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  1. Chewie5150

    My Van Halen Synth Demo

    The other week I posted short vid on the song Right Now (VH) and mentioned I'd put together a video demo'ing a few other of my VH presets I've made on Ableton Live. It's showcasing a few of my main presets here minus a few not shown. It's an unlisted video I uploaded to my Youtube so that only...
  2. Colin Young

    Van Halen - Summer Nights without Transtrem

    This is a preset I made to use for the song Summer Nights by Van Halen. The original recording used a Steinberger Transtrem, which changes the pitch of the guitar. If you don't have a Transtrem you can't play this song easily. That is why I created this preset. There is a scene setup for each...
  3. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - Runnin with the devil solo

    Just a quick video while jamming.
  4. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen Balance Tone (Baluchitherium Intro)

    Hi all, I recently created this preset with my Axe-Fx III and thought I'd try and convert to the FM9. Not sure if it will work but someone let me know please. Also here is the backing track I made for it.
  5. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen 90's Balance Tone

    Hi all, Here is my attempt at Eddie's Balance tone, I will be updating it with other scene's in the near future but I'm using scene 2 for this video.
  6. diezel013

    AFIII Beat It - Eddie Van Halen Solo

    What a classic... Using my EVH preset (Brit Brown thru G12M + D120 blend... with some verb panned ala EVH). Hope ya dig... Miss ya Eddie!!!
  7. C

    FM3 Soldano SLO + YA orange Cab

    Hey guys! Here is my VH attempt whit the SLO
  8. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

    Since switching over to Cygnus, having fun with some Van Halen. I’m using the Sunset sound plugin for the reverb. Although you can get vey close using the Axe, I had to get this plugin being a massive Van Halen fan. Van Halen - Ain't Talkin Bout Love Intro | Axe-Fx III
  9. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Sunset Sound Reverb + Axe-Fx = Van Halen

    Hi, here is a quick sample of me using the Sunset Sound Reverb Plug-In with my my Axe, it sounds great to me.
  10. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - Unchained Preset (Cygnus)

    Hi all, A few people have asked for this preset so here it is. I'm using 2 stock cabs and one 3rd party, the trusty PT20 which I will include. Scene 1 is just the intro until the drums kick in (this is hard panned to the left) Scene 2 is the rest of the song.
  11. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - Unchained (Cygnus)

    Hi all, thought I'd give Cygnus a test drive with some Van Halen, I tried to match the panning to the record.
  12. Mark Pritchard

    All my AX8 Presets for FREE!

    Hi all, as I've no longer got my AX8 anymore I am giving you all my presets, I have posted a lot of them already but here is the lot. I have used most of them on my YouTube channel if you'd like to hear them. I would appreciate you subscribing to my channel...
  13. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen I preset

    Hi all, Here is a Van Halen 1 preset, I made it on my Axe-Fx III but converted it to the FM3, it has 8 scenes for 8 different songs. I've tried to match the recordings including the panning of the guitar and reverb. I've used a couple of stock IR's and a 3rd party one (Pete Thorn's PT20) I...
  14. CodePoet

    Runnin' With The Dweezil This should be a very cool Van Halen tribute - I expect it will be very well-done by DZ. Will include some Axe-Fx III presets too.
  15. ProgressiveRocco

    AFIII Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    I think it's safe to say Eddie's passing left a void in the guitar world that will never be filled. In my opinion there's never been anyone so influential, inspiring and creative as EVH, he took what Hendrix did 10 years prior and brought it to a whole other level. The electric guitar as an...
  16. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - “Runnin' With The Devil” Preset

    Hi all, another VH preset, thought i'd share my Runnin' With The Devil preset, as soon as i heard this song many years ago i was hooked, what an absolute belter for an opening song on their debut album. I made this on my Axe-Fx III and converted so you'll have to see how it turns out, i've...
  17. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil" Preset

    Hi all, another VH preset, thought i'd share my Runnin' With The Devil preset, as soon as i heard this song many years ago i was hooked, what an absolute belter for an opening song on their debut album. It has 2 scenes, Rhythm and the solo, simple. I'm using a third party IR (PT) which i've...
  18. diezel013

    AFIII My Tribute to Edward Van Halen

    This is my humble, sincere and heartfelt tribute to the one and only Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. You will be dearly missed. If anyone is interested in the presets I used I'm happy to share them. Songs played: Cathedral, Eruption, Running With The Devil, Women In Love, Little Guitars Intro...
  19. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset (RIP Eddie)

    Hi all, It's a sad sad day in the guitar world so i thought i'd do this. I made this preset on my Axe-FX III and thought i'd share for you FM3 guys, i'm not sure how it will turn out but feel free to try. I used a stock cab, pic below if its not included. Enjoy guys.
  20. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset

    Hi all, i've been asked by so many people for this preset so here it is. It is using a stock cab. I use scene 1 in my video with chorus, scene 2 is using the pitch block instead of chorus and scene 3 i was messing around with the 100w Plexi so you can have a play and see what works for you. Enjoy.
  21. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - "Panama" tone

    Yep another VH post i'm afraid guys. I tried to get as close as poss to Eddie's tone. Let me know what you think.
  22. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor Preset

    Hi all, I have a few people ask me for this preset, i will be doing a complete preset for VHII like i did for VHI but this is the first one i've done, i used my first one as a template so thats why all the other scenes are from the first one but i will update it and post on here. I used one...
  23. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - "Somebody Get Me A Doctor"

    Using my new EVH Frankie relic, this has got to be one of Eddie's best riffs, i absolute love it.
  24. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Van Halen "Ice Cream Man"

    My take on this solo. Recorded over 40 years ago and still hard!!! EVH is the man.
  25. Mark Pritchard

    AFIII Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil" Intro (Van Halen preset in the making)

    Hi all, i've noticed lots of people have been trying to re-create that VH1 tone recently and i have been on the same trail. I've been working on this preset for a few weeks now and i'm trying to get close to each track on the first album. I saw @levipeto post his preset yesterday and i must say...
  26. TheTrooper

    Van Halen - Eurption (Guitar Cover)

    Hey guys, found time to record one of my fav solos. I'm running direct from the Axe Fx to Logic X pro; no post processing done. I believe the patch is a Friedman BE/HBE with a TS808 in front (no drive, only level up) Delay and Reverb. The guitar is a 2011 Charvel San Dimas MIJ, with BKP...
  27. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - Episode 12 - Aftershock - Van Halen's Balance tone - Preset coming soon!

    Hello Folks! Episode 12 of my ToneQuest series is out and I have finally dared to venture into a highly discussed era of guitar tone, the guitar tone from Balance by Van Halen! Hope you guys feel I have done some justice to it! As always FREE preset will come soon, so make sure you are...

    "Brown Sound" Artist Pack | Based on Eddie Van Halen's guitar tones (ML Sound Lab)

    Get yours here: This Artist Pack is compatible with Fractal Audio Systems™ Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II and AX8. "Brown Sound" is a collection of perfectly matched guitar tones that were first matched with the Eddie-esque guitar sound...
  29. GuitarMan86

    AFIII Van Halen - "Drop Dead Legs" (short take)

    Hey All, Just sorting some recording issues out and tweaking along the way. Recently picked up this 5150 EVH guitar and had to play some VH at some point.....obviously hah. Hopefully I did some justice on it in one take and quick edit. One single guitar track. Used free from...
  30. ezvictor

    Unchained axe 2 aint 3.mp3?dl=0 Les Paul into AXE FX 2 into garage band. Drums are from a youtube “isolated drum track”. Bass is les Paul into digitech drop pedal set to octave down using a clean preset. Main dirty preset is Plexi 100w high into ML sound lab BRIT...
  31. Rob Suelfllohn

    Hells Bells Guitar Cover - EVH Wolfgang, Fractal , using Mark Day New Frankie Preset

    Using Mark Day's New Frankie, I think Ac /Dc sounds better with a lil more dirt in the tone !!
  32. Igor Paspalj

    "Eruption" - EVH - beta testing new 4x12 EVH cab from

    Hi all, Few days ago I got a great opportunity to beta test new 4x12 EVH cab pack from which is gonna be released soon - Thanks Markus! :) Now, I am perfectly aware that Eruption is not recorded on this new signature EVH amp and cab, but still, it was perfect excuse to record the...
  33. eduardosimoesneto

    Best Metal/Hard Rock sounds.

    I´ve been using the original Fractal AX8 presets to record some songs. I use: - preset 3-7 (5153 Red) for my heavier sounds. I search for a sound close to Anthrax, Testament, Sepultura, Kreator; - preset 3-8 (Savageness) for hard rock. I search for a sound close to Van Halen, Satriani, early...
  34. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen Vibes

    Hi All! Here's a little funny riff I came up with last night jamming, it's obviously highly inspired by EVH, so I also tried to improvise more - less in that manner :) Using my Axe Fx 2 and Charvel USA custom Guthrie Govan guitar, as usual :) Now, I am not sure I can share this preset if...
  35. ProgressiveRocco

    Van Halen - "I'm The One" (New OwnHammer IRs)

    Testing the new cab pack by OwnHammer! Based on a 1971 Marshall 1960B loaded with pre-Rola Celestion G12M-25's! Love these IRs! Perfect excuse to play one of my all time favorite VH songs :)
  36. K

    Axe 2 xl+ Free Presets

    I just got my fractal on Friday and here are some free presets to share. Influenced by Van Halen and Dokken. If anyone wants to tweak them and post the new preset that would be great.
  37. ProgressiveRocco

    Van Halen

    What's up dudes! :cool: I've decided to create some mix-ready patches using JUST factory cabs and sell them for a very reasonable price! Here's my 4th patch, my take on Eddie’s tone on the first Van Halen record. Last week was the 40th anniversary of its release, such a game changer… still one...
  38. TheTrooper

    VAN HALEN - Somebody Get Me a Doctor | Video Cover| BRIT 800 #34!!!!

    My humble Cover of this great great song. The new Brit 800 #34 is absolutely stellar and Q7 is all another league. (Beta 2 disn't sound as good as the final version, maybe I did something wrong but now it's incredible) No copying EVH tone here, just trying to see how the JBM works in a old...
  39. benvigil

    Unchained the AX8 (the obligatory EVH)

    Finally decided to record/post the obligatory... Unchained (excerpt) I tried posting the full version but Sound Cloud content protection removed it. Here's an MP3 on DropBox, full song, remixed: Unchained (full song) Just a quick demo excerpt using the "Brit Brown" amp in the Fractal Audio...
  40. Moke

    Audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset added to my site

    Here is a link to an audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset. It's a bunch of random early EVH 'noodling' with a standard tuned EBBM Axis guitar. The 'Pitch' block is dropping it down a 1/2 step. It actually does sound better on a 1/2 step dropped tuned guitar without the...
  41. David Howard

    I just want to use my AXE-FX standard as a Flanger pedal with my 5150

    Hello, This post is for me to see how much I have learned, if any, about using this AXE-FX standard. What I want to do is use the AXE-FX as a Flanger pedal, and nothing else. I want to use it with my Peavey 5150 2x12 combo. The PEAVEY has an FX-send and FX-return on the back. My thoughts on...
  42. Guitarjon

    EVH fans, check this out! (5153 amp & new OH 412 EDVH pre-rola greenbacks)

    Hi everyone! :) Today I'm really excited because OwnHammer has released the new 412 EDVH dual speaker library featuring pre-rola M20 and M25 speakers and blends of both. I'm a huge fan of the EVH amps and speakers so this is a true delight. This release sounds so damn good as you'll hopefully...
  43. Killius

    Eruption/You've Really Got me Now - live cover

    When the camera comes closer to the stage you can hear the sound on the recording change quite a bit, but it's still cool to see live AX8 video. I used Moke's preset found here:
  44. skyhighrocks

    My live direct 5153 preset

    I did post this in the discussion section along with a video but always forget about this section that IS for presets. Here's the preset I used at my last few gigs. I ran direct to FOH and monitored through my CLR and IEMs. It's laid out like this (if you don't feel like watching the video but...
  45. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen - Eruption with FAS Reverb

    Just started playing with FAS Reverb, and here's a quick try of Eruption. Few mistakes here and there, though... :) I recorded dry guitar with Axe FX II and then applied FAS Reverb in Logic. Btw, Reverb is AWESOME (that's why I cranked MIX more, compared to original recording, lol), too many...
  46. pull75

    If you could buy one cab pack?

    What is everyone's favorite cab pack? Is there one that just stands out above the rest? My favorite Van Halen tone is probably 1984 or Van Halen II Any recommendations on cabs to achieve that? I'm also a huge Andy Timmons fan
  47. ProgressiveRocco

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    One break...coming up!!! As promised in my other thread, here's the full video :cool: and here's the patch (XL/XL+ compatible), keep in mind I've used the ML Brit PR75 MD421 D1 and the ML Brit TV SM57-R121 B01 from Cab Pack 20! Enjoy!:)
  48. ProgressiveRocco

    VAN HALEN | Unchained | ML Sound Lab NEW IRs MIXTEST

    What's up guys! It's VH time!!:cool: \m/ Wanted to test these new upcoming IRs from ML Sound Lab in a mix, there are no guitars on the backing track except for the rhythm one underneath the solo. Only thing added in post is a touch of Eventide micro pitch shift on the solo (easy to recreate...
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