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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

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Andy G

I didn't know there was a Kracken bass product, I was talking about releasing the firmware and doing the bug update when they figure it out.
Haha, that's rather amusing actually. :p

I was referring to the Victory Amps Kraken - there was a discussion earlier this year (I think) in which someone asked Victory Amps for a schematic so Cliff could model it, and they happily obliged. Cliff then said he would procure the amp and add it to the long list.

Either way, releasing a Kraken sounds like an appropriate thing to do. :D


Power User
All the exciting features of Quantum 9 have yet to be announced. New features. Possibly realer. Possibly Morer.

But will they be appropriate for Halloween?

I don't know of Kracken, but Maybe William Peter Blatty, in his recent passing, has learnt the secret regarding the Ninth Configuration. Is it beyond entropy? Noise? Beyond the Gate? (And maybe if Cliff can discover an improved noise gate he can close it in time. I can't understand why a more realer noise gate isn't possibler, anymore than its possible for Howard the Duck to speak English, or dimensional portals to open at Montauk, between writer Lovecraft & the wickedly clawed climber of K2 Crowley.)

At this point we can't say. We can only get passed 42.


Axe FX Mk I; 8.02
Windows 10 64
Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 with the driver from Win 10
Don't do much in a DAW
Never had a timeout


Yesterday what I did was not to run AxeEdit and Acoustica Mixcraft 8 simultaneously. I had no issues. But when they run together, I get timeouts within a few minutes.

Windows 10 x64, Mark II, Q9.00 beta


  1. Some users report a consistent connection bug causing timeouts, which started to rear its ugly head around the time that firmware 8 was introduced, so it appears. Which, BTW, doesn't mean that the firmware must be causing it.

  2. There are also identifyable specific causes of connection errors of another nature. Nvidia graphic cards being one of them, and 2016/2017 MacBooks with USB-C ports, and use of the Chrome browser.

  3. And then there are the usual suspects of connections errors, such as faulty USB cables (happens more then you'd think), incompatibilities caused by USB-hubs, etc. As described in Axe-Edit's Getting Started Guide.
I think it's important to be aware of these different kind of causes, and not attribute all issues to the One Bug.

I had the timeout error long before Quantum 8 (Since I got the AXE FX II in 2013, so probably FW:7?) But since Q8 it has gotten about 10x more frequent. Q9 Beta seems to have lessened it's occurrence somewhat for me.

I also have an AMD graphics card rather than Nvidia, and two different USB cables still have the same issue (one being a decent quality, braided with ferrite cable).

So I don't think it is so easy to pin point it to certain hardware.

My PC is;

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit
i7 920 CPU @ 3.6ghz
Corsair Dominator RAM 16gb @ 1866mhz
AMD Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X OC 4GB Card
ASUS Rampage Gene II Motherboard - X58 chipset

Using Axe-Edit with a DAW open causes the fastest timeout, however just having the DAW without Axe-Edit, or just Axe-Edit without a DAW open also cause the issue, however it seems to take longer to happen.


Moving away from the topic of timeouts for the time being... does anybody wonder if Cliff will release the final Q9 on Halloween?
In other words we get some new tricks in Axe FX and feel like we have been definitely treated?


Fractal Fanatic
What a long strange trip it's been! I've been here since 2012 and I'm still loving it! This new beta is really killer.


Is the final release of the Quantum 9 Firmware in sight by the end of October or will it still take a while?
I'm tempted to update, but I usually wait for the final release, when it comes to hit the stage with it.


Fractal Fanatic
Is the final release of the Quantum 9 Firmware in sight by the end of October or will it still take a while?
I'm tempted to update, but I usually wait for the final release, when it comes to hit the stage with it.
The Timeout BUG has to be eliminated first!
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