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Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta


Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Added Threshold parameter for all types in Compressor block.

Change Drive block behavior so that when changing the Drive Type the graphic EQ is reset.

Reworked SV Bass amp model. Model is now based on a 1970 Ampeg SVT with 6550 power tubes and the midrange switch in position 3.

Cabinet block now automatically corrects the polarity of IRs that are inverted, i.e. captured from the back of a cabinet.

Improved Cabinet block room modeling by including floor reflection modeling. The intensity of the floor reflections can be adjusted with the new “Floor Reflections” parameter. Floor reflections play a large role in “amp in the room” sound. If the amp is on a carpet the floor reflections are minimal. If the amp is on a wood or other hard surface the floor reflections are significant. Existing presets will initialize this value to 0% so as to not change the sound. The default value is 50%. Note that negative values, while not realistic, are supported which inverts the reflection.

Added Processing parameter to IR Capture Utility. This selects between “Minimum-Phase” which transforms the IR into a minimum-phase version, “Auto-Trim” which removes the leading silence, and “None” which applies no processing at all. Note: prior firmware always used minimum-phase processing.

Added Delay Compensation to IR Capture Utility. This allows compensating for time-of-flight delay when capturing IRs. For example when capturing far-field IRs there may be significant time delay due to the distance of the mic from the speaker. This can reduce the precision of the measurement if the delay is excessive. To use the compensation configure the graph to the Time display. Do a test sweep and note the waveform delay. Dial in the desired amount of compensation delay and repeat as necessary. Note that the speed of sound is roughly 1 ft/ms so a mic that is 10 ft from the speaker would incur roughly 10 ms of delay. Note that IR Capture Utility will automatically compensate for delays up to approximately 20 ms (1K samples). Correction is only required for delays greater than 20 ms.

Renamed Dumble-style amp models with PAB on accordingly.

Added alignment graph to Cabinet block showing a zoomed time series of the IRs allowing visual adjustment of the mic distance. When using IRs that have not been minimum-phase processed this facilitates aligning the IRs.

Added Volume Increment/Decrement CCs for Output 2.

Fixed clicking noise in Pitch block at certain values of shift and tracking.


Impressive! just reading the long list has given me vertigo...floor reflections...time alignment graph on the Cab block...WOW! This implies a huge amount of work

Best of luck and take some rest my friend!


Fractal Fanatic
So many goodies! The IR align feature is so very handy; however when I load up some IR's I made yesterday with the III and Cab-Lab (exported them as files to my computer then loaded them in with Cab-Lab again) it only shows a flat line no matter where the distance is. The cab sounds fine though. Other IR's I've made show up fine.

Everything else works fine and the floor reflections parameter is super cool (negative values are pretty interesting too).
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