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Fractal Audio DRIVE Models: forum threads


Hi everybody,

Last year a series of forum threads about Fractal Audio's AMP models was completed, which was transformed into a PDF guide.

A new year, new resolutions and new challenges! I'm launching a new series of forum threads, covering all DRIVE models. Expanding on the wiki. That wiki page is currently under construction and will be updated in tempo with the forum threads.

Overdrive pedals, boosts, fuzz boxes etc. continue to be popular. And so are Fractal Audio's DRIVE models. Especially because Fractal Audio has re-matched and improved many of them in recent firmware releases. A good moment to start this series.

It will not be a "one-thread-a-day" event. But it won't take months to complete either (there are far less pedal models than amp models).

Drive pedals and models are not that easy to cover! Appreciation of pedals varies a lot, depending on ears and skills, musical taste, guitars, amps, periods in time etc. So I expect a lot of responses and discussion! :) Which is all the fun, because it attributed greatly to the value of the previous series.

Note that there's quite a lot of information about the DRIVE models that still needs to be uncovered / disclosed. Not everything can be answered. The series and wiki solely exist as an introduction.

I've started writing the first threads. And already learned a lot myself. I haven't got a clue if the new series will also make into a PDF Guide at some time, we'll just see how it turns out.

Update: the PDF Guide has been published. Download it here

I'm running the threads in alphabetical order.

Here's the link to a list of all published threads (thanks Ian).

Or go directly to a specific thread:
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Incredible yek - seriously, I was hoping you would tackle this topic at some point ... and you deliver the next day. Thank you x 1MM!


Awesome! You rule Yek!
One thing I've learned about the drives (thanks to other forum members) is the importance of the Mix parameter in the drive block. I have had great luck recently with drive blocks, whereas before I struggled to get usable sounds. Thanks for all you do for us Fractalites!


Awesome. I don't feel comfortable with the drive units. It's a struggle balancing drive on the pedal and the input gain on the amp. Look forward to learning more.
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