Jul 22, 2010
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    1. SLICK
      Hi I am new to forum and also my AX8. I have used fractool tonight to convert some presets on axechange which are axe fx ii presets for use on my AX8. Converted ok, the used bot to process preset and it said preset has been sent to edit buffer, save to location on ax8 before continuing. I cant find where the hell the edit buffer is-nothing in any manual anywhere, man these things are killing me with frustration
    2. SLICK
    3. Rex
      Alive and well.
    4. Rex
      You know who could really use this? AlGrenadine. I think it could find a nice home in his archive. May I share?
    5. Rex
      Wow, Thanks! Nice gift—and completely unexpected.
    6. lauke-lux
    7. lauke-lux
      Hello, I need some mail adress to transfer you the old Axech archive (banks A to ....H ?), some Yek, Scott Peterson and Simeon archives as well. I also put in there my last ULTRA backups, maybe the stuff of Don Petersen is stored in backup of bank A & B together with a bunch or RACA patches (didn't have the courage to reinstall the old Axe Edit to check).
    8. Rex
      You're right — the expression pedal should be assigned to CC7 if that's what you're using as the control source for your vol/pan. Let me know what you messed with to get the volume back, and check the stuff I mentioned earlier. If you're still having problems, let me know, and I'll see what I can figure out.
    9. Axe5288
      Thanks for responding. I'll go thru the setup again to see if I see anything. I messed with it a little yesterday, and the presets that had no volume, started working, but not allowing the delays to "hang". I'm not sure I understand the, "input/output" in regards to the vol/pan in the signal chain. Placing it after the amp/cabs, and before the effects and assigning it to source Ext#1 and that to cc#7, shouldn't the XP1 in the MFC be assigned to CC#7? I tried that, and got no sound. Any way I'm rambling. Thanx for your help, and again for responding so quickly.
    10. Axe5288
      osted this to MFC thread but no replies. So thought I'd try this since it is a new update.

      Successfully updated MFC to V 1.0. I did not want to save anything, thought I'd start fresh so I did not back anything up. I was using the MFC 12.4.2 Axe-Fx Preset Transmit Map to store my favorite presets ex. Brown sound #007 to MFC#1 etc... I also placed a vol/pan block in the chain before the delay and reverb for volume swells allowing them to "hang" I assigned External 1 CC#7 and source to External 1 and everything worked fine. After the update ever preset will play execpt the presets I moved & modified. They display on my Ultra but no sound. I changed the source back to "none" and they work. But I would like to find out what I am doing wrong. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS...............

      It was your info. that helped me config. my vol/pan in the sig. chain to allow the delays and reverbs to "hang" but since I upgraded to fx 1.02 I cannot get it back. Any thoughts?
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