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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

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Gotta say, it seemed a bitter pill as the q8 motor drive became a staple through the spring and summer and I didn't want to mess up a good thing; totally worth it. I updated for the delays, but the new algorithm for speaker compression really sounds great.

Merely had to roll the setting back (30-50% for my cleaner stuff and 70% or so for my crunchier sounds) of the previous motor drive value; comparable but absolutely better.

The DMM in real life and through my time with the line 6 models was my go to; wasn't on the AFX until now.

Thank you!


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I've been primarily using the AX8 since last spring but couldn't resist firing up the AFX II to take 9.00 for a spin...reset all the amp blocks in the existing presets and dialed in several tones quickly.

The new “Spkr Comp” is a very useful control/algorithm and has a big effect on feel; I found I liked to lower it a couple of notches for gainier stuff (give it a bit more clarity). I liked it at the defaults for clean-ish/mid gain tones. Will have to explore this control further...

One thing I noticed was that the Master seems to dial in a bit differently; you can really hear and feel just when the power amp falls apart, and dialing in the power amp distortion in v9 seems to be 'improved'. It's like the control in v9 has a more gradual transition from clean to overdrive/clipping as you increase it over it's range then before. It's hard to articulate exactly but dialing in the Master all night was a different 'experience' vs previous firmware...I seems the control has more 'resolution' and effect with the sweet spot spread out more. Ok, I'll shut up now lol.

Love v9 absolutely; great feel, especially when cranked. Had several tones I'd gig with in a few minutes...and got lost in them tonight. Awesome release. I'll say it again, the Captain Hook 2B is the greatest amp for 70's Marshall tones ever...!

Thanks FAS/Cliff for making this available to Mark I owners, always greatly appreciated.


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I just dialed up one of the best Mesa tones I've ever gotten:
USA IIC+ Bright/Deep
Input Drive - 5.5
Overdrive - 5.7
Bass - 2.5
Mid - 8
Treble - 7.4
Presence - 5
MV - 6.6
Speaker Comp - 3.5
Slight 'V' shape on the 5-band EQ
That's quite a high MV setting for that specific model, gotta try that ! :)


I've pretty much convinced myself that we should just remove motor drive from the cab block now.
I may be alone, but I kinda hope not.
I use it when using Acoustic IRs. It makes a nice pseudo compressor..:cool:.......As a matter of fact, I wish that the AX8 had it too...

But I can live without it....

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Just want a conclusive answer on whether speaker comp is required, when using a solid state amp (matrix GT1000FX) and a real cab, for authenticity, or does it happen naturally?
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Hmmst've...well I've come back and read through some replies here. I knew already that I want the transformer grind aspect of the speaker comp value, but the combining with motor drive has me perplexed for use with a real cab. Motor drive is the compression that the drivers experience regardless of tube or solid state as far as I am aware. Motor drive is purportedly meant to model compression that occurs when the voice coil hots up. My speakers do compress naturally with my solid state rig, and in the past it was suggested to try turning motor drive to 0 for anyone using a real guitar cab because otherwise you're essentially doubling authentic compression on top of modeled compression.

If I am on the right page with that is there a possible solution where you can keep the value of speaker comp, and have an extra switch next to it in axe-edit to disable only the motor drive aspect? I would like to make use of the transformer grind, but I know from previous iterations that using the motor drive algorithm in the amp block did not sound great when used with my real cab


My first impression...
There is something new going on, especially with the pick-dynamic response, maybe I'm wrong cause I've only started with testing but if I'm right I'll love it :)

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Re resetting amps and the speaker comp setting, from the release notes:

The “Spkr Comp” parameter controls the amount of virtual speaker compression. This value defaults to 3.0 when the Amp block is reset. It does not get reset when changing the model.

So if that's not the behaviour you're seeing then please report it as a bug.
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