1. danielworks

    Behringher fcb1010 : can't program expression pedal A

    I followed carefully this tutorial but I am only getting to make it work the pedal B. When I press "Learn" on FX3 midi/remote menu, only pedal B is assigned ti CC#14. My pedal A is working, cause it can be checked while calibrating them. What am I doing wrong ?
  2. J

    FCB1010 + UnO, problems with Axe-Fx II

    Guys, I dont know what to do. I followed instructions by Voes for software editing and I think it doesnt work. PC doesnt send data to FCB (used Ripwerx) and doesnt reckognize version of firmware (its new one, 1.0.4?. Do any of you have simple idea how to programm it? When I did it manually it...
  3. T

    Help resetting my FCB

    Ive been trying to set up my fcb to run for my axe fx ultra, I wanted one whammy, one volume and the rest to just toggle through sounds. I've tried resetting it but it does not work. I've tried holding pedal one and three for five seconds on start up, nothing happens. I've done the same but with...
  4. T

    Axe fx ultra fcb

    Hey guys just wondering, I recently bought an ultra and fcb1010 and wondered, how do you set up the axe fx ultra to use both the expression pedals on the fcb1010 (no modifications)? I want one pedal for volume and one for whammy. Also how do I set the axe fx patches to each of the numbered foot...
  5. L

    FCB1010 sometimes not communicating with AxeFX II XL+

    How's it going! I couldn't find an answer anywhere so I decided to reach out since I'm very clueless. I own an Axe FX XL II and a FCB1010 loaded with the Eureka PROM, running them w two MIDI cables. They used to work great together but lately I've been running into an issue where the board...
  6. S

    Trouble sending controller data to DAW

    Hey everyone, I have my AXE-FX II (FW Quantum 6.01), connected to my Mac (OS X 10.11.6) via USB. I have a Behringer FCB1010 connected to the midi in of the AXE. I have a volume block being controlled by the FCB via CC41. When I move the expression pedal the 'Midi in' light lights up on the...
  7. P

    Modified FCB 1010

    Hey guys, I will be using a Eureka 3.2 fcb1010 with my new axe fx xl + I've seen lots of phantom power mods (which i will be doing) But i was wondering more about the arduino controlled LCD screen i found on mackatackblog.wordpress com thiis blog! Super cool and makes the fcb1010 the...
  8. p8thfind3r

    FCB1010 Troubles

    Hey all, I dunno if this has been discussed yet or not - if so can you point me in the right direction - but I just got my Axe Fx XL + and a FCB1010 this week. I am trying to set it up so that each bank on the FCB1010 is a preset and the buttons change the sense with a tap-tempo on 5 and tuner...
  9. Compuniac

    FCB1010 Expression pedal Spring - return to heel position

    Hey there, Trying to switch to Axe and only having the FCB1010 on the floor. Got the phantom power and 7 pin midi done so there is only one wire. Although the Wah in the Axe is nice it is hard to give up one's Morley. The deal killer is the expression pedal as the Morley is spring loaded and...
  10. M

    FCB1010 and tap tempo

    I own Axe FX 2 XL+ and FCB1010 without uno chip. I set all needed functions up (which was not easy) except one damn thing - tap tempo. Has anybody managed to program tap tempo on FCB1010 to talk with Fractal correctly? thanks for help!!
  11. T

    Default pedal settings FCB1010 (MIDI)

    Hi folks, new here - I'm running an AxeFX II (Mark I) and I am controlling it via the Behringer FCB1010. The outer right expression pedal is by default routed to control a volume parameter - but it seems it's an input parameter as it will also impact the gain of the tone. Considering I want...
  12. Solitudezoso

    How do you get a boost pedal going?!

    So the axe fx is great and what not, it basically has everything. I use the FCB midi foot Controller and although it works great, how do I get a boost pedal going? As any guitar player would do, you're about to play a solo or need to play a riff that needs to cut through so you hit the boost...
  13. gunforhire

    Tap Tempo and using the FCb1010

    So yes, I'm a cheapskate and still trying to get the FCB1010 to function as a midi footswitch. haha I have it running turning effects on and off but I can't get the tap tempo function to work and need help. I have the pedal on the board set to CC14 - the tap tempo midi channel and have the axefx...
  14. Matty Pasta NYC


    hey, I'm hoping I can solve this problem before I leave for tour on Wednesday.. in a nutshell, I just got an ultra and an FCB1010.. had both working on a basic level with preset change and assigning the expression pedals.. after that I ordered the UNO chip mainly for the stompbox mode...
  15. P

    Using fcb1010 with axe fx ultra as looper

    When I record a loop I want to change presets and play a different sound over the loop. However, when I change presets the loop stops. Im using fcb1010 with uno and axe fx ultra. Ive set up the fcb so my top row are my looper functions , with rec set as a momentary switch(when I release it, it...
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