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FM3 Firmware Version 3.01


Fractal Fanatic
yup.....maybe a whole OS tweek.......might be big news for FM3 optimizations ? Or not ;)

Usually , when its the amp modelling it changes by a full number like 15.01 up to 16 etc
A name change signals a Version change and in the past was pretty substantial and noticeable and sometime meant new technique applied and all amp remeasured , it was MiMIC, G3, QUANTUM, ARES. I can't remember any others but in AXE FX history Cyngnus would be only the 5th or 6 change , or we are wrong and Cygnus is just a new custom amp model
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For the FM3 probably the ability to import and play the new improved tone captures coming to the III?
Maybe some brave new USB functionality?
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