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Runnin' With The Dweezil


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Yea it’s the red headed step child. I actually dig that album it’s got some good tunes on it, and I saw that tour Cherone could actually sing all of the catalog.

Cherone was (is) a way better singer than the other two. The album is great. The problem is it sounds like Extreme, not Van Halen. It was a pretty jarring shift in style. I guess that didn't go over too well with VH fans, or Eddie for that matter.

dr bonkers

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Oh man, I didn't realize it was left out. It's a tough one to love...
When I saw Extreme during the Pornograffiti anniversary tour, when there was too much of a lull between songs, I would request they play "Fire in the Hole".

That song should get more love as well as "Without You".


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Listened to the first episode last night - a great chat with Dweezil and Vai. Some great stories of their interactions with EVH. Not much VH album discussion yet, but that's coming in the next ep for VH1.


If anyone can do VH right in this format it's gotta be Dweezil. Very cool. Are these podcasts audio only?

He might try and do video for the finding the brown sound episode. But I believe all of the interviews will be audio only.
I’m not a podcast guy but I found the 1st Vai episode was an easy listen and so many great stories from both of them about EVH. Can’t wait for the 2nd when they dig into VH1


I've listened to both of these now (the first two episodes with Steve Vai) and in my opinion this is one of the best dissections of VH1 I have ever heard. Dweezil has obviously spent thousands of hours listening to this and the guitar parts he picks out are not the typical ones.

  • The flat tuning of the B string to get the triads to sound so good.
  • The Eruption licks (not the tapping) that I always found to be the most impressive
  • The Rhythm playing in You Really Got Me and I'm the One
  • The stretch in Ice Cream Man.

Required listening folks! Simply outstanding. And I hear Paul Gilbert is next.....
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