the anesthesia starts to wear off, otherwise, I have zero idea what your trying to say here...?
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