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FM3 Firmware Version 3.01


One thing to keep in mind about a DI A/B comparison is that it doesn't account for the way your playing will "adapt" based on the sound/feel you are playing with...
That's why I turn the speakers off when I record, so I hear only the acoustic sound of the guitar strings. The "feeling" remains always the same ;)


I probably brought this up once before somewhere in a galaxy etc etc., but has anyone else noticed the changes in the balance of volumes when the FM3 is used as your primary sound interface into your computer? I can be playing my guitar and listening to a youtube video and then the volume will either get quieter on the guitar processed signal output or the youtube video and I have to keep adjust the volumes... Doesn't appear to be preset dependent or block/amp/fx choices dependent.

AJ Vargas

By the looks of that thread he is now about 218 out of 283 amps done or something like that
so maybe Friday will see a public beta for FM3

If you're referring to Cliff having done all the MESA Mark amps thus being a couple amps left to work, he's not working in any specific order, in fact he mentioned in a recent video by Burgs he hasn't done the Archean model yet.

John Kelley

New Member
John, Did Fractal take care of this issue? We have the same thing going on with one of the units in our band?
Sorry for the delay - I sent my FM3 to Fractal via RMA (contact support if you haven't already). They did some work and returned the unit in about a week but the same problem began all over again. I notified support and returned again and in a couple days received a replacement FM3. Fractal kept the original unit to have analyzed by one of their engineers. I don't know what they discovered but I would imagine they have it worked out by now. The new unit is working like a champ. I can't speak more highly of Fractal's A1 customer service, I mean really the very best.
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