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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

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If it truly is so, that when using a real cab and a solid state amp, the speaker comp happens naturally, but with IR's you need the modelled speaker comp, then it is indeed a bummer that it's a Amp block parameter.
I'd rather have it as a maybe a bit less accurate cab block parameter...


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As for the relevant topic: Haven't yet had time to install the beta. Tweaking all of my presets takes at least a full day if not two. Have to wait for the official release, but looking forward to the new BBD algorithms. I assume this update requires resetting the amp block, correct?
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Anyone have a good resource for one to get a quick rundown on what "motor drive", "speaker comp", etc is...never heard these terms. Especially "motor drive"...


Just want a conclusive answer on whether speaker comp is required, when using a solid state amp (matrix GT1000FX) and a real cab, for authenticity, or does it happen naturally?

Part of it happens naturally, part of it doesn't.

With a real cab and a solid-state power amp you get the motor drive thing happening by itself, but no contribution from the transformer, because there isn't one. So "authentic" would be somewhere in between. Play with the knob and see what you like best.


Forgive my ignorance, but is "Speaker Compression" the "Speaker Drive" parameter? If not, where is it?

BTW, absolutely loving this beta. TY FAS.
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