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Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta


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Stereotype of using the wrong phonics
Referring to A Christmas Story...
They are eating in the Chinese restaurant for Christmas.... and the chefs sing to them this the season to be jolly.... Farrararararara. Its difficult to make a "L".
So I didn't make this up.


Fractal Fanatic
Ok, any thoughts on the beta? I haven't tried it yet. I might just take a knee on this one until its official. Make sure you have ice cream and a hot nurse for sponge baths Cliff!


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...don’t get him started with that circumcision story from five years ago , and all the burn victims he was able help. It was 15 , wasn’t it Cliff ?

Seriously, thank you for your commitment to the quest for perfection , and letting us all in on it. I was showing off my III to a bass player , visiting my studio last night !
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